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10 Great (Haldi Function Ideas) You Need To Know

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10 Great (Haldi Function Ideas) You Need To Know

A wedding is one of the few occasions when you can enjoy with your family!

Each and every couple wants their wedding to be perfect and memorable. An Indian wedding compromise of so many functions and haldi ceremony is one of them. In fact, in Indian culture, it holds a very important place. Haldi is something for which both bride and groom a family wait a lot and do not leave even a single chance for mistake.

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Best ideas for haldi function

Creating the right ambiance and choosing the perfect theme for a function like a holiday can be very troublesome and hectic. So, here are some of the innovative and best haldi ideas 2018 that you can choose for your haldi function. It will help in setting the right mood for a ceremony and even make it more memorable.

1.    Celebrate haldi together

Haldi Function Together

Although, as per the rituals haldi should be applied to groom and bride individually if you want to make the function more exciting and unique then instead of having a separate holder have a combined healthy function. This will add more sparks to the ceremony and moreover, guests will remember this throughout their life. In fact, if you want to make it more memorable and special then bride and groom can apply turmeric paste to each other.

2.    Grind it together –


Since haldi in its raw form cannot be used, it is a good idea to grind it together and then use it. Both families can assemble at one place and then start with their rituals. This will increase love and fun.

3.    Stick to the folklore -

As per religion and tradition, haldi is considered to be an auspicious ritual and it helps in bringing more charm and shine on the face of both bride and groom. So, it is important to take suggestions for elders so that all rituals are performed, perfectly.

4.    Celebrate with flowers petals -

Celebrate Haldi With Flowers

Flower petals haldi is in trend these days and getting quite popular in most of the NRI weddings. You can choose different types of organic flowers like rose, marigold, lily, genda and many more. Not only this, you can even decorate the venue with flowers and lots of petals. In fact, if you are looking for best pre-wedding shoot ideas then this theme can be your choice as it will definitely help in getting unbeatable photos, videos, and boomerangs.

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5.    Plan for Colors -

Haldi Function Ideas

Having a dress code for Haldi ceremony is super easy and one of the best idea which you can consider. Although, many colors are there which you can prefer nothing can beat the beauty of yellow color. Yellow is something which will go perfectly with this day ceremony and also help in getting best photographs which you are going to cherish all your life. You can even hire candid photographers to make an Event more interesting and pose in different ways with gangs. Since they are professionalized and have years of experience so with them you will have best candid shots

6.    Traditional Outfit - 

Haldi Ceremony Outfits

Men can go with traditional outfits like Kurta pajama or Kurta dhoti, while on other side ladies can wear yellow color saree, suits or gowns. Not only this, you can also take suggestions from best wedding planners in Jaipur for more theme ideas and on how a function can be made more unique.

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7.    Keep platter casual and light -

Haldi Pics

Drinks and food is something which you can afford to miss at all, as they are limelight of any function. Food and drinks have to be perfect as it will help entertaining guests and moreover they will adore your haldi party throughout their life. There are a variety of cuisines which you can have but always choose a fun combination of refreshing beverages and light snacks.

8.    Prepare haldi playlist -

There are so many marriage songs that you can choose for your haldi ceremony and add them for haldi playlist. This will help in setting right and perfect tone for your holiday ceremony and most importantly, it will add a fun vibe to the occasion. Kabira song from Bollywood movie Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani is one of the best songs that you should definitely add to your haldi playlist.

9.    Do function in an indoor garden - 

Indoor Haldi Function

One of the best ideas is to choose a venue with natural beauty. It works as a beautiful décor for your ceremony; walls are covered in light and dark green shade, large and bushy green trees decorated with hanging candles, trellis over dinner area which is covered with hanging and green chandeliers.

10.    Choose the right décor -

Haldi Function 2018

There are so many décor ideas which you can consider for your haldi ceremony. You can even hire the best wedding planner in Jaipur for help. With wedding planners, you will have peace of mind and most importantly, you will be able to enjoy all your functions without missing any fun. While on other hands, they will reduce stress and tension as with them nothing will go wrong.

Decoration and décor both have to be perfect and eye-catching such that it will steal the heart of your guests. Many things are available in the market these days which you can plan and include in décor. Some of them are bathak, jhulla, low paced seats and tables, umbrella décor, drapes, gotta and flowers, wall hangings and many more.


Many things are out in a market that can make your Haldi ceremony, a grand celebration. So, if you are planning to have an exciting, but affordable function, the above mentioned are some of the best haldi ideas 2018 which you can consider.

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