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Ditch The Gym Grooms! Follow These Fitness Mantras from Milind Soman to Stay Super Fit

Ditch The Gym Grooms!  Follow These Fitness Mantras from Milind Soman to Stay Super Fit

Milind Soman, a name who needs no introduction. A supermodel with demi-gods like physique, the heartthrob of millions of girls, and an exemplary fitness icon for the youth. Even at the age of 53, he looks like a sexy hunk with a chiseled torso and still possesses the charm to make any woman go head over heels for him. The flabbergasting thing about Milind Soman jaw-dropping physique is he has carved his drool-worthy physique without hitting the gym even a single day fitenss tips for grooms.

Not only the fitness transformation of Milind Soman is intriguing, interesting, and enticing but also everyone can learn take a lot of things from his influential fitness journey. Like brides, fitenss tips for grooms also have peer pressure to look stunning and fit on their special day. For all those grooms-to-be who wants to get in shape in a limited amount of time, the fitness mantras of Milind Soman is no less than a goldmine.

Ditch the Gym Right away & Adopt this Workout Regime to Get Fit

1. Eat Right, Eat Healthy, and Eat Like an Athlete

Milind soman fitness tips for groom

According to the Milind, diet plays more than 70% role in aggrandizing your fitness level. If you want to get fit without much of a hitch, create a right diet chart with the help of an expert nutritionist, and stick hard to it. Milind Says, eat like an athlete. Professional athletes eat numerous but small meals in a day which comprises protein, carbohydrates, and fats in the right proportion. It keeps their metabolism always on the track and digests the food quickly. Avoid junk food at any cost and prefer to eat only home-cooked meals. Morning meals should be utterly rich in protein, and dinner should comprise minimal carbohydrates.

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2. Run Barefoot on Grass

Barefoot running on grass

Though Milind runs barefoot on almost all the tracks, it is not the right thing to do for a beginner. Morever, according to the research by leading scientists, our body has the knack to send and receive signals from the ground. When you put something between the feet and ground, you are dwindling the body's ability to connect with nature. Running barefoot will render you the feeling of oneness in nature and also hit various acupuncture points that helps to reduce the weight and enhance focus dramatically.

3. Include Breathing Exercises in Your Regime

Breathing exercise

Not many individuals and even the fitness trainers know that breathing exercises are an integral part of an exemplary fitness regime. When you don't breathe in the right manner, you don't supply ample oxygen to cells for proper functioning which results in weak neural signals and limited functioning of the mind.

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Various studies conducted around the world have shown that the functionality of the body and mind increases manifold times when you breathe in the correct way all the time. One of the best ways to rectify your incorrect breathing way is by being watchful to your breathing patterns. Take as deep breathes as possible and be very conscious when inhaling and exhaling. Within a few days, you will witness the intriguing health benefits and better body functionality.

4. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Drink water

More than 70% of our body muscles are made up of water. It lucidly insinuates the importance of keeping your body hydrated all the time to minimize muscle breakdown. As a triathlon athlete and marathon runner, Milind has to drink the right amount of water every day to ensure he can perform at the optimal level for a prolonged period of time. To acquire the natural glow, cut down the excess fat, eradicate acne quickly, grooms-to-be must drink more than required water every day to avoid bad health repercussions.

5. Cycling and Swimming ( For a Rock-solid Cardiovascular System)

Fitness tips for groom cycling

Apart from lifting the chunky weights, there are other activities (also called NEPA, Non-Exercise Physical Activities) prevailing whom you can include in the fitness regime to augment the health longevity and acquire a perfectly chiseled physique. According to research conducted by a prestigious university, performing NEPA twice or thrice in a week reduces the chance of heart attacks by a staggering 30%.

There are a plethora of non-exercise physical activities like jogging, car-washing, cutting the lawn, hunting you can inculcate, however, cycling and swimming are the best in the business. The health benefits of performing regular NEPA is unimaginable, and you can cement the cardiovascular system to amplify body functionality and overall health longevity. As you can see this regime is quite simple and easy to follow. With this fitness regime, you can give a miraculous metamorphosis to your body and get ultra-fit before the special day.

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Let us know in the comment section how interesting you find the Milind Soman fitness regime!

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