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6 Effective Ways to Deal with Newlywed Over Possessive Spouse

6 Effective Ways to Deal with Newlywed Over Possessive Spouse

Human beings have an innate tendency of presenting their ideal self whenever they meet someone very first time. In just a few random or planned meet-ups, you cannot get a lucid idea of their personality and behaviour completely. Your spouse whom you find super-sweet, charming, and adorable before the marriage turns out to be an Newlywed Over Possessive Spouse creature.

A bit of possessiveness is good in a relationship. However, when things go beyond the dealing, it is the time your relationship might start falling steadily. If your Newlywed Over Possessive Spouse nature bothers you, ensure things don't go overboard by dealing with it as quickly as possible. Well, to save your relationship from going nose down, follow these relationship savvy tips to deal with your over-possessive partner and turn your topsy-turvy relationship into a smooth and loving affair.

1. Try to Understand The Nature of Spouse

Every individual behaves in a certain manner because of some past or present reasons. The Newlywed Over Possessive Spouse behaviour that your partner displays must have a reason behind. Instead of avoiding or arguing with the spouse, try to understand the nature of your partner. His/her possessive behaviour may be because of some childhood incident, bad relationship experience, or some other reasons. Strive hard to know the root cause of the behaviour. And if you are unable to find it out, take the help of professionals or experienced members of your family.

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2. Discuss Your Spouse Behaviour with Him/Her

Out of the blue, you cannot tell your better-half that his/her behaviour is unacceptable and giving you big time troubles. When discussing the behavioural issues, make sure both of you are in a relaxed mood. Tell him how his/her possessive behaviour is making some serious dent in your relationship and giving you a hard time. Don't hesitate a bit to share your feelings with your spouse. Explain in a tranquil manner that he/she needs to control this trouble-causing and noxious behaviour or their relationship will fall like a house of cards pretty soon.

3. Give Her Assurance That Everything Will be Fine and You Still Love Her

Possessiveness arises in an individual because of two reasons: Either because of some past incidents or due to some insecurity. No matter what the reasons are, ensure your partner that you both will cope up with the behavioural issues and there is nothing to be concerned about. Shower some love on the spouse and tell her that you will continue to love her in the same way and never do anything that will shatter her heart.

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4. Communicate With Her on a Timely Basis

A great number of problems you can solve easily in a relationship only by communicating with the person. Communication is one of the finest ways to efficaciously deal with misunderstanding and possessive behaviour in a relationship. Communicating with the spouse debilitate most of the relationship based problems. Share all of your emotions, thoughts, and other significant things of your life with the partner and encourage her as well to do the same. Just talk to her about everything to maintain the regular communication, and you will notice how quickly things will come into harmony.

5. Appreciate Her Efforts for Overcoming Possessiveness

A little and daily dose of appreciation can make the day of your spouse and catapult her to double the efforts in coping up with the problem. Appreciate your spouse whenever she puts some efforts in overcoming her possessive behaviour, no matter how poky or humongous efforts are. Your few words of appreciation can help your partner in eradicating the insecurity and over-possessive behaviour and make her a much better and loving person.

6. Have Patience and Keep Your Anger Part on Check

Dealing with an over-possessive partner is one heck of a daunting task. Sometimes you have to handle her tantrums, face her insecurities and waves of anger, and her clumsy behaviour. There are quite a fair chances that you may lose your cool off when interacting with her. You freaking out during that moment will only worsen the situation and hamper your sweet relationship. Always keep yourself calm and composed. Explains things to your partner in the most composite and loving way. Remember, your partner can't change the years of over possessive behaviour overnight. The last and the foremost thing, never ever give up on your relationship. After all, he/she is the one who sweeps off your feet.

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