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The Ultimate Guide to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Date

The Ultimate Guide to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Date

Choosing an exemplary wedding date from the 365 days of a year is indeed a huge feat.

You have to choose a date which is special to both of you, fits the schedule of your loved ones, when venue and vendors are available, and perfectly align to your working schedule as well.

Finding a wedding date when all of the above-mentioned aspects are in your favour is more like groping for a date when all the planets are in a perfect alignment, quite daunting.

So, is there any way for couples to choose the finest wedding date for their nuptial ceremony? Well, there is no pre-defined way to perfectly execute this task, however, with our carved list of significant questions, you will be able to stamp an ideal wedding date for sure.

Questions on Which You should Lay Great Emphasis When Finalizing a Wedding Date

1. Are Your Selected Vendors and the Venue are Available on The Preferred Date?

No matter how painstakingly you have selected a special date for the wedding, if your chosen venue and vendors are not available on that date, all your efforts and hard-earned money will go in vain.

Before finalizing the wedding date, you must ensure from all vendors (including venue owner) about their availability on your preferred dates. If they are not available, either you should find the next best date or find those vendors who can satiate your wedding planning requirements on the given date.

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2. Is There Any Special Date You Would Like to Celebrate?

Most of the couples love the notion of tying the nuptial knot on special occasions like valentine day, their first-anniversary date, the sweetest day (18th October), parents anniversary day, grandparents anniversary day, and the list goes on.

There are n numbers of special dates from which you can choose one to get hitched. Sit down with your partner and confirm, is there any special date she/he has in mind to tie the wedding knot? If yes, select the one with mutual agreement.

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3. Which Season You Want To Get Married In?

Every season has its own pros and cons and that's what makes the task of choosing the best season or month for wedding mind-boggling.

It is imperative to consider all the factors like seasonal price fluctuation, availability of vendors to make the task of selecting the date more easier.

When selecting the wedding date according to the season, the first and the foremost thing you should consider is selecting the appropriate season you want to get married in. Ask yourself, do you like the warmth of summer, do you like the winter snow, do you like the fresh spring flowers, or do you like the vivaciousness of autumn season?

Sometimes, for couples, the selection of wedding seasons also depends on their profession. For examples, if you are in a teaching professional, summertime is the best time to tie the wedding knot as you won't have to take additional leaves for the wedding and honeymoon. However, if you are a tax or financial accountant, you won't like to get hitched in summers because of work overload.

Meticulously ponder about all seasons, and choose the one which is appropriate for both of you.

4. Which Day of The Week You Want to Get Married In?

Selecting an exemplary day of the week for the wedding ceremony can be so simple or so tricky at the same time.

If you are on a  budget wedding and most of your wedding guests are localities, any day of weekdays would be perfect for getting hitched.

However, if you are guests are coming from different cities, Saturday or Sunday weddings are the only option you are left with.

The benefit of weekdays wedding is you will get hefty discounts on premium locations and vendors. So, if you choose the mid-week date, you can curb down the wedding budget to a great extent.

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5. Are There Some Dates You Want to Ignore?

Some dates like major festivals, or the hyped sports match between two juggernaut teams are not ideal for getting hitched.

One way to ensure all of your guests mark their gracious presence on the wedding day is avoiding significant religious holidays and big-league matches day. Make a list of all the dates which you should avoid at any cost.

6. Can All The People Who Matters Will Make It on Your Big Day?

Last but not the least, it's not a subtle thing to choose a wedding date when your sister or brother is stuck in the mid of college session of your parents are on a long vacation.

Make sure to choose a date when all your dear and near ones can make it seamlessly to your wedding ceremony. After all, what's the point of having a wedding when the best people are not part of it.

We genuinely hope these questions will help you to elicit the best date for your nuptial ceremony. If you think we have missed any crucial pointer in the list, let us know in the comment section.

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