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Bridal Bindi: 8 Latest Eye Catching Bindi Design To Flaunt At Your Wedding

Bridal Bindi: 8 Latest Eye Catching Bindi Design To Flaunt At Your Wedding

Bindiya chamakne lagi, chudi khanakne lagi, payal chanakne lagi, saasein mehekne lagi...remember this evergreen song from the early 20’s Salman Khan’s movie that used to part of every wedding playlist. The evergreen song got us grooving with its peppy beat.  The song highlighted a girl’s happiness when she falls in love and the way she dresses to mesmerize her lover. Right from the traditional bindi worn by the sanaskari bahu to the designer bindi worn by the vamps the Bollywood and small screen industry have explained the role played by a bindi in a girl’s ensemble. The Bridal Bindi Design and style makes it easier to relate a character with her role, like we associate Kamolika’s vamp avatar with her designer Bridal Bindi, dark eye shadiow, lol!

The bright red dot adorned on the forehead of a woman enhances her beauty and draws the attention of the onlookers towards her eyes. An Indian bride’s makeup is considered incomplete without the addition of the bright red bindi. The bindi considered an ornament of beautification is said to accentuate the look of a woman. The Bridal Bindi Design not just beautifies the face of a woman but it also has a deeper significance that adds on  to the very essence of the Indian culture.

Significance of Bindi

Bindi and its usage dates back to the age of the Vedas. Finding its origin from the Sanskrit word Bindu which means a spherical dot, mark or drop. Back in the ancient and medieval ages the Bridal Bindi was featured equally by men and women and was part of their daily routine. According to the mythology the placement of the bindi on the forehead is done as it is said to worship the intellect. The bindi is placed right above the pituitary gland and is said to control all the chakras which enlighten us from within.

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The placement of a bindi on the forehead of the bride is done to sanctify the wedding rituals. As per the modern variations of the texts and scriptures the bindi is considered as the signifier of hidden wisdom that is said to be centered in the centre of the eyes. The centre of the forehead also known as the temple is where the third eye is located. The third eye is known as the eye of wisdom that acts as the sixth sense which sees and understands about the various conscious sensory levels.

The red color is believed to symbolize power and strength and also emotions like love and passion. Owning to the significance of the red color a bride is supposed to don a red bindi on her wedding. According to the scriptures of Manusmriti the red bindi worn by married woman is said to protect her husband from the evil forces and it also increases the longevity of the husband.

With changing times the importance of wearing a bindi has faded away and it has become more of a decoration symbol, a fashion accessory. Right from stick on bindi’s to bindi’s embedded with shinning stone. The modern day bindi’s are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Here are some of the different types of bindi designs that every bride to-be must have in her vanity.

8 Types Of Designer Bridal Bindi

1. Paisley Design Bindi

Paisley Design Bindi

The intricate paisley design made on velvet compliments any shade of Bridal Bindi outfit. The paisley Bridal Bindi Design is available in multiple shapes and hues and looks elegant thus improving the overall bridal look. Give the paisley bindi a royal finish with the addition of gota, shiny decorations, chumkies or even glitter work. The paisley bindi although compliments any face shape but it is most suited for square shaped face as it gives an elongated appearance.

2. Geometric Bindi

bridal bindi designs

Are you in quest of uniqueness? Ditch away the traditional red bindi and opt for a simple yet classy geometric Bridal Bindi Design. The geometric bindi is available in a variety of shapes such as squares, rhombus, circle and a way lot. The geometric bindi just like paisley bindi compliments any face and goes well with crisp cotton sarees.

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3. Tribal Bindi

tribal bindi

When sporting a traditional wear tribal Bridal Bindi Design perfectly matches it as it gives an ethnic look. Complement the tribal look by pairing it with a simple nose ring. Tribal bindi is best suited for engagement and sangeet look.

4. Maharastrian Bindi

Maharastrian Bindi

If your one of those brides who is a stickler to the traditions and are planning for a traditional wedding then add oodles of charm to your ethnic look by sporting a Maharashtrian bindi. The Marathi brides as per the traditional norms sport a half moon or crescent shaped bindi that reflects her traditions. The traditional Maharastrian bindi is furthermore decorated with dots and slants in multiple hues. What adds beauty to this traditional Bridal Bindi Designs is the usage of colorful stones.

5. Layered Bindi

layered bindi designs

Layering is a popular way of adding uniqueness to a wedding accessory. The simple and stylish layered bindi in multiple hues placed on top of one another gives a stunning effect. To add uniqueness to it you can place different shapes and colors of bindi. One on top of another to create a sassy design. The layered bindi gives in a lot of scope to experiment in order to match the bridal attire.

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6. Stone Bindi

stone bindi designs

beautiful Stone bindis made of colorful stones and Swarovski crystals goes well with designer lehengas. Embellished sarees, heavily embroidered anarkalis and even with simple salwar suit. Stone bind is available in multiple shapes and sizes and blends well with minimalist makeup, nude lips and kohl eyes. The stone bind draws the attention of the onlookers towards the face of the bride.

7.  Snake Bindi

snake bindi designs

Looking for ways to add a touch of wildness to your wedding outfit? Then why not give the snake bindi with serpentine curves a try!  The bindi is sported by female snake charmers and off course our television industry vamps. It is the way we relate to them, lol! The bindi is not only limited to traditional wear. But you can sport it with any kind of formal western wear.

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8. Bengali Bindi

Bridal Bindi

 Gearing up to be an Oti Shundori Bengali bride? What separates a Bengali bride from other bride is her bindi. The Bengali bindi starts with the placement of a tiki or a red bindi in the middle of the forehead and drawing of elaborate chandan dots around it. Often the red and white chandan dots are paired with intricate alpona designs to enhance the overall look of the bride. The elaborate chandan bindi designs are not just made across the forehead but are also drawn on the cheeks and the chin.

 The Indian bindi are available in multiple shapes, designs and hues. These are a few of the popular Bridal Bindi designs. Which bindi design is your favorite? Share with us about your choice in the comments below.

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