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10 Funny Reasons Why People Go to Weddings: Don’t Get Angry Uncles and Aunties!

10 Funny Reasons Why People Go to Weddings: Don’t Get Angry Uncles and Aunties!

Though weddings are definitely a nervous game for brides and grooms, but not for all those who come to attend them. People like weddings, families like weddings, and even those who are not invited they also like weddings because they get to see grooms’ baraats, indirectly it is. People come out from their balconies to see grooms’ baraats. And we think that everyone during the time of funny reasons Indian wedding season waits for some wedding cards to drop by because everyone loves to eat “Shaadi Ka Khana”

And it is 100 truth that people go to weddings to eat food, new varieties of sweets and what not. And especially girls “Ko Free Ki Paani Puri Khaane Ko Milti Hain”, that’s why they dress up so heavily. No offense girls, don’t take it on your hearts!

Whatever the reason for anyone, everyone loves the wedding season. We think there are so many reasons can be that why one loves the wedding season, and we are going to mention them all. It is not from brides and grooms’ perspective while it is from a layman or from those “Jinko Shaadiyo Main Jaana Accha Lagta Hain”.

We don’t want to bother you much. The reasons we are going to mention are from everyone’s perspective. At the end “Aisa Bolna Padta Hain.”

Khaana, Bhaut Saara Khaana

lots of food

Mostly young generation like you and me go for eating food. “Khana Kya, Kya Hain”. We see bride and groom for a time while, Oh they are happy smiling faces, whispering to each other and making their honeymoon planning. Otherwise, we don’t have any meaning with them. Because we standing in the queue and shouting “Ye Bhai Dosa De Na”.

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Everyone Wants to be Michael Jackson

michael jackson

Oh you friends of grooms, you are there in their Baraats because you want to dance with so many beautiful girls. You want to show them your Michael Jackson’s dancing moves, and you can’t resist yourselves from it. Yeah, that’s why you go to weddings for “Naachne Ke Liye.”

You There ‘cause You Want To Flaunt Your Dresses

show off clothes

70 percent of people go to weddings because they want to flaunt their designers’ suits, for which they have spent their huge bucks of amount, money we are talking. And most of the girls and boys are there because they want to impress with their style.

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Return Wedding Gifts

return wedding gifts

Most of the women go in weddings because they wait for or want “Return Wedding Gifts”. Free Ke Gifts Kon Nahi Lena Chahega”. That’s why they stay late at night waiting for their “return wedding gift”. “Isliye Aunties Phere Tak Der Tak Rukti Hain”.

Free Ki Daaru

free ki daaru

Apart from all the reasons we have given above, this one is 100 true. We, young 18-30 males, go there for drinking Free Ki Daaru. “Hafte Bhar Se Daaru Nahi Pee Yaar, Chal Shaadi Main Chalte Hain”. Whether of your friends or in your family, it is always Free Ki Daaru. If your Destiny is ill-fated, we can’t say anything! “Agar Shaadi Main Daaru Hi Nahi Ho To”.

Panchayti Karne

Panchayti Karne

Some of the people in weddings are there only to do “Panchayti”, though they have nothing to do with anything there. They are just guests, yet they say “Are Bhai Ye Aisa Kaisa Wedding Decoration Kiya Hain”, Itni Saari Lights Kyo Lagai Hain”. Oh! Food is not good, salt is less otherwise fine. They are there only to bring faults in everything. We don’t know why they do it, if someone is giving awards to them! So always save yourselves from “Panchyati Aunties and Uncles.”

Photo Bombers, They’re Everyone’s Photos

photo bombers

Some of the people are natural photo bombers. They are in everyone’s photos whether you want them or not, they are in everyone’s photos. They go to weddings because maximum numbers of time they want themselves to get shot. So if you find such a guy or gal like this or uncle ya aunty, then try to stay away from them.

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They Just Like Wedding Ceremonies

wedding ceremonies

These types of people want to witness every ceremony of someone’s wedding. They just like wedding ceremonies and want to be enthusiastic attendees of wedding ceremonies. Much like photo bombers aunties and uncles.

To Take Left Food Home

To take left food home

Some relatives are there only to take left food to their home! Relatives like “Gajaar Ka Halva Bacha Hain Kya”. That’s why they come to weddings. They enjoy, dance, eat and eat a lot, and stay for some more days at your home jut only to take “Bacha Hua Gajar Ka Halva”. They bring themselves with empty tiffin just only to fill them up! “Mamis and Chachis Naraaz Mat Hona”, but the truth is the truth!

To See What Others Have Given In Gifts

to see what others have given in gifts

What you have given in gifts? No one tells one another what they have given in gifts to bride and groom. So some of the guests stay only to see what others have given in gifts in the wedding. After all, they want to check whether theirs is best or others. Especially all the aunties want to know what other aunties have given in gifts. “Shaadi Main Kya Diya Hain Gift Main.”

These are the Funny Reasons Why People Like to Attend Weddings but There are Two Good Reasons also for Which They are There

To See a Couple Uniting Forever

couple uniting forever

It is such a heavenly experience to see when a couple unites forever in a wedding. They have become of each other. And it is kind of unique experience feeling it. You definitely must have thought of yourself also!

To Give Blessings to Bride & Groom

To Give Blessings to Bride & Groom

Uncles and aunties are not only there for funny reasons. They are there also to give blessings to wedding couple for living lovely wedding life.

So these are some funny reasons why people like and love to go to weddings. Whatever it is “Shaadi Main Jaane Main Maza Bhaut Aata Hain.” If you have some funny reasons to tell us why would like to go to weddings or why you have gone to some, tell us some funny reasons. If we like them, we definitely would include them in our blog.

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