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Hey Groom! Have You Heard About These Attractive Turbans Styles?

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Hey Groom! Have You Heard About These Attractive Turbans Styles?

It is your day, your wedding day. And you from bachelorhood is getting into a relationship that will remain forever in your life. It is a kind of new feeling that you are slowly getting used to. We know that you love the girl you are going to marry. But it is totally different when you are in a relationship and from a relationship you get into a bond of foreverness. Nervous sometimes a man feels, trembling too sometimes. Whatever it is, forget it, and enjoy and celebrate your wedding because something is going to change forever; it is your life. Just celebrate it. Oh! It is a bit philosophical stuff that we talk about but genuine perhaps, every man goes through it. 

Now we come to the point. You have bought your Sherwani, Haar, Jutiyaas, and other stuff and accessories. But you are confused that what kind of Safa or turban you want to wear on your final wedding day and when you get on Ghodi (a mare) and go in Baraat, where your friends and relatives will be dancing. Though it is always there that a groom wears according to his religion and culture but if you don’t care about all these religious stuff, we are showing you some different wedding turbans styles that you can try with your Sherwani. And we bet whichever turban you try you will look awesome handsome and it could be that seeing you, your bride jumps out from the balcony! Don’t worry about her. All safe  she.

Dandy Turban Styles (Safa Designs) For You, Groom:


Jodhpuri Safa Style

Jodhpuri turban styles


Banarasi Safa Design

Banarasi Safa Style


Rajasthani Safa Style

Rajasthani indina wedding turband styles


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Mewari Turban Style

Mewari turbans styles for groom


Peshwa Safa Design

Peshwa safa designs


Royal Safa Design For Groom

Royal Turban For Groom


South Indian Safa Design

South Indian safa designs For Wedding


Trending Floral Turban Style

Floral Safa Designs


Latest Punjabi Turban Style

Punjabi Turban styles

So from above described wedding safa designs, which style you want to wear for your wedding? Whether Marwadi, Mewari or some other. Whatever you choose, these all turban styles for groom are popular. There are floral designs’ safas also getting popular. You can even wear a customized safa if you order one for you. So when your safa is all done, you just need to get on a ghori and go in your baraat. You are perfectly ready! 

Though a turban a groom wears in a weding, it is worn according to their certain culture and customs. But if you just want to style yourself and fash, you can wear whatever you like. It doesn’t to where you belong.

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