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Glossary Archives: The A-Z Terminology of Wedding Planning

Glossary Archives: The A-Z Terminology of Wedding Planning

Wedding is a whole new language with its unique set of terminology. The wedding planning involves the newly engaged groom and bride-to-be picking up a new vocabulary. From place cards to charger plates you must be confused about the wedding lingo thrown around by the wedding planners and vendors. The words would perplex one and get them into thinking about what in the world do they mean. A wedding has its own language with its own set of phrases and glossary, terms that you have never heard before. Mastering the lingo would aid you in understanding and navigating the conversation better.

What Is A Wedding Terminology?

A wedding is a special occasion that holds a special place in our heart. Planning for a wedding being the bride and groom is an arduous task. From timelines to decorations to analyzing the budget the vision of transforming your dream of a fairytale wedding into a reality can even put to test the abilities of the most organized couple. Adding on to the challenge in the world of new words and phrases which makes up for the wedding terminology that grips you. A wedding terminology is a wedding dictionary that comprises of words related to marriages and the planning. The wedding terminology has words which are used, to sum up, wedding planning.

 For amateur planning for a wedding for the first time getting confused with the wedding, words is easy. Breaking the jargon and making confusions clear about wedding terminology we present a list of A-Z wedding words. Scroll down to get familiar with the A-Z wedding glossary.

The Great Indian Wedding Planning A-Z Terminology

1. Aisle

 A term that refers to a passage between the rows of seats of a church or wedding venue on which the bride walks down with her best man for the taking the vows of eternity. Aisle is a term that is of utmost importance in the Christian weddings. Owning to the role of the aisle it needs to be decorated accordingly. The most common décor essential for the aisle is the aisle runner.

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2. Ambience


At a wedding the ambience plays a key role. A good ambience can uplift the mood of the wedding whereas a bad one can ruin everything. The ambience of a wedding differs as per the occasion like mehendi, sangeet, reception.  A flashy décor might work for sangeet but a minimalist and soft décor works for the reception.

3. Bouquet


The term refers to a bundle of flowers carried by the bride while she walks down the aisle for her marriage. The bouquet is also carried by the wedding guests and VIPs as they enter the wedding venue and walk down the aisle to get seated for the wedding ceremony. The bouquet ranges in size and shapes which hail right from petite to large organic ones.

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4. Budget

In a wedding budget is the determiner for its lavishness and grandeur. The budget is decider of which décor and vendor you should consider booking. The budget of a wedding helps in curbing the over expenses.

5. Ceremony


Indian wedding is a myriad of ceremonies, rituals and emotional outbursts.The wedding ceremonies is what adds beauty to the wedding. The number of ceremonies determines the length of the wedding. India is a land of cultural diversity owning to which the wedding ceremonies differ across various states and religions of the country.

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6. Catering


The catering plays an important role in adding grandeur and luxe to the wedding. A big fat Indian wedding is incomplete without good food. The wedding guests might forget the grandeur of the wedding but the taste of the gourmet delights that they had at the venue continues to linger on their taste buds. In modern wedding the catering also includes international gourmet delights along with Indian sumptuous cuisines.

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7. Destination


 The destination refers to the place where the wedding takes place it can be a country, city, farmhouse or simply a resort. Every couple aspires to tie the knot in a mystical place offering a picturesque location. The wedding destination is where the celebrations take place hence it is of great importance.

8. Day of coordination


A wedding service provided by the planner to the couple. A day of coordinator works with the couple from a month prior to the wedding in order to help them with the logistics. On the day of the wedding the day of coordinator ensures that everything goes smoothly and ensure that the couple and the wedding guests relax and enjoy the festivities.

9. E-session


Another way of describing the engagement photoshoot is the E-shoot. The E-shoot is also known as the E-session.

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10. Entertainment


A big fat Indian wedding is incomplete without the entertainment. The entertainment spices up things at the wedding and induces life in the occasion.

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11. Favours


The wedding favour refers to small gifts that are given to the guests attending the wedding. The wedding favours can comprise of small bags of sweets to tiny gifts that match with the wedding theme. Several options are available when it comes to selecting the wedding favors for the guests.

12. First Look


 The first look is a timeless wedding photography pose that captures the moment when the bride and groom catch a glimpse of each other for the first time on their D-day. The pose captures the emotions attached to the priceless moment.

13. Guest List


The guest list refers to the number of footfall of invitees that a couple is expecting at the wedding. A guest list should be planned keeping in mind the budget of the wedding.

14. Garland


The garland also known as the Jaimala is worn by the neck of bride and groom. The garland ceremony embarks the start of the main day ceremony where the bride and groom exchange the jaimalas. The garland is made of real and artificial flowers and leaves.

15. Hard Stop


It is the moment when the wedding reception comes to an end. The hard stop happens usually an hour prior to the couple’s contracted time at the wedding venue comes to an end. In the hard stop the DJ stops playing the music and the vendors start winding up the things.

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16. Honeymoon


The term needs no explanation. It is the phase of time when the couple post the wedding headoff to a destination for a vacation in order to spend quality time together with each other. The honeymoon helps in making the couple familiar with each other as husband and wife.

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17. Invitation


The wedding invite plays a role in determining the number of footfall that you expect at the wedding. The wedding invitation design and style also gives an insight to the guests about the grandeur of the wedding thus helping in setting the tone for the occasion.

18. Insurance


Wedding is an investment and during the happy occasion chances of arousal of a mishap is predictable. The mishap can be an accident, death of a family member or some undue circumstances owning to which the wedding might be postpones, cancelled or preponed.  During mishaps the insurance comes to aid as it prevents the investment from going down the drain. The insurance covers up the cost of the wedding in case of mishaps thus preventing the rise of a debt situation.

19. Jewellery


An Indian bride is deemed to be incomplete with her jewellery. The choicest of jewellery is what compliments her outfit thus enhancing her overall appearance. The wedding market has several jewellery options available which hail right from Diamond jewellery, gold jewellery, silver jewellery and Kundan Jewellery for the brides to choose from. A jewellery should be one that matches with her outfit design and compliments her overall look.

20. Journal


A diary that documents the entire wedding planning is known as a journal. The journal aids in jotting down the important discussions made during the entire wedding process. It helps in keeping noting and keeping track of the wedding planning.

21. Kanyadaan


The kanyadaan refers to a Hindu ritual in which the bride is given away to the groom during the wedding by her parents. In Hindu wedding the Kanyadaan ceremony is of utmost importance and the wedding is deemed to be incomplete without it.

22. Kickback

wedding Kickback

A kickback refers to the referral commission which is a sum of money that a wedding vendor receives in exchange for getting the client to hire another vendor. While getting a contract made ensure that you ask the vendor for kickbacks regarding the hiring of the wedding vendor. The kickback might be from a wedding planner suggesting a florist for the wedding venue decoration.

23. Letterpress


It refers to a printing method for wedding invitation where raised letters are inked and pressed on the surface of the invite. The letterpress when combined with embossing, debossing and applied on a thick paper it produces a subtle texture more like a 3D effect.

24. Latticework


It refers to an icing adornment that is used to decorate a wedding cake. The latticework boosts zigzag patterns that adorn a cake.

25. Maid of Honor


She is also known as the chief bridesmaid who helps in making the brides day smoother. Right from holding the brides bouquet to managing the brides dress and taking care of the wedding rings the Maid of honour handles it all. Her outfit is different from the other bridesmaid.

26. Master of Ceremony


The master of ceremony refers to the person who acts as a host to the wedding events. Right from hosting the welcoming speech to introducing the speakers.

27. Name Cards


It adds a personal touch to the weddings. The name cards are placed on the wedding reception tables to showcase where everyone is sitting and also make them to feel privileged.

28. Naked Cake


A naked cake lacks external frosting, fondant and emphasizes on showcasing the external texture of the cake itself. The cake is finished off with minimal amount of buttercream and fresh flowers.

29. Organize


The wedding planning needs organization as a proper planning can only transform the dream of fairytale wedding into a reality.

30. Out of Town Guests


At a wedding you have several guests attending the wedding and many of them include relatives who reside out of town. You need to have proper accomodation

31. Palette


The color palette refers to a selection of colors that are displayed throughout the wedding styling. The palette determines the theme color of the wedding.

32. Photographer


Wedding boosts of several priceless moments that are worth the capture. The wedding planning is deemed to be incomplete without the hiring of a photographer. A wedding photographer captures the true colors of the festivities and the wedding emotions.

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33. Questions


While hiring of wedding vendors you need to ask them questions in order to verify their credibility and authenticity.

34. Quality Time


It refers to the time that the couple spends together in between all the wedding planning. The quality time amidst the wedding planning helps in keeping the romance alive between the couple and also aids in better wedding planning.

35. Reception

It is the formal dinner that is hosted by the couple and their family posts the wedding for the guests. The reception offers a spread of scrumptious delights to the guests to delve upon.

36. Recessional


It refers to the wedding music played as the couple makes the grand exit. The recessional music is played on the formal exit of the wedding party post the wedding ceremony.

37. Sangeet


Refers to an Indian pre wedding custom where the women folk of the wedding party gather to sing and dance as a mark of celebration of the wedding.

38. Save the Date


It is the perfect way of reminding the guests about the wedding. Save the date is a way that enables the couple to get to the guests calendar prior to sending the wedding invitation. The save the date is useful particulary in cases where couple is having a destination wedding or one on the holiday week as it reminds that guests that they are expecting an invite for the date.

39. Tablescape


It is the entire table design that comes post the arrangement of the flowers, centerpieces and crockeries. The tablescape during a wedding planning gives an idea about how the tables are going to appear post the arrangement.

40. Train


It refers to the extension of the skirt of the bride’s outfit. The train of the wedding dress adds a dramatic touch to the bride’s outfit.

41. Usher


The term refers to a person who helps in escorting the guests to their seats and also keeping the things organized before start of the ceremony. The ushers are basically friends and family members of the couple and they wear outfits matching that of the groomsman and bridesmaid. The ushers also hand over the wedding ceremony details to the guests.

42. Unwind


It refers to the act where the couple and family members take time off from the wedding planning to relax and rejuvenate with yoga and spa sessions.

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43. Veil


Veil is a hair accessory that is synonymous to the bride. The veil covers the face of the bride during the wedding.  The veil differs in length, material and style. It is also different across various religions such as a white net veil is for Christian brides whereas a red veil is for the Hindu bride.

44. Videographer


 Modern Indian weddings are about having wedding cinematography which is captured by a videographer. A videographer frames every ceremony of the wedding in a video.

45. Wedding Hashtag


In the world of social media hashtags and tagging is what creates engagement on the posts. The wedding hashtags refers to set of words that are related to the wedding photos. The wedding hashtags are used by the couple and the guests when they post a picture of the wedding on social media.

46. Wedding Planner


A wedding planner refers to the person who plans the wedding and its ceremonies. The wedding planner manages the budget, coordinates with the various vendors and organizes the wedding in a proper manner.

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47. Xtras


It refers to the attributes and an element that sets the wedding apart from the league.The xtras add a dash of uniqueness to the wedding.

48. Xylophone


It is a musical instrument that is used for producing soft musical tones.The xylophone forms an essential musical instrument of the wedding band.

49. You


The wedding is the most important day of one’s life. It is a day that is about making memories of you and spruce embarking on the journey of togetherness.

50. Youthful


The term refers to vigorous and feeling of freshness. The wedding is a time of enjoyment and the youthful spirit of the guests and family members makes the wedding lively.

51. Zinnia

Zinnia’s are colorful flower that belong to the family of daisies. They are soft and round in shape having more of a Sunflower like appearance. The vibrant hues of Zinnia’s paired with their affordability are what make them a popular alternative to the expensive Dahlias.

52. Zeal


 It refers to a feeling of strong eagerness. The wedding would appear dull with zeal and zest showcased by the couple and the guests.

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So here you have the A-Z most commonly used wedding terminology.

Did we miss out on any other wedding terminology? Share with us about your thoughts on the post in the comments below.

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