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How To Convince Your Family For An Intercultural Wedding In India

How To Convince Your Family For An Intercultural Wedding In India

We may live in the 21st Century but still, it isn’t easy for love birds to have a successful and a happily-ever-after intercultural wedding in India. There are so many hiccups in the way – family, traditions, beliefs, and the forever favourite ‘log kya kahege’. If you too are sailing on the same boat and do not know how to initiate the talks with the family for your love marriage, then we are here to help you. Based on our practical and real-life research, we have curated a step-by-step process which will take your love story to its destination.

It is always a tough task to make your parents ready for an intercultural wedding in India. Check a step by step process for making your family ready for an intercultural, Intercaste or interreligious wedding.

Step-By-Step Process for a Happily Ever After Intercultural Wedding in India

Talk to Someone in Your Family Who Is Like Your BFF

convince family for inter cultural wedding

Are you feeling afraid and uncertain on how to initiate the idea of love marriage in the family? You are not alone, almost all the boys and girl who want to marry someone they love face the same problem. The best solution is by talking to that family member with whom you share a close relationship. For a girl, it can be her sister or mother and for a boy, it can be his brother-in-law or sister. Similarly, ask your partner to do the same in his/ her family. The family member(s) will listen to your story with an open mind and heart.

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Plan a Family Date

Plan a Family Date

Now that you both have told a family member about your choice of partner, it is time to ‘plan a family date’. You and your boyfriend/ girlfriend will play an important role in making the whole meet up more relaxed. Since it will be the first time the family member(s) will meet each, the environment will be a little bit awkward. The best way is for both of you to talk to other’s family member(s), clear their doubts, worries or inhibitions regarding the marriage.

Involving Both the Families

intercultural wedding

For a blissful intercultural wedding in India, it is crucial for the consent of families from both the side. This is where your close family member will help you in placing forward your desire for a love marriage, that too an intercultural one. However, it is very common for families in India not readily accept the union and both of you should be prepared for a straight NO at first. You and the partner should calmly talk to the respective family members and ease out their concerns or apprehensions regarding your choice of partner.

Setting Up a Meeting for Parents

family meeting

Once you have received the consent of your parents, now it is time for the respective family heads to meet each other. It is the foremost desire of every parent to ensure that their child has a life partner who will keep him/ her happy. It is also a fact that marriage in India is not just between two people rather it is between two different families. Therefore it is important for both the families to have respect and love for each other.

Respect Each Others’ Traditions

respect traditions of each other

With a variety of cultures, traditions, rituals – it can become a little daunting to manage and plan an intercultural wedding in India. For example – if you are a Hindu guy getting married to a Christian girl then it will be obvious for you to have 2 weddings, one as per Hindu rituals and the other as per Christian rituals. So you (and the family members) should be prepared for such multiple ceremonies and rituals.

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Do Not Make Any Decision While You Are Upset or Emotional

make your parents ready for intercultural wedding

Last but not least – please do not make any sudden decisions when you are feeling low. It is going to be an emotional journey for you to manage families, relatives and societal expectations with the intercultural wedding in India. Any of the family can say no to the union at the beginning and due to this a lot of couples end up running away to get married. Please do not take such a step until you have rattled each door for a solution. Everything will get sorted, the key is to having patience and trying continuously to convince the family members.

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We hope after going through the points you feel more confident and positive in taking the most important decision of your life. And if our tips were able to help you in taking your love story to its destination then please share your story with us in the comment section given below.

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