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25 Important Questions to Ask Before Hire Wedding Planner

25 Important Questions to Ask Before Hire Wedding Planner

A wedding is the best thing to happen to two people in love or two people who by their choice decides to spend their life together as soulmates. It not only binds two people together but also their families, close ones & two separate social groups. In weddings both the parties, play host to one another & do their best to give to each other the most special & memorable experience. So, it definitely comes with many responsibilities & requires a great management. To organize a wedding successfully hiring a wedding planner is a good option. And Hire Wedding Planner in Delhi are playing a good role here to organize flawless weddings.

Shaadidukaan is giving their platform to the best wedding planners in Delhi to provide their impeccable services to the customers. But hiring a wedding planner is a tedious & tricky task to do as a lot of things are to be considered & thought of. So, to help you out here are some of the best wedding planning tips & queries which one should ask a wedding planner before finalizing one:

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1. Availability - The most important factor that will make your understanding with your event planner fruitful is their availability on the day of the event wedding. If there is any type of adjustment visible where event companies in Delhi are trying to fit two different clients in one day then you must always refuse. Undivided attention and focus of wedding planners is astoundingly importance.

2. Full-Time or Part-Time - Knowing whether your event planner is a full-time planner or a part-time one is important. It gives ample idea that helps us managing our expectations and meeting our standards.

3. Cost - Wedding companies try to charge exorbitant prices for limited options by expanding them into lists and manifestos or brochures. One must outwit these tricks by exhausting all the available wedding planners in the city before making a final decision.

4. Packages - Wedding planners in Delhi try to take advantage of the overwhelmed host and trick them into subscribing unnecessary packages with services they do not approve of. Be calm and composed during the selection of the packages.

5. Service Method - Although in Delhi weddings there has been a tradition of self-service there has been an advent of full-service routine in some weddings. Some wedding planners and event companies include the full-service type of catering in their presentations.

6. Food - The quality of food is one of the most important areas where a wedding resides. Make sure the event company has contact information for the caterer they hire or employ. Inquiries about the perishing ability and health of the food are utmost important.

7. Preferential Food - There have been new preferences for food being noticed, i.e. organic, gluten-free, sugar-free, halal meat, etc. It is imperative to host an event which all can enjoy.

8. Food License - Food licenses must be inquired for when hiring event planners in Delhi. Many inspections have shown unscrupulous activities on the part of caterers.

9. Liquor License - A liquor license is a must while hosting an event in Delhi. The wedding planners must have a liquor license before you decide to host an open bar.

10. Liability Assurance - Several cases of food poisoning have been noticed due to defected food items in parties in Delhi. Victims have been seeing demanding medical expense reimbursements in such cases, therefore, it has now become important to have a wedding planner with covered liability. This insurance also comes in handy when a guest gets comprehensive with the open bar.

11. Wedding Theme - wedding theme has become a must in Delhi weddings. Event planners go to lengths to decorate according to the taste of the host. Feel free to question intricately about the theme of the wedding proposed by the wedding planners.

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12. Experienced References - If the wedding planners feel comfortable with sharing contact information about their previous clients then do ask them for a review as a first hand experienced a person will describe the best.

13. RSVP - With the fusion of western etiquettes in Delhi people have become quite efficient and started asking for RSVPs from people who are actually interested in attending the weddings. Do inquire whether your event company prefers RSVP-idea guest list or the normal one.

14. Destination Weddings - If you are seeking a destination wedding then feel free to ask your event planner of choice about their capability to handle such an event. In Delhi, you will surely find some trustworthy and courageous wedding planners who are up for making your dream come true.

15. Travel Arrangements - When planning a non-local wedding travel arrangements are another responsibility bestowed upon the host especially in Delhi. Some event companies are more than happy to assist with the travel arrangements of guest and the families.

16. Staff - It is important to suggest the number of people that you think may be required to handle the event of the stature you are holding as only you can comprehend the size of the job. One should discuss the number of staff the event planner appoints during the wedding.

17. Involvement - In a wedding, it is important that the guest does not feel left out hence it is important to ask the wedding planners in Delhi to include activities for everyone invited so that they have more than enough memories to relish several years after the event.

18. Payment Method - With the advent of digitalization in Delhi it has made payment of big amounts quite an issue. It is important to discuss the portal of payments available at the behest of the wedding planners.

19. Medical Facilities - A wedding is a big event with a lot of machinery at work. Humans are the ones constituting this machinery and there needs to be a medical provider for medical attention in such an event.

20. Assist - The whole point of hiring a wedding planner is to avoid the stress and tension of the duties of management at the wedding. It is important to take in focus the level of help the wedding planner will provide.

21. Experience - Although, it feels important to go with experienced wedding planners hence it goes without saying to check their backgrounds and past works. But it also checks out as a good option to go with a new competitor when the money is tight.

22. Backup Plan - It is important to ask your wedding planner if they are capable of providing with a backup option in case of emergency. There must always be a plan for contingencies.

23. Feel Heard - After a meeting with your wedding planner, you must definitely feel heard. If you think that your wedding planner is condescending or imposing in any way then they must be completely avoided.

24. Cancellation Policy - One of the most ignored queries is found to be the cancellation policy. As this decision is a huge one often eliminates the possibility of the worst. Discussion about the cancellation policy about the wedding companies' can help in a big way.

25. Reputation - Our event planners have been intricate and have shown professional attitude with the highest possible standards of quality in the weddings and like events. We plan and assist in events and weddings so that the host does not feel out of control and overwhelmed with all the responsibilities.


So, these are some of the questions to ask a wedding planner before hiring one.

Keep them in mind & choose the best wedding planner in Delhi to organize an awesome wedding ceremony & cherish the most special moment in your life forever.

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