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5 Picturesque Locations in Kolkata Perfect For Pre-wedding Shoot

5 Picturesque Locations in Kolkata Perfect For Pre-wedding Shoot

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”— Aaron Siskind

Once in a while, Right in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a fairy tale…so finally you have found your prince charming and are on the verge of embaring on the journey to a happily ever after. Before you exchange the ring and put a happily ever after to your fairytale love story why not capture the journey of your love story. Puzzled? Wondering what we are talking about?

Capture the beauty of your magnificent love story with a prewedding photoshoot. A prewedding photoshootis one of the most hyping wedding trends and is a concept that gives the to-be husband and wife the chance to create some un-replicable precious moments that are captured beautifully through a camera lens to make a lifetime of happy memoirs.

India is a beautiful country that is well acclaimed for the vibrancy of its rich culture, and its picturesque locations. So if your having a bengali wedding and are in quest of places where you can have your prewedding photoshoot then Kolkata the city of joy is where your search ends. The city of joy lives up to its name and offers some of the best outdoor prewedding photoshoot locations. Are you in a dillema over which locations you should choose for the shoot? Why worry! We have got you covered and brought for you some of best Oti Shundor, Darun pre-wedding shoot locations in Kolkata. Check em’ out love birds!

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Best 5 Pre-wedding shoot locations in Kolkata

1. Hooghly Ghat

 Hooghly Ghat - best location for pre wedding shoot in kolkata
Click by - Sanjoy Mahajan Photography

 Hooghly Ghat - pre wedding shoot locations in kolkata
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Best Pre wedding shoot in kolkata
Click by - Sanjoy Mahajan Photography

In Kolkata then you cannot afforrd to miss the enchanting charm of the Hoogly river. Bongs of Kolkata love their Ilish Mach and ofcourse their hoogly and we agree with them. The picturesque view of the Vidyasagar setu, with the rappling water of the hooghly river flowing underneath it and the sun set to top it, surely a view that you can die for, one that captivates your heart with its enchanting charm.

The hooghly ghat with a unique blend of fishermen boats, local masseurs and religious offering serves as the perfect outdoor prewedding shoot location in kolkata for those who are in search of a serene and tranquil backdrop amidst the chaotic city life. For a summer wedding an early morning sunrise or late evening sunset backdrop works the best whereas for winter wedding a misty and smoky morning shoot adds a sense of mystery to your photograph.

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2. Bow Barracks

Bow Barracks  -pre wedding shoot venues in kolkata
Pic via -

Bow Barracks - best pre wedding shoot places in kolkata

Bow Barracks
Click by - sealscaptured

Captivated by the charm of the vintage era? Looking for locations where you can allure in the beauty of old world charm? Bow barracks is your solution then. Once a popular british cantonment and now an Anglo –Indian community, the lanes and bylanes of Bow barracks are full of character and colonial charm and the red background is what adds a dramatic and vintage look to it. You can add more style to location by jazzing it up with a hath-gadi.

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3. Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial
Click by - Shailesh Aparna Photography

Victoria Memorial - pre wedding shoot ideas in kolkata
Click by - Sanjoy Mahajan Photography

Victoria Memorial - pre wedding photo shoot places in kolkata
Click by - Rig Photography

Kolkata is popular for its two things one its lip-smacking street food and secondly its Victoria Memorial. The majestic ambience and the vintage essence of the building's white marble makes it the perfect pre wedding photoshoot location in kolkata.

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4. Princep Ghat

Princep Ghat -pre wedding shoot locations near kolkata
Pic Vi a-

Princep Ghat - pre wedding shoot at kolkata
Pic Via -

Princep Ghat - best pre wedding shoot locations in kolkata

Are you one of those couples who loves the historical places? The Princep ghat; the architectural delight of Kolkata with the Ganges flowing next to it is the perfect blend of ethnic and western fusion. Imagine a photoshoot next to the Corinthian pillars with the Vidyasagar setu in the backdrop and the noukas and setting sun as the background or one shot in the brinking twilight, sounds like a picture perfect, right!

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5. Eco Park

Eco Park - pre wedding shoot places in kolkata
Shoot By - wevaphotography

Eco Park - best pre wedding shoot places in kolkata
Shoot By - rigbiswas

Eco Park - pre wedding shoot locations in kolkata
Shoot by - weddingcanva

For those lovebirds who love nature, Eco Park is your pre wedding photoshoot location in Kolkata. With its key attractions like Rose Garden, Butterfly Garden, Tea Garden, Eco Island and Fruit Garden , Eco Park is the ideal photoshoot location . From walls covered in grafitti to replicas of the seven wonders the oriental glamour of the place makes it to serve as the ideal backdrop for pre wedding photoshoot. So to all the couple-to-be which location are you choosing for your pre wedding shoot in kolkata. Tell us about it in the comments below.

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