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Lohri 2023 - Happy Lohri Wishes & Quotes and Its Significance!

Lohri 2023 - Happy Lohri Wishes & Quotes and Its Significance!

Collect some loving and blessed Lohri Wishes and Quotes to share with your beloved. However, read to know the significance of Lohri.

Lohri was being celebrated widely among the Punjabis and all across Indian regions to showcase respect towards Rabi crop harvestation. It’s an auspicious occasion, and is a festival with pomp and hop in entire Punjab, and also in Rajasthan, Haryana, Delhi, Jammu, and Himachal Pradesh widely among Punjabi Families. The festival happens just a day before Magh Season starts; which showcases the beginning of a new season.

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Lohri means to respect and show gratitude towards the Lord for the large harvest. On the Lohri Evening, the families and friends gather and light up a bonfire, dance alon

2. Lohri Wishes and Quotes
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g, and feed prasad. This festival is marked for the onset of the spring season and coincides with other occasions like Makar Sankranti, Bhogali Bihu, and Pongal. This year 2023, Lohri arrives on the 13th of January, Friday.

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Why is Lohri Celebrated?

3. Lohri Wishes and Quotes
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There are numerous reasons for the Lohri Celebration. One reason is to celebrate the end of the winter season and welcome the warmer days afterwards. Winter season is an indication of death and decay, which is why Punjabi celebrate the festival for rejuvenation. It is a celebration for the end of dreading cold and freezing days and the beginning of better days on New Year.

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Another fact to celebrate Lohri is, people, celebrate and show honour and respect towards the Lord of Fertility “Lohri Mata.” A ppular belief is that Lohri Mata blesses newly married couples with children around this duration; therefore people celebrate and honour Mata on this auspicious festival.

One more reason associated with the Lohri Festival is to celebrate the end of the crop season. In number of regions in India, farmers harvest Rabi Crop during this time of the year. Lohri fest is a way to thank God for showing mercy on our agriculture and providing us with plenty of crops. Farmers celebrate and enjoy this day to honour their hard work and the crops they have harvested.

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Lohri Celebration In India

4. Lohri Wishes and Quotes
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Lohri Festival is mainly celebrated in Punjab and Punjabi Families, where they light a bonfire and enjoy it with their loved ones. The bonfire on Lohri Evening is known as Lohri Fire. This fire is believed to purify the surroundings and people dance, celebrate, and have fun on this occasion together. Families and Friends exchange sweets, gifts, Lohri Wishes, and Lohri Quotes with each other. In addition, the sweets incurred on this occasion are a bit different from the normal ones. Here, people exchange Til Laddoo, Gajak, Rewri, and other healthy sweets. People serve Til and Jaggery in the Lohri Fire to pray and thank God for the harvest and the upcoming farming.

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Lohri Festival has Folk Songs indeed, which people sing around the Lohri Fire. Here, people not only sing the fertility harvest, farming, but also sing prosperity folk songs together and dance. However, there’s a folk song called “Dulla Bhatti Da Kikar”, which is sung by people to appraise and honour the local heroes.

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Happy Lohri Wishes and Quotes

5. Lohri Wishes and Quotes
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Get some Happy Lohri messages, Happy Lohri Wishes and Happy Lohri Quotes to share with your loved ones. 

  1. “I wish this festival of harvest brings happiness, prosperity, and success to your family. Wish you a great Happy Lohri.”
  1. “I hope the sweetness and warmth of jaggery and nuts will fill your life with cheers and joy. Wish You A Very Happy Lohri.”
  1. “On this special occasion, I wish you Happy Lohri. Hope this fest will bring happiness, prosperity, happiness, and success to your lives.”
  1. “Lohri is an occasion to celebrate and enjoy with friends and family. I hope this evening will bring prosperity, brightness, and a great future ahead. Happy Lohri to you and your family.”
  1. “I hope you will celebrate today’s evening with happiness, joy, dance, and songs to bring happiness and warmth in between relationships. Happy Lohri To You All.”
  1. “Wishing you and your family lots of happiness, brightness, smiles, and opportunity on this special day. Happy Lohri To Everyone.”
  1. “Let’s sing and dance around the Lohri fire and spread happiness & joy around this evening. Best Wishes To You and Your Family - Happy Lohri.”
  1. “May this Lohri Festival bring lots of opportunities and success in your life with prosperity. Happy Lohri To Everyone.”
  1. “It’s the moment and evening to dance, sing, and joy with beloved. Share the grand happy moments and zeal with all. Happy Lohri.”
  1. “May this evening bring lots of courage, high spirits, and opportunity in your life. Happy Lohri To You and Your Family."

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