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The Best Mandap Decoration Ideas For Your 2018 Weddings

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The Best Mandap Decoration Ideas For Your 2018 Weddings

While I was looking forward for a budget flower decorators near me, I found that Jaipur wedding planners have it all to add next level Ambience to the location. The adaptable decorators in Jaipur can help you to choose imperative Mandap designs for your wedding.

Either you can choose to go for dazzling flower arrangements or go for exclusive silk cloth based appearance which perks of the look of the Mandap.

mandap decor

The budget flower decorators near me primarily used captivating centerpieces and fancy wedding flowers to bring out the true beauty of the wedding. Sweet Peas, hydrangea, roses, tulips and lilies were some of the flowers used in creating beautiful décor pieces.

Choosing a particular design for your wedding mandap is definitely a difficult task. However, with the help of wedding planners in Jaipur, you can get the latest wedding decoration ideas as they are absolutely updated regarding the current wedding trends.

The top wedding planner adds the next level charm to your wedding occasion. Apart from managing food, guests, accommodation and wedding venue, wedding planners also helped me to choose the budget wedding decorators near me.

Luckily, Jaipur is one of the most preferred places for a destination wedding. You can hire the most quality tent house services, and wedding decorators that reflect typical Rajasthani culture to make your wedding truly phenomenal.


The budget flower decorators near me were particularly hired to give special attention to the mandap decoration. After all, a wedding mandap is the centre of attraction for all the guests and important rituals. It is a place where all the sacred ceremonies like Mangal Sutra Bandhan, Mangal Fera and Kanyadaan takes place. So it has to be something more special than the usual wedding decoration. The couple gets tied in an eternal Bond in the holy mandap.

Despite changing Times, mandap decoration has never been out of fashion. People still use vibrant colours and flower arrangements to create positive energy in that little place. The canopy where the groom and the bride are supposed to participate is adorned with the help of spiral flower arrangements, bouquet and attractive centrepieces.

The professional wedding planners in Jaipur keep all the intricacies of mandap decoration in their mind. Apart from paying attention to the budget, they focus on positioning, strength, theme and style of the Mandap. Also, the seating arrangement is ensured to be an outstanding one.

The budget flower decorators near me provided some of the below-mentioned Mandap decorating ideas -

● Dome-shaped Mandap - Mandap decorators particularly choose dome-shaped Mandaps by integrating their own conscious choice. The mandap dome is heavily decorated with a combination of flowers and lights. The royal Hindu culture is beautifully reflected in these Mandaps.

 Luxurious Rajwada style - The contemporary cultural reflection in a wedding mandap gives a poised look to it. The professional Mandap decorators use twinkling flowers for bursting hues in the little place. Also, they establish an aisle of Lord Ganesha for the couple to receive blessings from The Almighty.

 Theme based - The combination of pink and Golden, red and Golden, Magenta and purple colour uplift the look of the Mandap manifold. The shades have to be pre-decided according to the preferences of the client.


 Vintage Mandap look - when we went through the portfolio of budget flower decorators near me, it was astonishing to see that they had a variety of mandap decoration ideas which made us bewildered to select any one. However, the vintage Mandap look was quite elegant is it used a combination of Red and White Roses to give an overall magnificent look to the wedding venue. The square-shaped Kalash acted as the pillars and the dormant of pearls and Kaliras further instigated has to go for it.

 Peacock themed Mandap the wedding planners in Jaipur wanted us to go for peacock themed Mandap as it was slightly different and unique. The combination of Golden colours in the pillars and drawing of Peacock would have added a fun element to everything. However, since we wanted something more traditional, we ditched the idea of modern peacock themed Mandap

What important points have to be considered while choosing a perfect Mandap decoration idea?

 Size- The size of the Mandap should be large enough to hold the holy fire, seating arrangement of the guests, groom and bride along with the priest. Also, it should have sufficient space so that the couple can take those 7 Holy rounds calls phera.

 Pricing - Wedding decoration ideas don't have to always extract money from your pocket. Sometimes, it can be done in Limited budget find the best is to go for silk fabric based flower decoration with compliments the rest of the wedding decor. Using stylish Ribbon, Kalash and contemporary additives not only rejuvenates the appearance of the month up but also makes the wedding pictures quite impressive.

Mandap Decorators Near Me

 Positioning - When you hire Tent House services for creating a Mandap, do not forget to communicate them about a particular position in which the Mandap would look auspicious. Choose for north east direction as it is known to bring luck and perfectly suits The religious sentiments of Hinduism.

 Strength - The beautifully decorated Mandap should have sufficient strength to bear the disruption lodged by the relatives! Hindu weddings have a lot of fun ceremonies in which several holy games are played. Falling up of mandap during the wedding ceremony is considered bad. So the wedding decorators should the versatile enough to create a strong Mandap for the wedding venue.

 Seating and view - The Mandap should be raised slightly above the ground level so that guests can easily view whatever is happening.

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