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9 At-Home Hair Coloring Hacks for Jaw-Dropping Lustrous Hair

9 At-Home Hair Coloring Hacks for Jaw-Dropping Lustrous Hair

Going for a alluring hair color at a salon???? Wait... You can just do it at home too!!! Yes, you got it right. Everybody whether a man or a woman loves to color his or her hair with beautiful color to flaunt their hair. But going to a salon for the same can get a bit extravagent. But don't worry when I am here. Being your style partner, it is my obligation to tell you some tips and tricks that can help you get super gleaming  and colored hair at your home! I know some would be awestruck as coloring at home can be a little messy but today I am going to share with you all, some super amazing hacks that can relieve your burden of going out for a salon session and get your hair colored.

Yes... it is very effortless to color your at home. Let me first talk about what all things you will needs to color your hair at home. The very first thing is a lab-tested hair color which is packed and it is conviently available in the markets in a variety of color choices. Next things are obviously a color brush, disposable gloves, and a pack of wet tissues.

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Now that you are all planned to color your hair with all the necessities, let me make you all cognizant of the tips and trick that are going to be your savior while coloring your hair.

Hair coloring hacks for jaw-dropping lustrous hair


Tip 1# Strand test is a must.

Ok.. before you start applying color to all your hair, it is always recommended to do a strand test. This test is done to ensure that the color suits your hair and also to know about the quality of the hair color. For this test, you can pick up short and hidden strands of your hair.

Tip 2# Don’t forget your greys.

The next tip that I am going to share with you is that while coloring your hair, you must mull over your greys. I know that grey hair is a fashion inclination these days but not all the people appreciate to have them and thus it is suggested to fixate on the grey hair while applying the color. To evade a harsh contrast, you must embrace a color that is one or two shades lighter than your actual hair color, Trust me, that will look damn gorgeous!!

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Tip 3# Sectioning is important

I have seen many people who start applying the hair color by just after brushing their hair once. This is wrong guys. Sectioning your hair will assure that all of your hair are coated with color and there is not a single strand left out as that can embarrass you when someone will notice that. I know you undeniably don’t want that.. right?

Tip 4# Toothbrush for coloring

I know it’s a little kooky but that’s true. You can always use a toothbrush to color smaller strands of your hair which can otherwise not be colored by a big coloring brush. A toothbrush can help you to color your hair close to your hairline so that excess color is not spotted on your face or neck area.

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Tip 5# Save yourself from touchups.

Yes, guys, I discern the afflict of color touchups when you are coloring your hair at home, but there is nothing to worry when I am here. The best way to get rid of all the touchups is to keep a pack of wet wipes with you and whenever there is a touchup of the color on an unwanted area, clean it immediately. This hack is going to be super awesome for you all.

Tip 6#  Adding shampoo can save you from dry hair ends

It is aweful to have dry and damaged hair ends. I also have them and they are too aggravating. When hair ends are dry, they tend to suck up everything that is applied on to them. If hair color is directly applied to the dry hair ends, they can consume it and become even drier and unmanageable. So one hack to get rid of this problem is to add some drops of shampoo to the hair dye. Umm… sounds creepy? But guys trust me, this is the hack that can be dreadful for you to have smooth and hydrated ends. After applying hair color all over your hair, just add a few drops of shampoo to the hair color left and apply the mixture on the ends of your hair.

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Tip 7# Say “no” to tied-up hair

Have you ever seen models tying a high bun after the application of a hair dye?? Please don’t do that!!! I know you must be wondering that models must be doing it the correct way then why am I telling you not to do that? I have an answer to this question. Tying your hair up after applying hair dye can color your hair in an uneven manner which you obviously don’t want.

Tip 8# Shampoo? No!! just rinse it.

Most of the people make the mistake of washing their hair with shampoo after the application of hair color. But this is not the correct way. Once the hair dye is dry, just rinse the color with plain water and do not use any shampoo to wash your hair.

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Tip 9# Don’t skip the conditioner

You must be thinking that why am I telling you to use a conditioner. Well, guys, this is a very important tip to have lustrous and super serene hair after the application of a dye. When you wash your hair with plain water, it leaves the hair cuticles open and after washing also, the color keeps working on your hair. Conditioning your hair will help to close the hair cuticles and will also make your hair super glossy and shiny. Deep conditioning can also be done after applying hair color, this is totally up to your choice.  

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