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If No Option Left Other Than Postponing Wedding Announcement Due To Coronavirus, These Are The Steps To Be Followed

If No Option Left Other Than Postponing Wedding Announcement Due To Coronavirus, These Are The Steps To Be Followed

The date was fixed as per the most preferable wedding dates in India in 2020 and the preparations were also started. the excitement was about to kick in the family and friends, right before the start of this pandemic of COVID-19 and it left no other option than standing still then stopping all the preparation right away. Wedding is an event that takes months of preparation that starts quite a while before the wedding day and now planning to postpone the things would be a real stress in itself other than bearing the things financially and emotionally.

Things in lockdown have left no other option as the events and gatherings can't be done, this is not an easy phase for the couples who were about to get married in this lockdown. This is the time when they are not struggling with this life-threatening disease while being self-isolated but now this postpones wedding due to covid19 for which they planned every minute detail, is a huge stress to face.

So when now they have no other option than postponing the things forcefully all we can do is helping the couples to postpone the wedding. This is the time when they need family and friends the most to come together and help them. If you have planned to have this volunteer then we are giving you some tips to help them that will help them to ease a bit in this situation.

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Postponed Wedding Announcement Due To Coronavirus

Releasing The Stress

This situation is not so easy for any couple to face. Their panic and stress are justified and it's important to tell them that things will settle down. The wedding takes a huge time to be planned and it takes a lot to plan it financially and emotionally. To overcome such a gap, it will hinder many things. You just need to help them while letting them know how things can be sorted.

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Calling Guests to Inform Them

If they were getting married, you would have planned to give them a different gift but now in this situation, you may gift your support and that will be a great gift in this situation. If the couple has a long list of guests then it's a task for them to call all of them and inform them about the postpone the wedding due to covid19. You may help them take a portion of their plate and reduce some names from the list.

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Vendor Management

As per the dates and planning, it's obvious to have all the bookings done before a few months of the wedding. Most of the cases the partial payments have already proceeded so now in this situation it's better to give them a call and tell them that you still want them in the list whenever the lockdown is over and whenever the dates get scheduled again. Don't forget to ask for further procedure to postpone the wedding due to covid19 and rescheduling it.

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Help Them To Cheer Up

We can't deny the fact that such pandemic has never seen in at least the last 100 years so no one has a backup plan for such a situation. Instead of filling ourselves with stress, this is the time to cheer the couple with the help of technology. Start making the best use of it by asking all friends and family filling a google form filled with the questions related to the couple. Love messages from kith and kins will be a great support to the couple.

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Don't forget that this time will end but strong relationships will not. This is the time given to us to make the bonds stronger so instead of creating panic, it's the time to cheer up and stand together

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