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Daytime Wedding Decoration Ideas | From Venue Entrance to Stage And Mandap

Daytime Wedding Decoration Ideas | From Venue Entrance to Stage And Mandap

Indian weddings can get tiring as hell! Commonly the rituals and ceremonies start from the wee hours of the morning and continue till midnight and even late. It is also not possible to cut-short any ritual because it is considered inauspicious, and we Indians are a strong believer of luck and happiness. Maybe that’s the reason; the first invitation of the wedding is given to Lord Ganesha who is said to be the harbinger of luck, happiness, and prosperity for the couple. Weddings are supposed to be fun and enjoyable for everyone, right from the couple to their family members and friends. But the hectic schedule, desire for all ceremonies to be performed within the auspicious hour creates nothing but chaos and hurry. For this purpose, the couple and their family members have started planning Wedding Decoration Ideas. Hence the trend of organizing small marriage functions (Phera ceremony) during daytime followed by a reception party in the evening came into existence.

Today we’ll tell you about all the in and outs of daytime wedding decoration ideas Indian, and how it is different from regular décor practices. To make it easy to understand, we have divided the wedding décor into parts like the venue entrance, Mandap, stage, etc.

21+ Daytime Wedding Decoration Ideas In India

The Entrance Gate

It is common for guests to judge the entire wedding buffet based on the starters; hence it goes without saying that the first impression is the last impression. In a similar manner, the wedding guests will have a glimpse of the décor from the entrance gate. Therefore it is crucial for the venue gate to be decked up at its best. Below are some magical wedding decoration ideas perfect for daytime function.

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We couldn’t help but fall in love with the gorgeous sculpture of Lord Ganesha made using yellow marigold flowers and green moss. Also, Ganesha is considered to bring happiness with his presence, so the sculpture at the main entrance will ward-off all the evils and filter negativity.

wedding entrance ideas

The best color theme for daytime wedding functions is the bright colors like yellow, orange, red, and green. These colors come alive when the sunlight passes through the fabric, and weave a magical atmosphere at the venue. The peppy orange colored flowers in this entrance idea look marvelous with the orange and yellow colored drapes.

day time wedding entrance decoration

If you like going the elegant way, then an entrance based on the white theme is an ideal choice. The white flowers, drapes, and the hangings enrich the gate with luxury and simplicity. Also, the overall look of the venue entrance gets enhanced when it receives the bright sunlight.

day time wedding decoration ideas

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Crowded yet soothing; it is the best way to describe this wedding decoration idea. The pastel pink hangings make the entire décor lively, and the colored hangings on the white background add the playful vibes.

day time wedding decoration entrance ideas

Like we said above, vibrant colors like yellow and orange take the event décor to another level. There are countless ways to use the marigold flower for decoration, and when combined with drapes, hanging, etc the result is marvelous.

day time wedding decoration ideas

The Pathway To The Main Venue

Once the guests pass the entrance, there is usually a 100-meter walkway leading to the area where the ceremonies take place. There are numerous stunning ways to make the most of sunshine and light up the walkway. Check them below.

Sunny blue sky, white structure, green hangings, and colorful flowers; all these are the recipe for an enchanting venue pathway. Some may feel it is crowded and restricting the space, but accurate color and prop combination make this wedding decoration ideas Indian work like magic.

day time wedding pathway

Drapery is used by top wedding decorators to dramatically transform any wedding venue. All the colored drapes when lined in a sequence create an extraordinary affair which looks grand and royal. The most alluring aspect of colorful drapery is the shadow which generates when the sunlight passes through them; it is beautiful.

day time wedding decoration pathway

While painting the bigger picture, we often ignore the minute details. The small yet impactful element of the venue pathway decoration is one such example. In addition to painting the skies, you should also cover the ground with mix and pattern of flowers of your choice. It is not necessary to use the same and flower; you can pick elements of your choice which blends well with the wedding theme.

day time pathway

This bewitching admixture of flowers and drapes produces astonishing results. Taking inspiration from the pathway design, you too can use drapery made of velvet to add the touch of royalty. However, the ideal time to use the fabric is during the winter season; for other seasons you can replace the fabric with lighter material.

daytime day pathway ideas for wedding

The Canopy

In the last four or five years, there has been a rise in the use of canopies as wedding decoration ideas in India. A canopy is a set-up in the main venue to cover one big or small multiple areas, which helps to synchronize the entire wedding theme.

One of the most preferred canopy décors is inspired by the royal lifestyle and their lavish tents. The mixed drapes, texture-print domes, and latkans transform the venue into royal grounds.

canopy ideas for day time wedding

We love the way this canopy set-up brings the entire wedding venue as one. Also, the mix of colorful net drapes, hangings, and flower add positive vibes to the function. Below the canopy, you can decorate the table and chair with similar fabrics for theme coordination.

day time wedding canopy ideas

Pastel color shades like mint blue, baby pink, peach are gaining a lot of popularity in the wedding space. From the event décor to wedding apparels and accessories; pastel color has become the top choice of couples. Keeping the preference in mind, we made this bewitching canopy wedding decoration ideas the part of our collection. The cool color brings peace and soothes the eye of the observer, leaving them rejuvenated.

daytime wedding canopy ideas

Who doesn’t love Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter? What if we say, you can make include the social media twist to your wedding décor as well, sounds awesome, right? The social media-inspired wedding decoration ideas are becoming a hot favorite of couples and their friends. We love the props and cut-outs inspired by Instagram for the guests and the couple to click memorable pictures.

canopy ideas for daytime wedding

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Many couples prefer doing away with pre-conceived notions regarding the wedding. They enjoy breaking the stereotypes and for such couples, a laid-back canopy shared below is the ideal choice. The white mattresses, colorful cushions, floral hangings, and lanterns give relaxing vibes.

wedding decoration ideas for daytime

The Seating Area

It is the place where your wedding guests will spend their maximum time, watching the ceremony unfold. Therefore it is important for the seating area to be comfortable and relaxing. Some awesome daytime decoration ideas are as follows.

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Multi-colored flower balls, ceiling hangings, and pink-orange drapes make this lounge area welcoming and serene. Such kind of wedding decoration brings a calming smile to the guest’s face which is the ultimate aim.

seating area for daytime wedding

Lounge seating areas with fluffy pillows are best to let the guests relax and ease their tiredness of the late night wedding parties. And you can add a burst of colors with the umbrellas which are perfect for the events conducted outside during the daytime. The guests will enjoy the colorful and positive vibes of this one of a kind wedding decoration ideas.

wedding decoration seating ideas

When it comes to the wedding decoration there is a plethora of idea and sky is the limit. The gorgeous hangings, comfortable couches, plush cushions in pink-peach color make the entire area more welcoming and lively. During the daytime, bright sunlight will enhance the beauty of this décor.

seating ideas for day time wedding

Orange, yellow, and red are considered to be the most auspicious colors in Indian tradition. What better way to make the event lucky by having a décor based on these colors? Also, this type of decoration gives ethnic vibes which complement the event’s nature.

seating idea for wedding day

The trend of having Sheesha or Hookah at the wedding is gaining momentum. The Moroccan style seating décor is perfect for daytime functions due to the fun and vibrant colors of the cushion and mattress.

seating area in day time wedding

The Lagan Mandap

It is the area where you and your partner will promise each other to love and cherish till eternity. Hence it goes without saying that wedding decoration ideas of this area have to be out of the box.

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When the sunlight falls on the bright yellow color, a magical vision comes alive, and it’s a sight to behold. The mandap adorned with yellow drapery and complementary flowers is simple but at the same time impactful.

mandap ideas in day time wedding

White colors look enchanting during daytime but when paired with contrasting colors like deep pink and purple; the results are outstanding. This mandap design stole our hearts because of the eye-catching color combination.

daytime wedding decoration ideas

Are you feeling tired of all the bright colors? The mandap wedding decoration ideas will become your favorite because of the understated color scheme. The dark colored drapes, brass equipment, and the use of ethnic flowers paint a picture of a holy temple.

day time wedding decoration ideas 2019

Decoration in wedding functions is incomplete without the use of flowers. They bring serene calmness to the environment and transport everyone to a magical land. If the wedding venue has a dome-like structure, then you should decorate it with floral vines and hangings. It will make for a stunning wedding mandap where you and the partner will take seven holy wows.

lagan mandap ideas for day time wedding

As we said, flower and wedding decorations go side-by-side, but when you include green vines, the result is bewitching. We loved the way this mandap looks, striking a perfect balance between the location and the decoration.

lagan mandap for wedding decoration ideas

Miscellaneous Daytime Wedding Decoration Ideas

These are some common décor ideas which you can set-up anywhere at the venue location. Such designs are used to cover empty areas with the wedding theme.

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You and the guests will love getting awesome pictures clicked at this flower-decked rickshaw. Also, the puppet and origami bird hanging from the tree fills the frame and complete the picture.

miscellaneous daytime wedding decoration ideas

The best way of filling empty steps is through these brass bowls filled with water and flowers. Not only steps but this concept can also be easily used to fill other empty places like the center area of the garden or the venue entrance pathway.

indian daytime wedding decoration ideas

Every couple like their wedding venue to be filled with greenery and lots of trees. Although nature is beautiful the way it is, you can use this trick to blend in the trees with the wedding theme. Placing rolls of flowers on the bark bring all the elements of the venue together.

Miscellaneous marriage decoration ideas

Another super cool way to strike a pose! Now, who wouldn’t love it?

day wedding decoration ideas

Wedding is an emotional occasion for both the family members, but a little more for the bride and her parents. To make this day more memorable, you can design an area filled with wall hangings on which family photographs are attached.

wedding decoration ideas in day

So these were our favorite daytime wedding decoration ideas in India. However, the concept of wedding décor is limitless and has no boundary. If you too have a unique design idea for the wedding functions, then we’d love to hear from you. Please comment in the section given below, and we will make your idea a part of our list.

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