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New 2020 Food Trends Popular in Indian Weddings: Have Them and People Love Them

New 2020 Food Trends Popular in Indian Weddings: Have Them and People Love Them

It is always the tradition in India and has been to feed those who greet you and it has been being followed for years and is deep-rooted in Indian culture. And in our country, one can eat varieties of foods that perhaps not in any other country one could find. With time the trends are also changing and especially in Indian wedding food menu.

In whatever weddings you go, you find the food menu always lavish filled with lots of dishes that your eyes remain wide opened and you think that you want to eat everything in one gulp. Everyone thinks like this, even sometimes I too.

With time the normal conventional wedding food menu is changing that you find in every wedding. People are going experimental and different and trying new types of cuisines in weddings. So we are going to make you aware of those different trends that are running these days in Indian weddings.

2020 Food Trends Popular in Indian Weddings

Indian Regional Cuisine

Though our wedding menu is already a bit regional but these days wedding families are including other states' regional dishes too that make one's wedding menu entirely Hatke. And when other varieties of regional dishes are included it makes the wedding menu more exotic and even worthy watchful, and yes eatable too. That's why you are there in weddings. So when you find a different looking regional dish, eat it. Who knows it would take you to some dreamland.

Indian Regional Cuisine

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Do-it-yourself Food Counter

If this sort of food counter you find in any wedding and there written is Do-it-yourself food, then it is here where you can experiment with your intuitive skill how good you are at mixing food and making the taste you want to. Do-it-yourself is a good feature these days in weddings and people are liking a lot, and they are writing their combinations in their food diary provided they don't miss the combo they made. Have this type of food counter in your wedding and it will be the center of attraction for all.

Do-it-yourself Food Counter

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Customized Beverages

How many cocktails and mocktails you have drunk and thinking about trying. If you haven't tried in any bar, then you can try in weddings if you find the option there. Customized Beverages are becoming the charm of Indian weddings, and where they are, you find people flocked to the counter smelling the aroma of it drinking and dancing all together. Especially it is becoming a special demand for the Sangeet ceremony.

Customized Beverages

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Celebrity chefs

Who doesn't want to eat from the hands of celebrity chefs or their special cooked dish? Everyone wants to. Yes, celebrity chefs are being recruited nowadays in weddings where they are serving and cooking dishes for guests. Taking selfies with them while eating with them has become a trend and these all celeb chefs picks are going on Instagram. So in your wedding who you gonna call to?

Celebrity chefs
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These are all the latest trends in Indian wedding food menus that are going on. Instantly people have become a fan of them. Especially Do-it-yourself counter and Celebrity chefs options are topmost sought. Hence in your wedding what new options you are going to have? Whatever you have, just call us too, we also want to taste the new dishes too. Besides all that, tell something about your wedding food menu that you put in your wedding. Tell us in the comment below. If found interesting, we would include in our blog.  

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