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These Bridesmaids in Unmatched Outfits Are Simply Winning Our Hearts

These Bridesmaids in Unmatched Outfits Are Simply Winning Our Hearts

There is no doubt that every bride needs her girlfriends by her side on her wedding day. All the brides must admit that your wedding is incomplete without your best ladies. Your bridesmaids are the ones who have always been there for you through every thick and thin. It’s kind of impossible to imagine any fun activity at the wedding without them. And when we talk about the bridal portraits, no bride can ever imagine her wedding pictures without her bridesmaids.

It’s not necessary always that bridesmaids have to wear matching outfits to get perfect clicks. The pictures of bridesmaids in unmatched outfits do look good. It isn’t about the attire, it’s about the chemistry every bride shares with her bridesmaids. The beautiful portraits of a bride with the bridesmaids always holds a special place in our heart. The way bridesmaids complement the bride is stupendous.

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How To Rock The Unmatched Outfits Effortlessly?

You might be thinking that the matching attires of the bridesmaids look exceptionally beautiful. Yes, they do, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t look good with mismatched outfits. Believe us, the non-coordinated outfits are really trending these days.

All the bridesmaids out there, instead of matching your whole outfits you can get the color of your outfit matched with each other. That will look different yet similar, color-coordinated yet mismatched. You should always go for such colors that look good together. Color combination plays an essential role, and to look perfect together in a photograph the color of your outfits must complement each other.

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Listed below are some color combinations for bridesmaids to rock their all ‘different outfits’.

Monochromatic colors: These colors are the variations of the single color, the tones, and tints of a single hue. It provides a subtle color combination.

All warm or cool colors: You can wear either all the warm colors or all the cool ones. Warm colors are often said to be colors like red, orange, yellow, and browns & tans can also be included. Cool colors are colors like blue, purple, green and so on.

Triadic colors: This combination of color consists of bold and vibrant colors. These are the colors that are evenly spaced on a color wheel but are still considered versatile.

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Now, what are you waiting for? Brides, go and get all your girls together on a shopping spree. Tell them they don’t have to spend any extra money to get matching attires for your wedding.

There is a saying that,
” We are not your typical bridesmaids,
we are your women of awesomeness.”

 And we couldn’t agree more. Long gone are the days when the role of bridesmaids was just to help the bride as needed. Modern bridesmaids are here to rock your wedding.

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The fun bridesmaids add peppiness to your photos. Haven’t you heard “a happy bridesmaid makes a happy bride”? We love how beautifully the pictures turn out when the girls love what they wear. So, in our opinion, there is no particular formula to create perfect pictures. Just put on your smile, keep your ‘crazy’ element common and make the portraits extraordinary.

Bridesmaids In Unmatched Outfits

We have spotted several portraits of brides with their bridesmaids and seriously we have fallen in love with the captures.

Credits : Morvi Images


Credits : Joseph Radhik

Credits : Dream Diaries


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Credit : Dipak Studios

Credits : Dipak Studios






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Aren’t these stunning portraits of gorgeous brides with their beautiful bridesmaids just so amazing? Your bridesmaid is your bridesmaid just for a day, but a best friend for life. Spend your last few ‘spinster’ days with them and go on a shopping spree to purchase the outfits together. Share your views with us in the comment section below. Have fun!

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