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Firework Services And Unique Varmala Concept in Jaipur

Fireworks in weddings are a usual yet a spell bounding sight. It is done for the entertainment purpose of the wedding guests and at the same time enhance overall aesthetic appeal. When a wedding procession a.k.a the baarat moves, fireworks are launched to announce its arrival. In India, if there is any celebration, there are always fireworks. But the times have changed. Nowadays people use fewer fireworks in any event due to environmental concerns as nature is getting polluted slowly. But one does not need to worry. You can still do fireworks at your wedding. Nowadays one can easily purchase environment-friendly fireworks which are low on smoke as well as on sound. If your wedding is or for any other event, you are looking for fireworks in Jaipur, they are available according to market prices. Here you can find the best vendors list for fireworks services.

A lot of couples opt for grand jaimala (or varmala) ceremonies. When you circle around pious Agni (fire) at your wedding, after taking your vows, a couple has to do Varmala ceremony. It is very an important part of the wedding ceremony. Without Varmala ceremony, how a couple can be considered a husband and a wife. With time changing, Varmala concepts have also changed. Nowadays it is not only about placing the garlands in the neck of your soulmate, rather couples go to a great extent in planning larger than life garland exchanging ceremonies.

Some Important Aspects To Be Kept In Mind

  1. Cost: Planning for a stunning pyrotechnic show will surely make a dent on your wedding budget. With a variety of options available like grand outdoor fireworks or small indoor confetti shots. We recommend that you plan according to the amount of money available to be spent on it.

  2. Timings: There is no use of shooting fireworks or initiating the varmala ceremony when there is no crowd at the wedding venue. You should plan the timings of such grand moments only when there is a maximum number of wedding guests at the venue. If the wedding is taking place during the summer season, then a huge gathering is expected around 10 PM otherwise in winters it is between 8-9 PM.

  3. Concepts: You will be surprised to know that these days, event management companies are taking the show of fireworks and crackers in Jaipur to the next level with their unique ideas. Like, the couple is surrounded by family members during the varmala ceremony, holding cold fire showers in hands. This creates such a magical and magnificent effect which will surely leave all the guests breathless.

  4. Safety First: A wedding is supposed to be a happy affair, and not something to be remembered for an unfortunate incident. So before you book the firework vendor, ask the team about the quality of fireworks which they will use. Also, what are their backup plans to counter any unfortunate fire-related incident?

  5. Environment-Friendly: With the ever-increasing awareness of nature conservation, firework production companies have also started manufacturing and selling environment-friendly crackers. So you should ask the vendor to use nature-friendly fireworks for your wedding, and this will become your contribution to in saving the environment.

  6. Venue Restrictions: There are some wedding venues which place restrictions on shooting fireworks like indoor halls, small private garden areas etc. Therefore you should plan for fireworks display accordingly. Like in case of banquet halls, instead of crackers you should opt for confetti and glitter shots. They create equally stunning and magical visuals for the wedding guests.

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