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Happy Holi 2021 - Popular Forms of Holi Around India: Know The Different Culture and Traditions

Happy Holi 2021 - Popular Forms of Holi Around India: Know The Different Culture and Traditions

Holi aur Bhang Ki Goli” that is how we celebrate Holi, the festival of color as it is always called. Playing Dhol and walking in streets in groups singing and dancing, women, girls, and children pouring water and children throwing water through their water-guns.

 Even I used to have one and I called it “Pichkaari” rather than water guns. It was only with Gulal (Holi playing organic color) with which we played it and sometimes when we wanted to get naughty then threw water-filled small balloons on people, though not harming them but just for fun. And they enjoyed it too. But now it is banned.

Even for this day, it is said that with anyone you have a little bit kind of enmity or misunderstanding or any kind of fighting, it is the day on which you can resolve it and you welcome them to your home to greet and treat them with tasty savory delicacies forgetting everything whatever happened in the past. 

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Usually playing with organic colors with one other, singing, dancing, eating delicacy; it is the way of celebrating Holi as normally done. But in some states of India, it is celebrated in different ways. And we gonna tell you how.

Beatings of love, Lathmar Holi – Barsana village, UP

Lathmar Holi

We think it is a little bit, not so much but in a painful lovable way and interesting too, a way of celebrating Holi, which is done in Barsana village in UP. In this way of Holi, women beat men intentionally and lovingly and men try to save themselves by requesting them, singing songs. 

The reason behind this interesting way of celebrating Holi dates back to so many years ago in the time of God Krishna. It is said, told and in some popular folklores, that one day Krishna with his friends went to tease Radha and teased them a lot. We all know how God Krishna is! Radha got angry and to take revenge, she and her all friends chased Krishna and his group and beat them with lathis. 

And when the case got resolved between Krishna and Radha, they celebrated their union by lovingly throwing color on each other and from that day it has become a tradition. That’s why women beat men with lathis and it is called Lathmar Holi

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It’s all about spiritual gathering, Kumauni Holi, Uttarakhand

Holi festival in Uttarakhand

It is the most important, near-dear to Kumauni people and they celebrate it for the victory of good over evil. And we thought it is only Diwali! Though this is not the only reason. It is a new sowing season too after the end of the winter season for agriculture community there.

It is totally a musical and spiritual form of Holi celebration, that is how it is celebrated there. There are other forms of it as Baithki Holi, Khari Holi, Mahila Holi. The Holi festivities begin from Basant Panchmi there. So it is a total mixture of singing, dancing, spiritualism, drinking (only Bhang). 

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Victory over Rajasic & Tamsic Gunas, Rang Panchami


it is mainly the spring festival that is celebrated in Maharashtra, UP, MP and other northern parts of India. It is observed on the fifth day of Krishna Paksha and celebrated same as Holi where people throw colors on each other, dance and do masti. 

The celebration of Holi goes forth and back in dates in some part of India. It is not the case that all celebrate it on the same day of Holi. It is just the media depiction that highly has portrayed Holi as the main festival of color. 

Rang Panchami is religiously an expression about a purification process that purifies the atmosphere cleansing it from Rajas and Tamasic Gunas as according to Indian holy scripture and also about bringing equilibrium in Nature as well as in people. On this day divine deities come and prosper you.

Dol Purnima, West Bengal: it is also called Dol Jatra that is mainly dedicated to Lord Krishna and celebrated in Assam, and Bengal. Lord Krishna’s idol on this day is adorned, decorated and smeared with abir, gulal.  A procession is carried out in a palanquin in which Lord Krishna is set, embellished with leaves, flowers, and colorful clothes. It is more important for Bengalis because on the day of Dol Purnima, there is the birthday of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. 

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Shigmo, Goa

holi festival in shigmo-goa

there are many forms of Holi and it is also, a spring festival that is celebrated in Goa. A parade is carried out on roads and streets where people wear traditional clothes and sing folk songs and dance on them. It is popular in other rural parts of Goa too. There are two variations of it including Dhakto Shigmo and Vhadho Shigmo. The former one is celebrated by farmers and latter by all community. 

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Yaoshang, Manipur

Yaoshang, Manipur

it is one of the biggest festivals of Manipur and dedicated to a God there called “Pakhangba”. It begins when the sun sets and a ritual is performed which is a tradition that is called “Yaosang Mei Thaba”. On this day children visit every home and ask for a donation that is called “Nakatheng”. Chantings of God are organized in Temples. Girls also seek monetary donation visiting every house.

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In so many other ways Holi is celebrated in India that belongs to certain community and culture. What forms are popular, we have told you. We hope you enjoy it. Apart from all, tell us how you celebrate Holi, this festival of color. Is there something unique way? If there is and you tell us, we will definitely include in our blog.   

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