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Key Elements You Must Pay Attention to About Food Decor in Your Wedding

Key Elements You Must Pay Attention to About Food Decor in Your Wedding

It is going to be your wedding in a few months and you have decided everything for the grand affair except the food menu which is entirely puzzling you not because you haven't decided the dishes while you are unsure about what kind of food decor you want to do.

Yes, food decor is the thing now that is being given much importance in nowadays' weddings. And it is not about how tasty your dishes savor while how decorative they look with their deliciousness. When set perfectly your hunger grows more seeing the dishes you want to eat.

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Hence, here we are going to shed a bit light on
food decor that how can it be done and what elements there should be in essentially.
food decor that how can it be done and what elements there should be in essentially.

Necessary Elements for Wedding Food Decor:

Crockery: Yes, first thing that you need to keep in mind is the crockery in which your wedding food will be served. There are various choice in it that you can make and crockery can cost from thousands of rupees to lakhs ones. Material and design matter most in it and only these are the two elements that raise the bar in the selection of crockery.


Decor: Only costly crockery can't do the whole magic while there must be an embellished decor around the area where your wedding food menu will be put. Decor should be in the alignment with the design of crockery you are selecting, only then it would work.

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Serving Style: it is not self help service in weddings that make the food tasty while how it is served in a particular style. The main prime dishes that are going to get served in the wedding, they should be served in particular styles. You must have seen this kind of scene in big hotels and restaurants where some dishes are served keeping the aesthetics.

Serving Style

Waiter Dress: Oh! Everything is decorated and styled well but the one who is serving the food is not. We are talking about waiters.  There must be proper and good dress codes for all the waiters that serving food in your wedding. Because you suppose the ones who are serving the food if not worn proper dress, then no one like to have food from them.

Waiter Dress

Proper Hygiene: besides all, proper hygiene must be maintained around the area where food is being served and where the food is. Over all, this hygiene factor is utter most important that must be taken care of. 

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Proper Hygiene

These are all the key elements that should be applied when you want to concentrate more on food decor. There are themes also available that you can choose for it. Whatever you apply, make it aesthetically good. On the other hand if any suggestions you want to give, you can give us or tell it real what happened in your wedding.  

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