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7 Easy Steps To Get Beautiful Hands Before D-Day

7 Easy Steps To Get Beautiful Hands Before D-Day

Hands are one of the most expressive parts of the body and the highlight of an Indian Wedding! We all know how stressful it is to have dry hands as an Indian bride. The detailed Mehndi and the heavy bangles can highlight your dry hands a lot. So, to attain those Beautiful Hands you can check out our easy to follow guide. This step by step routine can help you save a lot of time and bucks.

1.Wash your hands with cleansing foam

Wash your hands with cleansing foam

The first and foremost thing is to wash your hands with cleansing foam. This will help your Beautiful Hands to remove the top layers of impurities and can cleanse your hands thoroughly.

You must rub the cleansing foam on the hands gently in circular motion. Always remember that the circular motion helps in the blood circulation of the particular place. You should wash your hands thrice a day for the best results. And this should become a regular and daily practice from your side.

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2.Then exfoliate it with a suitable scrub

Then exfoliate it with a suitable scrub

After removing the upper layer of dirt, you must aim for all the removal of all the dead skin cells that can make your Beautiful Hands look dull. This can be done with the help of exfoliation.

You must take a little bit of scrub and rub it thoroughly in circular motion on the hands. This will help your hands attain a softer and smoother texture by removing the old and dead cells. But this should be done only once a week or else it can leave your skin very dry.

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3.Soak your hands in lukewarm water

Soak your hands in lukewarm water

To calm down your irritated skin, you can go for this next step. In this step you will have to simply soak your skin in hot water. This will not only calm your skin but will also constrict your blood vessels.

This step is very beneficial to remove the redness. This easy step can be done on alternate days. But don’t forget that the water should be lukewarm but not boiling hot as it can cause dehydration and irritate the skin.

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4. Rub it with a sanitizing wet napkin

Rub it with a sanitizing wet napkin

After soaking your hand, you have to rub your hand with a sanitizing napkin. This will remove all the excess water off and leave your hand dry and clean.

This step is very important after you wash your Beautiful Hands in lukewarm water. And like the previous step, this must be done alternatively too.

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5. Apply a toner

Apply a toner

After all the cleansing is complete, you must get ready to moisturize your hands. This is the first way to provide nutrients to the Beautiful Hands. A toner leaves your hand smooth and soft and enriches your skin deeply and maintains the pH balance of your face.

For this step, you need some cotton and toner. Dip the cotton in toner and apply it on the hands thoroughly. Let it dry for the best affect. This should be done every day after cleansing your hand.

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6. Then comes the sunscreen

Then comes the sunscreen

Sunscreen is a type of sun block cream that is applied to prevent the skin from the harmful UV Rays of the sun. This helps to improve the skill quality as the skin resists all kind of irritation that the sunrays cause.

This should be applied after applying a toner. You must reapply it every two-three hours for the best effect and to avoid the redness, particularly the harsh tan.
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7. Moisturize your Beautiful Hands

Moisturize your Beautiful Hands

After applying the sunscreen, you must apply the moisturizer. A moisturizer nourishes all the skin cells and keeps the skin healthy and glowy.

The moisturizer is a must step in every beauty regime. You should repeat this thrice a day after you wash the Beautiful Hands. Don’t apply the moisturizer without washing the hand because the dirt will stick to your skin with the moisturizer.

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