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7 Filmy Dulhans Who Make Our Hearts To Flutter With Her Nakhras

7 Filmy Dulhans Who Make Our Hearts To Flutter With Her Nakhras

Bollywood runs in the blood of every Indian. India is a land of diversity and despite this diversity what unifies the people of Indian leaving apart cricket frenzies and bollywood is a big fat Indian wedding. In India weddings are a extravagant affair with all the taam jhaam, shoo-shaa and those melodramatic moments. The opulence and larger than life affair of Indian weddings is incomplete without the mandatory addon of Bollywood tadka.’

 At a desi wedding you would find number interesting characters that are all related to Bollywood. Right from the sanskari babuji, tear jerking melodramatic docile mother, disco dancer friends, dev das uncles heading for the bar, Greek god groom making girls to fall weak in their knees and most importantly the nakhrely dulhan the characters make the wedding no less than a Bollywood flick packed with those dramatic moments. One of the most anticipated moments at a wedding is the entry of the leading lady, the filmy coy bride who steals the limelight, making hearts to flutter with her killer looks and nakhreys.

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Dressed in a shimmery outfit adorned in her solah shringar, the enchanting bridal avatar makes it impossible to miss out on a bride at a wedding. Just like the diversity of India, the coy Indian bride can be classified on the basis of her behavior and her filmy abilities. Because Bollywood rules the life of us Indians here are a few of the Bollywood inspired filmy types of Indian brides who are sure enough to steal your hearts with her killer looks and attitude. Check em’ out people!

1. The Over Enthu Cutlet Geet


The bubbly, chatterbox Geet from Jab we Met who made the business tycoon Aditya to fall head over heels in her love. The typical over-enthusiastic, Chulbuli desi Indian girl whose only dream is to tie the knot with her prince charming and settle down. Dressed in her best outfit she leaves no wedding unattended to miss out the chance of finding her prince charming.

On her wedding she is the super excited bride who has everything planned in advance right from her engagement look and style to even the honeymoon destination. We surely do understand her enthusiasm! The Chulbuli , bubbly filmy Geet is sure enough to make your hear flutter and at the same time give you a headache with her  chatterbox nature. Psst.. Attending a wedding of Geet, carry an aspirin with you, lol!

2.  The Confused Soul, Kalindi


The ever confused Indian girl who is perplexed about her life’s ultimate goal. You surely might have come across one of these species at one point of time. Just like Kalindi Puri from Veeri Di Wedding could not decide whether she wanted to get married or not, whether she loved Rishabh her long time beau or not, decide girl is what most of us would say for her, right!

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This confused soul desi bride you might have come across at some wedding or the other. She is unable to decide whether marriage is the best decision for her or not, whether the she is getting married to the right person or not. Confusion haunts her at every stage of life. What else can we say for her rather than decide girl what is true calling, right!

3. The Fashion Queen, Aisha


Shadi ek aisa beauty contest hai jo har ladki jeet jati hai” is the motto of the fashionista bride who just like Aisha is concerned more about keeping in line with the fashion trends rather than anything else in the world. This fashionista bride’s only motive behind getting married is that it comes with the opportunity wherein she can flaunt her enviable couture collection and showoff her fashion sense. If your attending the fashion queen’s wedding go well dressed as you would not want to offend her with your bad fashion sense.

4. The Papa Ke Pari Perfect Piku

papa ki pari piku

A dad is a girl’s superhero! Finding this species is rare; she is the kind who keeps her father above all things. Piku a headstrong person an epitome of perfectionism and patience, who takes care of her father and makes her family her first priority. Girl’s who possess her qualities would do things only at her own sweet will and nothing can budge them from their decisions. She would only get married when she feels is the right time and not because her family or society wants her to do so. Such brides make up to be a perfect wife and a loving mother.

5. Sankari Dulhan, Poonam


Daughter of Sanskaari babuji is makes the ideal Sharmilee Dulhan who values her rituals and traditions more than anything. Just like Poonam from Vivah this type of bride in the concept of Pati Parmeshwar. Intelligent yet submissive girls like these place their family and husbands needs before their own.  Dressed in a saree or salwar suit she is the typical gharelu ladki who makes the perfect wife and blushes as the slightest praise of her hubby dear.  The species is getting extinct in the fast paced city life, although you can still spot her in the villages of India.

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6.  The Headstrong Bride, Vaidehi

The Headstrong Bride, Vaidehi

A strong will powered woman who loves being independent and keeps her career on top priority, yes you recognized her, she is Vaidehi Trivedi from Badrinath Ke Dulhaniya. Girl’s who share similar attributes to that of Vaidehi have marriage as the last thing up on their minds; they first of all want to achieve greater heights of success in their career. She even can let go off love when given a choice about choosing between love and career, she is sure enough to select the latter. Such girls are makeup for headstrong brides who in the time of need are not afraid to speak her mind and rebel against the wrong.

7. The Grumpy bride, Taani


Hard to please, reluctant and grumpy by nature she is Taani from Rab Ne Bana di Jodi, whose grumpiness because she gets married to a person who not of her choice.  Girls who believe in having a fairytale wedding and when their dream shatters they are the grumpy brides married off by force by their parents. Whatever thing you do, it’s really hard to please such brides and it takes great efforts to make them happy.

Liked the post? Did you find it relevant enough? Do you know about any other filmy Bollywood brides that you can find at desi wedding? Tell us about your choice of Bollywood dulhan in the comments below.

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