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A Groom’s Guide To Rock Dapperest Pocket Square Folds On His Wedding

A Groom’s Guide To Rock Dapperest Pocket Square Folds On His Wedding

Make your fiancée fall in love again as she sees you well-groomed and besuited. That James Bond look is the best way to boost your confidence at the wedding. Yes, getting dressed in a well-tailored suit is important but what actually helps in setting you apart from the crowd is the little details and embellishments that add to your looks. Smallest details like the boutonniere, the buttons to fasten the suit, the lapel design, the back slits and the sleeve buttons, all things need to be decided as per your preference. But one thing that often doesn’t get the much-needed attention is the pocket square. Yep, I understand that you might think that the pocket squares wouldn’t take that much space as the other grooms’ accessories, but trust me, when they do, they totally make an impact.

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What Makes A Pocket Square An Essential Part Of A Wedding Suit?

Pocket squares are known to add a sense of refinement to the wedding attire. No matter if you are having a casual wedding or a formal one. If you are putting on a blazer, coat, waistcoat, or a suit you should definitely wear a pocket square.

When it comes to selecting the most appropriate pocket square that’ll enhance your wedding look, it’s all about balancing out the colour combinations. A navy coloured suit goes well with a starched white pocket square if the ceremony is formal, and if the ceremony is casual then you can play with different patterns and bold coloured pocket squares and select one that suit you the most.


A great tip that I want to mention here is that you are well off in mismatching the colours of your tie and pocket squares. And know that a white pocket square is perfect to add in the formality factor and can be combined with every tie you can possibly have in your wardrobe.

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Why Buy An Expensive Pocket Square When You Have A Handkerchief?

It is something like asking what’s the difference between a shirt and a t-shirt. A pocket square is entirely different from a handkerchief, and the first of the many major differences is that they are made up of different materials i.e. a handkerchief is made from cotton and a pocket square is made from silk.


While the pocket square is much smaller in size, is just for show, and is paper-thin, but then too, it is more expensive than the finest of the handkerchiefs. Why? Yes, it is just because it is a part of the suit and helps make you look great. A pocket squares are just a square piece of silk that’s hand-rolled at the edges. However, you can also go for some cheaper options with polyester mixed in with the silk, but the catch is that they have a shorter life span.

5 Essential Folds That’ll Look Great At Your Wedding

A pocket square is just a boring square piece of cloth, but there are many different kinds of folds that’ll make it look great when it is tucked in your coat’s pocket at your wedding. From some really amazing casual folds to neat and tidy formal ones, here we have described 5 best folds that’ll look fabulous.

#1. Straight Fold: The One That’s Classic, Sleek and Elegant


The straight fold is the most common fold that you’ll find and it is easy to make too. This fold is also known as the square fold or the presidential fold. Perfect for any formal wedding, this pocket squares where only a straight edge peeks out of the pocket.

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You’ll need to first fold the pocket square in a manner that it fits the width of the pocket. And then you’ll have to fold the longer part in a way that it is half an inch more than the pocket’s height. Now neatly slide the square in the pocket and you’re done.

#2. One Peak Fold: The One That’s Popular And Formal

source : The Knot

This fold is perfect when you are having a solid coloured, non-white pocket squares. Also known as the corner fold, it is quite easy and looks formal. If you have a less formal wedding, then you can also go with two or three point folds as well.

You’ll have to start off by folding the square cloth diagonally to form a triangle, now you’ll have to fold each of the two corners inside that forms the base of the triangle in a way that the base fits inside the pocket. Now slip the flat base of the square in the pocket in a way that only the triangle gets revealed outside.

#3. Four Peak Fold: The One That’s Fancy, Sophisticated And Casual

Source : TIE-A-TIE

If you are looking for something that looks fancy and sophisticated then a four peak fold is the way to go. Since this is something that won’t be much formal, you must choose this only when you are arranging a casual wedding.

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Same as the single peak fold, start off by folding the pocket square diagonally, but the trick is to have one tip higher than the other to form two peaks. Now fold one point of the base diagonally in a way that it forms the third peak and similarly the other point of base forms the fourth peak. Now slip the pocket squares in the pocket with the pointed edge down revealing only the four peaks.

#4. Winged Puff Fold: The One That’s Attention-Grabbing


A winged puff fold is a refined version of the puff fold that only requires you to pinch the pocket square from the middle and then tuck the points inside to pocket only to reveal the centre of the pocket square.

First, fold off the pocket square diagonally to form a triangle. Then take one point of the base and fold it in a way that it coincides with the top point, and then do the same with the other point of the base as well to form a square. Now, take one point and fold it diagonally to the half-line. And then similarly do that with the diagonally opposite point as well. Now fold the third side to form a flat base.If it is done corectly it’ll resemble like an open envelope. Now tuck in the pocket squares in coat’s pocket with only the tip peeking outside.

#5. Nonchalant Cluster Fold: The One That’s Snappy And Fun


Nonchalant cluster is the easiest one in the list and looks really great and trendy. It is super easy to create and looks unique. It’ll really amp up your wedding look if you are having a casual wedding. This fold is perfect for a patterned pocket square.

Form a ring with your one hand and drape the pocket square on it. Now push one finger through the ring covered with the pocket square and begin to bunch up the pocket square. Now pull the fabric from below and gather it into a neat bunch. Tuck the pointed fabric end inside with only the bunch visible outside and Voila! Your snappy looking pocket square is ready.

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These are few of the pocket square that’ll look good and will be eyecatching for the guests. I took great care that the pocket folds mentioned here are quite easy to make even if it is your first time to sport a pocket square. However, all of these are easy, but a little practice will really help out.

So, what are you waiting for? Start practising and ook your best on your wedding day. Do remember to tell me which fold did you like the most in the comments section in the comments section down below.

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