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10 Best Fashion Bloggers One Should Follow This Year!

10 Best Fashion Bloggers One Should Follow This Year!

Fashion blogs are nowadays influencing people from the bottom of their hearts to the top of their minds. These blogs have been running since the early 2000s, and so do the fashion bloggers though. Blogging turned out to be a whole new exciting game. Fashion blogs are in high time demand. Social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and others are the largest forum, which is the most effective way to redirect traffic toward fashion blogs.

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Every blogger has to play a hard game of hashtags in the competition, but Top fashion bloggers in India are out of the league. They stand out from the game with values and worth. If you are a fashion lover and love to stay updated with things; then it is best to consider the details we are about to demonstrate. We are closing the details about the 15 best fashion bloggers one should follow this year. So grab the essence of details and follow them to pick up the best fashion sense and styles.

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Top 10 Fashion Bloggers

Gabi Gregg - OG Fat Girl

There is an infuriating fashion gap among plus-sized women in the fashion industry. Gabi Gregg started her journey a decade back to showcase and promote body presence positively. She has displayed vibrant colourful and impeccable styles for plus-size women; which make them look outstanding. Her outfits are mind-boggling, so her clothing styles are. She collaborated with “Playful Promises” and brought “Fatkini” to showcase how it’s all done with fat body types as well. Thanks to Gabi Gregg - Fashion Industry is building confidence among all body types with such influences.

Lisa Gachet - Make My Lemonade

2. fashion bloggers
Via Instagram

Lisa Gachet is a Parisian fashion blogger, who is also known for being a “DIY Queen”. She started her fashion blogging career a few years back, and recently launched a new brand in which she believes - “Do It Yourself Fashion”. It is a fancy and fascinating fashion idea, which is the reflection of your true self. The clothing fashion sense showcases who you are under the affordable range. She has promoted a unique brand filled with vibrant colours.

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Wendy Nguyen - Wendyslookbook

3. fashion bloggers
Via Instagram

The 5-foot famous fashion blogger inspires the industry in more than one way. She is a fashion blogger, who accumulates culture, art, passion, and music altogether. She is obsessed with hats and is also a content creator, fashion blogger, and juvenile justice advocate. wendy nguyen is a passionate girl working towards her goals and passion to look after foster children because she was also one of them in her past. The lady is an inspiration to all; as she walked from foster to graduate from UCLA, Berkeley in Psychology and thereafter being a fashion idealist.

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Kat Farmer - Does My Bum Look 40  

4. fashion bloggers
Via Instagram

Kat Farmer is 43 and renowned in the fashion industry for being a personal stylist, wardrobe consultant, and above all a fashion blogger. She is full of life and her words clearly depict that; she does not want to be frumpy and lethargic at all. The gorgeous lady believes in redefining styles and putting feminine, fashion tips, and florals all together.

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Lyn Slater - Accidental Icon

5. fashion bloggers
Via Instagram

Lyn Slater is known for being an “Accidental Icon” in the fashion industry because her fashion styles serve women above the age of 50s or 60s. She has snow-white shinier kind of hair, which is crossing all her bars at the age of 60+. Lynn Slater believes to showcase fashion in terms of time, but not variables which are just numbers. She showed her full-life attitude with oversized sunglasses, floral kimonos, and contagious fashion ideas.

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Akanksha Redhu

6. fashion bloggers
Via Instagram

The blogs from Akanksha Redhu are a treasure trove and a mixed bag. She uploads everyday tips to look for travel beauty tips event coverages to lifestyle and fashion courses. Also, she is not an idealist for fashion, but also an ideal who caters to knowledge as well for a better living with a great fashion sense. She is India’s top fashion blogger.

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Tami Reed - Talking With Tami

7. fashion bloggers
Via Instagram

Tami Reed stands with an influential and fascinating personality. She has a great personality, sense of humour, aura, and wit; which has caught the attention of big brands. Tami had a good influence on social media platforms, even before she turned out to be a Top fashion blogger in India. She is a red-carpet consultant, as well as an entrepreneur, who is a go-getter. The lady must be an inspiration and also updated with everything big and rocking happening in Hollywood or the Fashion Industry.

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Kavita Donkersley - She Wears Fashion

8. fashion bloggers
Via Instagram

Kavita Donkesley started her brand called “She Wears Fashion” at the age of 16; when she was a complete mess, as any 16-year-old girl would be. She discovered that; her love for travel and fashion is impeccable. Today she is 23, and achieved 56k (growing) followers on Instagram. She did a lot of hard work and with her little luck side; the lady got associated with big and happening brands in the industry.

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Tanesha Awasthi - Girl With Curves

9. fashion bloggers
Via Instagram

Tanesha Awasthi runs honest, opinion-oriented, and women-reliable fashion blogs; which you can tie up with all women across the world. The fashion blogs empower women regarding their insecurities and appear in a certain way. Her story was always about wanting to be fit and follow fashion to look appealing. Tanesha is a gem and star to us all; because she was influenced by her own story which belongs - owning her body types, presenting her body positively, and all above with great fashion style is just amazing.

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Claire Goldsworthy - The Fashion Advocate

10. fashion bloggers
Via Instagram

Claire Goldsworthy is a great personality being the top-rated Insta Handler of “The Fashion Advocate. She is an Australian Fashion Blogger, who always believes in piling up the latest trends in the fashion industry. Her fashion diary says a lot about fast-moving fashion around and the consumption of fashion trends, values, and ethics. She is a great fashion icon, which you must follow. She will make you think again and again about fashion.

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Wrap Up

If you think about beauty and fashion, take help from the blogs and ideas of the above-listed Affordable fashion bloggers in India. Get the best ideas and inspiration to style your outfit. Do not stay outdated, because it is the time to remain updated about new trends and follow them as well. Read the fashion blogs thoroughly to steal a look, that is going to make you the star of the event.

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