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15 Engaging Bridal Shower Games That Everyone Would Love Playing At Your Bridal Shower

15 Engaging Bridal Shower Games That Everyone Would Love Playing At Your Bridal Shower

Before the D-day, a bridal shower is one of the most crucial pre-wedding events for a bride-to-be. Bridal shower celebration is all about showering blessings and gifts on a bride-to-be and create some unforgettable moments for the photo album. This event is the first time when the majority of the bride's friends and family members meet each other. As both sides don't know each other well, it is essential to break the ice between them and create a jovial environment for such a big pre-wedding celebration.

One of the finest ways to make your bridal shower event more amusing is by inducing quirky bridal shower games in it. By involving your friends and family members in Bridal shower games, you can easily turn the humdrum event into an affair full of party vibes. The big question pops up here is where to find the attention-grabbing and hilarious bridal shower games to inculcate in the event? Even the most web active brides and bridesmaids know only a handful of bridal shower games. 

Well, your search for finding the best bridal shower games ends right here and right away. Below, we have jotted down 15 jovial and highly engaging bridal shower games that you can choose to play during the bridal shower. We have given a twist to some of the games to make them more alluring and easy to play.

15 Hilarious Bridal Shower Games That Your Guests Might Want to Play

1. Bangle Shakedown

 Bangle Shakedown

Here is the game that will keep your guests hooked throughout the bridal shower celebration. The crux of this game is quite seamless. As your guests arrive, render each guest a bracelet with a note encompassing a particular word. 

The rule is if any person utters words enclosed in notes at any time during the bridal shower, he/she has to keep the bracelet. The person with maximum numbers of bracelets at the end of the bridal shower has to wear all the bracelets on his/her arm.

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2. Who Said It?

Who Said It?

'Who said it' is unquestionably one of the most sought after bridal shower games. In this game, the guests have to answer numerous questions created by the couple to check out how well the guests know the couple.

Bring all of your guests on the board and ask question one by one. The person who answers the maximum number of questions ace the game and should be rewarded with a huge gift hamper.

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3. Charades: Wedding Movies Edition

Charades: Wedding Movies Edition

For this game to happen, first, you need to create two teams. Write the name of some popular movies on the card and ask team members to guess the movie names within two minutes. To amp up the fun of this bridal shower game, add flavorsome cocktails for guests. Make sure to pick bit hard movies names to make the environment thrilling and amusing.

4. Couple's Roast

Couple's Roast

Here is another profound game in our list of Bridal shower game that will stir some laughs in the environment.

In this game, ask the bride and groom to roast each other by using quirky or sarcastic one-liners. The one who comes up with the most laughable roasting lines nails the game.

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5. Wedding Word Scramble

Wedding Word Scramble

Wedding word scramble is one heck of a fine game to know who knows the most about weddings: a bride, groom, or guests. Create some scrambled words associated with the bride, groom, and the wedding, and start asking questions to everyone present in the event. Make sure to arrange a gift prize for the winner of the game.

6. Bridal Bingo

Bridal Bingo

This game resembles a lot with the original bingo game. However, the twist is the terminologies are related only to the wedding domain. Finding wedding terms imbibed bridal bingo boards and provide all your guests' boards to commence the game.

The first guest to clear all Bingos wins the game!

7. First Kiss Story

First Kiss Story

Admit it or not, we all have a profound first kiss story. The best way to play this game is to ask the bride and groom to sit inside the circle formed by guests and request everyone to tell their first kiss story. The person with the most alluring first kiss story will bag down the hefty price!

8. Celebrity Wives

Celebrity Wives

It is one of the simplest bridal shower games to play at the pre-wedding bridal shower event. Collate the name of top-notch actors and their wives names. Give each guest an actor name and ask him/her to render the right name. Those guests who provide the maximum number of celebrity wives names will be winners!

9. Fantasy Date

Fantasy Date

This bridal shower game will literally electrify the whole environment. Provide a plane card to all of your guests, and ask them to write a celebrity name whom they want to date eagerly. Collate all cards and check whose fantasy date names are matching. This is the great bridal shower game, and ideas it will surely keep your guests hooked for a long time.

10. Date Night Ideas

Date Night Ideas

This is one of the funniest bridal shower ideas by leaps and bounds. Stock some cards, pens, and pass them to all of your guests. Ask them to jot down their favorite date night ideas for the couple-to-be.  After compiling every suggestion, request the couple to select the best date night idea and implement it.

11. Write a Poem for The Couple

Write a Poem for The Couple

Grab some white sheets, distribute them among guests, and ask them to write swoon-worthy poems for the adorable couple. Once everyone is done writing a poem, ask each guest to read out their poem one by one. The poem that couple would select as the worthy one will be the winner of this game. 

12. Bridal Pictionary

Bridal Pictionary

For this game to happen, divides your guests into two or three different teams. Provide all teams blank paper slips and ask them to write critical wedding-related terms. Pick slips of opposite teams one by one and ask them to draw images of terminologies. The team who will draw the maximum number of accurate images will bag down the gift hamper.

13. How Well You Know Groom

How Well You Know Groom

Here the bridal shower game that will test how well the bride knows the groom. Create a set of tricky questions for the bride about the groom. The fun part is asking your guests to predict a number that will represent how many correct answers the bride will provide. Ask questions to the bride and match the total right answers given by the bride with numbers provided by guests. Arrange an intriguing gift hamper for the winner.

14. Read The Groom's Mind

Read The Groom's Mind

Before the couple ties the nuptial knot at the big day, bridal shower event is the right time to test how strong their relationship is. Create zingy and utterly-romantic questions for the bride about the groom and ask her questions to check how well she knows her better-half. This game will help you to reveal what's going on in the bride's mind.

15. Musical Matching

Musical Matching

Pull off the photography albums from the bride's and groom's side to execute this game successfully. Create a list of songs that will run in the background and ask your guests to guess the names of different family members showing in photographs. The guest will maximum number of right guesses gets a hefty gift hamper.

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