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21 Beautiful Mehendi Designs That Every Bride-To-Be Must Know

21 Beautiful Mehendi Designs That Every Bride-To-Be Must Know

‘Mehendi Laga Ke Rakhna, Doli Saja Ke Rakhna’ the evergreen 90’s bollywood song that made people groove to its tune signified the importance of mehendi. Considered as the epitome of love and the symbol of romance the intricate red henna or mehendi donned on the hands of bride is a mandatory ritual that we all are familiar with. Wedding are a myriad of rituals, ceremonies, emotional outbursts, fun, food, and dance. Weddings are swamped with endless shopping spree, random trips to salons and beauty parlors, venue hunting and finding the ideal vendors.

Amidst all the wedding chaos selecting an ideal mehendi design becomes a tedious task. For every Indian bride solah shringars are one of the most quintessential elements of wedding ensemble. Mehendi is one of the solah shringars and its application is said to strengthen the bond between couples. Mehendi also signifies the longevity of the husband and its said the darker is the color of the mehendi more is ‘Sajans pyaar’. The red color of mehendi is said to symbolize love and purity. Owning to the role mehendi plays in bride’s attire, mehendi ceremony is considered as one of the most important rituals of an Indian wedding.

 Have you ever wished that you had a pool of mehendi designs to choose from and flaunt at your wedding ceremony? Are you in quest of uniqueness? Brides are you looking for trending mehendi designs that would aid you to make a statement at your wedding. Look no more as we have curated for you a galore of sassy and chic mehendi design ideas that would make eyes to turn towards you. Show off your pyaar for sajna as you sport these latest mehendi designs for wedding. Check em’out

7 Elite Bridal Mehendi Design for Engagement

Girls are known for their fashion sense and wedding is the most anticipated moment that they eagerly wait for to show their fashion style. Being the dulhan your every attire is different for the various ceremonies. From donning a yellow sari or lehenga with matching floral jewellery at the haldi ceremony to wearing a green lehenga with emerald jewellery for mehendi the attire and look of the bride differs as per the occasion. Brides if your look is different for every occasion why to leave your mehendi design unattended when you can play about with it.

Gone are the days when a single mehendi design used to suffice for engagement, wedding and reception. The wedding market has undergone through transformation and in the modern weddings the mehendi designs differ as per the occasion. Here we have brought for you a list of unique minimalist mehendi designs for engagement.

1.  Leafy Motif Design

leafy motif mehndi design

Whimsical leafy motif pattern paired with floral blooms looks minimalist yet appealing to the eyes. Drawing inspiration from the works of nature this design has a feminine touch. The curvy pattern of the flowers looks beautiful whereas the leaf motif adds a touch of elegance.

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2. Heart Shaped Design

heart shaped mehndi design

The artwork of two halves of a heart made on the palms symbolizes the union of two people. The design is ideal for an engagement. To add more beauty to the design complement it with floral patterns, arches and Indian elements to it. The design looks classy and chic.

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3.  Floral Design

floral mehndi designs for going to be bride

The timeless beauty of flowers never fades away. Flowers are a girl’s second love the first one no doubt is diamonds. Floral mehendi designs are traditional and most sought after design idea. An easy peasy floral pattern looks captivating and represents love, peace, fertility and beauty. From intricate mimimalist floral designs to heavy art work floral patterns choose a design idea that complements your engagement attire.

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4. Diagonal Design

diagonal mehndi design

Diagonal mehendi design is a simple yet sophisticated design idea. The design has a vine entwined around the hand that resembles a chain ornament. The intricate patterns of the design are adorned on the back of the hands.

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5. Peacock Design

peacock mehndi design for bride

If you’re seeking to add an ethnic touch to your mehendi then your quest ends with peacock design. It is one of the oldest and traditional engagement mehendi design idea. The design sidelines the traditional patterns and replaces it with intricate peacock design. Adorned on the palms with intricate patterns of flowers and peacock the design looks stunningly gorgeous.

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6. Kada Design

kada mehndi designs

A contemporary idea that is adorned on the back of the hands the design gives the impression of wearing a kada or bracelet. The design covers the forearms and thus eliminates the need of wearing bangles. Kada design are available in variety of patterns and one of the most popular style is the one that covers only one finger and leaves the rest of the fingers bare so as to enhance the beauty of the engagement ring.

7. Entangled Design

entangled mehndi designs

As the name suggests entangled the design consists of twirling and curving patterns. The patterns increase the intricateness of the design. The design comprises of a complex combination of lines and leaf and flower patterns that are entangled together. When applied by a professional the outcome of the artistry is a beautiful design that is suitable for both hands and feet.

7 Unique Mehendi Design For Wedding

Mehendi design not only adds beauty to your hands but it has great cultural, sentimental and social importance as well. Finding its traces in the times of the vedic period henna was used to adorn the hands and feet of the womenfolk. Henna is considered as a cosmetic product that is said to enhance the beauty of a woman. From being use a tint to paint nails by ancient Egyptians to being used as a gray hair dye by prophets the use of henna was not just restored to being a beautification product.

The charm of mehendi never seems to fade away. The art of applying mehendi has undergone through lots of transformation over the years gaining popularity around the world. The increased popularity has given rise to various mehendi design styles. Are you looking for unique mehendi designs for wedding? Here we have enlisted for you classic yet modern mehendi designs for wedding.

1. Indian Mehendi Design

Indian mehndi designs

India is considered as the source from where the use of mehendi as a body art tradition originated from. The charm of Indian mehendi never seems to fade away. The intricate patterns of flowers and leaves with twirls, birds, images of the bride and groom are what adds beauty to the Indian mehendi designs. Condensed yet elaborate Indian mehendi design elements are inspired by emotions, nature and Earth which is the reason for it being widely acclaimed. The intricate designs and detailing is what makes Indian mehendi designs a treat for the eyes.

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2. Pakistani Mehendi Design

pakistani mehendi designs

Pakistan and India are both sons of the same mother and hence one can easily find a wide similarity in between both the country’s designs. Just like Indian mehendi design Pakistani mehendi patterns comprise of flowers, leaves, entangled vines. What differs Pakistani mehendi design is the fact the absence of Indian mehendi patterns of bride, groom, kalash and they are replaces by domes, arches moons and stars. Although Pakistani mehendi design also comprise of Mandala patterns that can be found in Indian designs.

3.  Arabic Design

arabic mehandi designs for going to be bride

As the name suggests the designs seeks its name and inspiration from the sandy terrains of Arabia. The mehendi design lives upto its name and features Arabic elements like cashew patterns and a lot of shading. For modern brides who seek for minimalist wedding mehendi design this idea is ideal for them. The design is also referred as Mughlai mehendi design and has gained popularity amidst the young women of India. Be it adorning the brides hand or twinning with her bridesmaid the sheer elegance of the Arabic design makes it a hot shot choice for the girls.

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4. Indo-Arabic Design

indo arabic mehndi designs

If you want a design that gives a modern yet traditional look then opt for a fusion design. Indo-Arabic is a fusion mehendi style that connects India with the Arab on a single platform. The fusion design comprises of Indian floral and bird patterns and the Arabic cashew pattern and shading. The design looks classic and elegant.

5. Western Design

western mehndi designs

The beauty and charm of mehendi has engulfed the western world and given it international recognoition. Being recognized as a beauty element on the global front has given birth to Henna tattoos in the west. The western mehendi design although differs way lot from its desi version and features geometric designs, and quirky patterns. Western Mehendi are applied in a manner that it imitated a hand jewellery. So grooms if you’re getting hitched to an overseas bride then this pattern select this pattern for your beloved.

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6. Indo-Western Design

indo western mehndi dsigns for going to be bride

Firangis as we Indian refer our international fellows are known for their love for Indian desiness. The vibrancy of Indian culture is what makes foreigners to fall in love with our traditions. From donning a saree to treating themselves to roadside street food firangis love India and try to blend within its colorful culture. The love for desiness has given rise to Indo-western mehendi design. The design is a fusion style that connects India with the western world. The Indo-western Mehendi design has become a style statement that seamlessly blends intricate Indian patterns of flowers, leaves, bride and groom, kalash with western geometric quirky patterns. So wanna be brides if your tired of the traditional Indian mehendi design and looking for innovation then try the Indo-western mehendi design.

7. Moroccan Design

Moroccan Design of mehndi

In India mehendi is not just applied on the hands of the bride but even the groom has to also apply it. Applying mehendi is considered more of a feminine thing and boys being boys shy away from applying it. So grooms if in your culture you have to apply mehendi then a Moroccan design is meant for you. Moroccan design although is not too elaborate is yet beautiful and can be sported by men as a Henna tattoo. Twin with your bride as both of you flaunt this unique and sassy mehendi design style. Inspired by traditional tribal patterns and symbols Moroccan design looks more like a western tribal tattoo. The quirky aesthetics, zig zag line and geometric curves add more of a masculine touch to the design.

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7 Peppy Bridal Mehendi Design for Reception

So you have finally got hitched. Congrats to you! But your seeking for a different look for your reception. After donning the heavy bridal wear, ensemble and sporting the heavy bridal makeup you seek for lighter attire free flowing attire and a lighter makeup that lets you to be at ease and enjoy your post wedding functions. While brides you might opt for western wear or a lehenga with minimalist makeup for your reception then when not change your mehendi design. Instead of the intricate full hands and feet elaborate wedding mehendi design why not sport elite minimalist mehendi design for reception. Here we have curated for you a list of peppy mehendi design that you can flaunt at your reception.

1. Flower Buttons Design

flower button designs

Just like diamonds are forever the essence of flowers are also forever. Precise and compact flower button mehendi designs look smart and elegant. Flower buttons between diagonal patterns on finger make your hand to look neat and beautiful. The mehendi design is applied on the back of the hands.

2. Themed Mehendi

Themed Mehendi

Yes you read it right brides. Themed mehendi puzzled about what it means? Are you an avenger or GOT fan? Why not include it in your mehendi design. From sports characters to fictional ones or simply some quirky designs use your innovation to give add a personal touch to your mehendi. Choose a theme of your choice and include in it personal elements to make your mehendi design unique.

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3. Religious Mehendi

Religious Mehendi designs

Are you more of a religious person? For brides who don’t want to donne a full hand mehendi design they can opt for a religious mehendi design. A simple portrait of deity of your choice on the palms surrounded dainty bootis and uniform identical bands on the forearms and intricate lines and dot patterns on the fingers is what adds uniqueness to the design.

4. The Swirls Design


The swirling pattern on the fingers and the forearms with a flower button design in the middle of the palms looks Oh So Classy! The area adjacent to the flower button design is left blank to give the look of a minimalist design.

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5. Mandala Design

mandala design mehndi

Indian mehendi design is incomplete without the mandala pattern. In the wedding mehendi elaborate and intricate mandala patterns are paired with elephant or floral motifs or any other designs. For your reception you can flaunt a single mandala design. The design would comprise of a large circle for the base drawn on the palm with flower petals drawn around it and complemented with other multi dimensional patterns. The design looks traditional yet modern.

6. Intricate Cuffs Design

intricate cuffs designs

A cuff designs looks modern and sophisticated with its focus on wrist rather than on the palms. The intricate thick cuffs on the wrist and jazzed up with small mandalas makes the design minimalist and appealing.

7. Lacy Flower Design

Lacy Flower Design

Flowers are the epitome of feminity. One of the most popular mehendi design is the lacy flower design. The simple yet graceful design is made on the back of the hands and includes a flower and leaf design complemented by a diagonal mandala design is what you need to hone up your reception look.

So brides which design are you sporting for your wedding. Tell us in the comments below. We would love to hear it from you.

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