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Dazzling Mandap Decoration Ideas For Your Wedding 2021

Dazzling Mandap Decoration Ideas For Your Wedding 2021

Wedding décor is not just about getting your whole wedding venue lighted by twinkly little bulbs that you must have seen when you were a small kid and went out with your parents in someone’s wedding.  Wedding décor is about a concept which gives a total new dimension to your wedding. It consists lots of aspects and there are several things that come into it. Nowadays a wedding is like an extravaganza. Everyone who weds; wants to give their guests an unforgettable experience of their wedding whether it is about dishes menu, crockery, Mandap Decoration Ideas, outfits or other.

Here we now talk about your wedding Mandap where you will be circling with your groom around pious Agni (fire) and taking your vows of eternity of getting together forever on every path. The Mandap in your wedding is a pious place, the most pious in Indian weddings.

We have seen many times that people follow always the usual style of setting up a wedding Mandap and do not give much importance to mandap decoration during wedding décor. You should not ignore it. It is where all Gods and Godesses would be showering on you their blessings including your friends, relatives and guests. Don’t you think so? As our grandma and Paa say and talk about it always.

There are so many wedding Mandap decoration ideas or setups that you can try to give a new look to it. It should be a little spacious too where your closed ones can sit comfortably provided they can see you getting married. Usually it is seen that Mandap area gets congested people hovering around it. This should not be the case. Here are Mandap decoration ideas for weddings or setups that you can try for your own.

Wedding Mandap Decoration Ideas Images

Girls always like pink. On the pink theme, this mandap is with pink flowers and white jasmine and other varieties. Pinky, pinky it is!

mandap decoration ideas
Pic Via -instagram/theweddingswag

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This one is also on pink and white theme, red flowers are also there. A minimalistic decoration, and with chairs for bride and groom if they don’t feel comfortable in sitting down. Swahaaa…!

mandap decoration design
Pic Via - instagram/urmi1212

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Outdoor mandap round decoration if you want to do your phera under the sun. Yellow, white and pink; all types of flowers are there.

mandap decoration ideas
Pic Via - instagram/what_an_occassion_events

Tradition mandap décor. This mandap is like a set of box, and on red theme.

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mandap decoration images
Pic Via - instagram/weddingkingrotterdam

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Shimmery-jimmery mandap décor with twinkling lights adding more charm.

mandap decoration simple
Pic Via - instagram/theweddingco.india/

Dome mandap décor with red flower theme. Flower frills in the inside center pouring their leaves congratulating you.

mandap decoration ideas
Pic Via - instagram/dreamzweddingplanner1/

Intruded a bit inside and extruded a bit outside. With shiny bright décor, this mandap looks nice if your pheras are in and around the midnight. Colors of lights giving extra charm.

Mandap Decoration Ideas For Your Wedding

mandap decoration ideas for wedding

Pic Via -

This mandap décor looks like that you are under a banyan tree doing your pheras. Inspired by nature and assimilated with modern designs. Flowers and creepers there.

decoration ideas for mandap

Pic Via - instagram/ecl_photo_films/

Under a big sky, this mandap décor looks like inspired by different varieties of fruits. On fruits theme, it seems. Frills are always there, extra charm you know!

indian wedding mandap decoration ideas
Pic Via - instagram/indianstreetfashion/

Inspired by a temple it looks like this mandap decoration. So many bells hanging. You finally become of each other, they ting-tang.

mandap decoration ideas for marriage
Pic Via - instagram/atisuto_events/

Oh, totally decorated with pink and white roses this mandap is. Inspired by a flower bouquet theme. Sitting space only for bride and groom and other relatives can sit nearby.

marriage mandap decoration ideas
Pic Via - instagram/khushmag/

Frilly mandap it is, inspired by nature theme. It seems that God has decorated it for you with red roses.

Mandap Decoration Ideas with red roses

wedding mandap decoration images
Pic Via - instagram/houseofvivah/

Chandelier of flowers decoration in this mandap. White and pink flowers décor. Flowers are always used in mandap décor.

decoration of mandap
Pic Via - instagram/theweddingswag/

King and queen are getting married here. What you say about this mandap! Inspired by gold theme. It feels awesomely traditional.

flower decoration ideas for wedding mandap
Pic Via - Maharani Wedding Planner

It is always nature out there. Everything is inspired by it and this mandap décor too. White flowers and green decoration grass. Simple and sober it is.

mandap decoration photos
Pic Via - The Royal Host

If you like the patterns and strokes of colors, this mandap exactly looks like that.

indian wedding mandap decoration ideas

Pic Via - Sparkling Events And Enternainment

Whole family can sit here seeing their daughter and son getting married. Colorful lights are playing here. Wholesome royal feel it gives.

best mandap decoration images
Pic Via - The Romee's Royal

This whole mandap looks like a garland, and inspired by it too. So many garlands hanging.

best mandap decoration ideas
Pic Via - The Unicorn Events

It looks like it is South Indian wedding mandap décor.

best mandap decoration ideas for marriage
Pic Via - Wedding Planner Rajasthan

One who like gold very much, it is for them, this mandap décor. Exquisite it is.

marriage decoration images
Pic Via -XWedding Planner

So we have provided you with some of the best mandap decoration concepts for your wedding. Now it all depends on you and your partner what type of mandap decoration you want for your wedding. All mandap setups are decorated with flowers, wind chimes and other stuff. There are so many things with which mandap decoration can be done easily without spending any penny and all these stuff you can find almost in your home. You just need a little bit of creativity. Then tell us what’s your plan, how you want to decorate your mandap in the wedding?

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