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5 Wedding Cards That Are Crazy Trendy This Season

5 Wedding Cards That Are Crazy Trendy This Season

The wedding invitation ideas can be all about pieces of paper decorated with laces, candlelight, petals and much more. The trend of inviting guests to a wedding ceremony through a wedding card has never been outdated. With subtle varieties of wedding invitation cards, you don't have to worry about the detailing and budget at all.

The best wedding card dealers in Jaipur provide very reasonable deals in creating bulk wedding invitations. They not only specialize in paper-based wedding invitation card ideas but also create online free wedding e-invitation. In other words, they are experts in every possible field. You just have to state the method of invitation and they are up for it always.

Latest now discover 5 online wedding website card designs which are indeed the best -

1. Greenery themed wedding cards- the sophisticated green theme based wedding cards illustrate leaves and green floral Tiara around the written words. Sometimes, they comprise of Bush designs for creating a magnificent effect.

Greenery Wedding Card Styles

2. Watercolor theme invitation card- the soft color themes of the wedding card appeared highly sophisticated. They are truly attention grabbers with super cool DIY wedding card ideas. Particularly the combination of pink, light blue and soothing colors are adopted. The celebration gets a new charm with wedding card designers in Jaipur.

Water Color Theme Wedding Cards

3. Pious theme based wedding cards- the pious wedding cards are all about pictures or brooches of God and Goddesses on the top of the wedding envelope. The main wedding card has a similar picture likewise on the wedding envelope. The traditional wedding cards generally comprise of bright colors and jovial appearance.

Pious Theme Wedding cards

4. Box-based wedding cards- the wedding cards are not informed of hard paper-based invitations. In fact, they are creatively designed by wedding card designers in Jaipur in the absolute different way. A box that comprises of the wedding couple name along with some sweets is presented as the token of wedding invitation to the guests. These cards are Opulent and economic at the same time. Once you have handed over the wedding card along with the sweets, there is no need to again visit homes for distribution of goodies.

Wedding Cards In Jaipur

5. Calligraphy font- the wedding invitation cards particularly get their appearance from the type of font that has been embedded. With more than 15 fancy calligraphy fonts available in the market, you can choose to show off your swag by creating wedding cards in minimalistic designs but with creative letters and alphabets.

Wedding Card Designers In Jaipur

Why create online free wedding e-invitation?

Sending an ecard is like giving an extra emphasis while inviting someone to attend your party. One can view a large variety of free wedding ecards available over the internet. With so much of internet usage, there is not even a single reason for you to not to choose sending such cards. Free internet greeting cards are both impressive and economical at the same time. They are easy to avail and easy to forward. Following are some major benefits of sending ecard wedding invitations to your friends and relatives:

· Wide variety: unlike paper cards, ecards are available in uncountable sizes, designs band patterns. They are always available for sending them to others, unlike paper cards are.  Each online portal over the internet tends to portray thousands of free wedding cards for the customers to choose. One can customize the cards as per requirements and can readily forward them to desired email addresses and online social networking accounts.

Wide Variety of wedding cards

· Hassle-free: arranging hundreds of paper cards and then posting them individually is a source of big trouble for the couple. With online free wedding invitation e-cards, it becomes absolutely convenient for the couple to concentrate on other important things. The electronically available cards tend to set one free from the hassles of visiting markets and post offices.

· Economical: buying hundreds of wedding cards and then posting them is certainly a matter of hefty sum of money. With online available free wedding invitation ecards, you can save thousands of rupees along with a considerable amount of time. The beautifully edified ecards are available 24x7 over the internet. All one needs to do is to choose one amongst them and send it to all.

Wedding invitation Cards In Jaipur

· Animated and musical ecards: paper cards can never ever be that interesting. Those typical cards with a hardback and front covers can never ever invite you with a musical tone and gestures. However, with customizable invitation ecards, one can add a fantastic music along with a petty animated clip within the cards before sending them to the receivers. Such cards are more impressive and effective than ordinary paper cards are.

· Unlimited copies: the digitally available ecards can be sent to any number of guests. You are certainly not required to prepare a list of guests for sending the ecards to them. Moreover, anytime you feel that you have forgotten to invite a particular person, and then you always have an ecard with you as long as you are connected to the internet.

Unlimited Wedding cards

Image Credit: Pinterest

The wedding event is supposed to come up on several occasions. And with the help of wedding card invitations, guests are able to make out the exact time and date of these events. Wedding cards have forever held an extraordinary importance in the overall wedding ceremony. The picture of Lord Ganesh and other Hindu deities on the wedding cards clearly symbolize wedding as a pious event.

Images Credits: Google Photos, Pinterest

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