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#11 Super Smashing And Outstanding Haldi Function Ideas

#11 Super Smashing And Outstanding Haldi Function Ideas

I remember when I was a small kid when I went to my maternal uncle’s wedding; it was all fun and so much dancing.  His friends were dancing all time during marriage ceremonies. I was around 12 years old at that time and I remember how all marriage ceremonies were being performed by my maternal uncle. All family and friends were there and it was a bit crowdy too and during Haldi ceremony next day, all were applying Haldi on my maternal uncle’s face, and on legs and hands. I also applied but it was a bit boring. The ceremonies were totally traditional and customary. 

But now the time has changed and nowadays weddings are all about fun and thrill, and it is about more wedding activities because if the more activities are there, wedding will be more fun. When wedding, everyone waits for Haldi ceremony. Nowadays it is not celebrated like old days. It is almost like groom’s Holi ceremony or we can say groom’s Haldi Holi ceremony. The traditions and customs are still there, but with fun. Whether it is about your sister’s Haldi ceremony or brother’s, we are telling you some of the best, funny, unforgettable and mesmerizing Haldi ceremony ideas by which you can make Haldi ceremony “Maine-kyo-nahi-attend-kiya-affair”. Those who can’t would regret! And only enjoy in photos after that!

Oh, one thing I forgot to tell you about “Why Haldi ceremony is done?” the significance behind it? Is a kind of beautification or a kind of purification ceremony for bride and groom. It is considered and acknowledged in India according to various cultures and traditions and it has been for ages there. It is also thought that when it is done, it stops all the evil eyes those who want to ruin the marriage (As our grandparents and elders say.) Besides all, rubbing Haldi on body, gives it more glow, one of the main reasons why it is applied on body. So here are some Haldi function ideas by which you can make your Haldi ceremony more fun:

Super Smashing & Outstanding Haldi Function Ideas

1.    Do it together

Haldi Function Together ideas

When you are going to be together for your whole life and you are preparing for it, then why you are not doing Haldi ceremony together? Bride and groom and their families including relatives and friends and bacha party. I tell you it will be a great fun and you remember it till your whole life and whoever who attend it. And other benefit is that whether you like to talk about it or not, but it is the benefit, and it is: “Budget Bhi Thoda Kam Lagega Saath Main Karne Main!” “Mano Ya Na Mano Apki Ki choice Hain par Hain Zaroor!

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2.    Haldi And Roses’ Petals

Haldi And Roses’ Petals - Haldi function ideas

Though Haldi is always there but you can make it more medicinal by using powder of roses’ petals. It gives you extra glow! You can buy it from market or take some roses from your garden and put in sun for some days and mix it in a grinder, the rose powder is ready now and mix it with Haldi. Now you are unique Haldi is ready. 

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3.    Colorful Traditional Dresses

Everyone has their choice what dress they want to wear on ceremonies but if you say or request that everyone should be in colorful dresses, if someone wants to go bohemian, let them go, then it will be bit different and fun and more photogenic. Groom’s side and bride’s side both in different dresses. Use right combination that should not look akward too.

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4.   Venue Décor

Haldi Function decoration ideas

For any function to make it best, feel is necessary. If feel is not there then no one likes your function. If it is your Haldi ceremony, decorate your venue according to the ceremony you are performing. Make it according to Haldi theme you like. Remember, guests should feel it and everyone in your family. 

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5.   A Mix Playlist of Songs (Haldi Songs Ideas)

Haldi songs ideas
Pic via - nikcanstories

Don’t only have Bollywood songs, and not only western too; make such a unique playlist that everyone loves to dance on them, those also who always nag that they don’t like to dance. Take the best songs from everywhere. It is about beats guys that make you swing and twing and yeah keep your elders in mind and even oldies who hearing the songs should not say “Are Ye Kya Chala Diya Hain, Samaj Main Hi Nahi Aa Raha”. Play for some time their likes also and let them enjoy the Haldi ceremony. 

6.    Fun Love Games

Haldi Function Ideas

Create some fun and love games provided both bride and groom’s families can play, yes including bride and groom too. The games can be anything. Command this responsibility to some creative and minded friends or your nieces and nephews can help in that. We want to say please Don’t play the musical chair! Create some new and enjoy the Haldi ceremony by making it more enjoyable. “Kya Pata Game Khelte Khelte Kisi Aur Ka Bhi Rista Ho Jaaye!”

7.   Haldi Holi Party Cum Ceremony

haldi theme ideas
Pic Via - tanu.mittal.19

“Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”, yes it is. This bride and groom Haldi together you are doing and it is going to be almost like Holi Haldi for bride and groom because your friends and relatives are totally going to ruin you with Haldi. You will be all yellow, yellow…! Then why you are leaving the guests behind? Have some more Haldi there with other Holi colors and play Haldi Holi with one another. Just don’t make it mess guys. It is Haldi, remember! 

8.    Flowers petals’ Holi (Phoolo wali Holi) 

Celebrate Haldi ceremony With Flowers

If you are not comfortable with organic colors, yeah some people aren’t even comfortable with organic colors, then you can use petals of various flowers whether roses or others for Holi. It will be fun with fragrances. And if there are some guys too who even have problems with flowers, then for them the best advice is; you just sit aside and see other enjoying!

9.    Haldi Bath (Yellow bath)

haldi bath ceremony ideas
Pic Via - wedding_saga

A quick Haldi rub is a custom that you are doing for your friend who is going to wed-lock with someone. If you want more fun and want to make ordinary Haldi ceremony extra ordinary, then just don’t quick-rub Haldi only,  while give him/her Haldi bath or Yellow bath, whether in organic yellow color mix water or if your just want to pour Maza bottles on him/her, your choice, how you do it. Drown your friend in Haldi, make it memorable. It could be he/she might tell story about it to their kids.   

10.    Storize your Haldi Ceremony

Everyone likes stories and if they are good and interesting, everyone likes to tell them. So make your Haldi ceremony a kind of story for everyone to talk about. How you do it, we tell you ideas and besides it, you can add your creativity too. 

  • Make customized badges and carve your beautiful moments that bride and groom spent with each other before their marriage. Simply their love stories written on badges.
  • Stage a play about bride and groom’s love story. Remember, that don’t make it of long hours, only of some minutes. And say every couple who is present in your Haldi ceremony to stage their stories before everyone. 
  • Say beautiful lines for bride and groom whether it is poetry or Shyaris, whatever beautiful lines you want to say about them. Express your filial, brotherly, sisterly love for them. 

11.    Food Makes Mood  

haldi food function ideas

“Kaisa bhi Function ho, Bina ache Khanne ke Kuch Bhi nahi Ho Sakta!”  Have crunchy-munchy snacks in Haldi ceremony. Give your guests a chance to taste something amazing. What you serve, your choice. Serve a best menu. Even Haldi smeared groom and bride too should eat easily. 

So how you like our Haldi ceremony ideas? You can make it more creative. There is so much creativity around the world, and some we have already told you. Keep the budget thing in mind and enjoy your Haldi or others’. 

Feature Image source - thecheesecakeproject

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