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Essential Beauty Products that You Must Have While Going on Honeymoon

Essential Beauty Products that You Must Have While Going on Honeymoon

Wherever the women go, they carry their handbags, and in them they carry their makeup kit, the only items that you find in their handbags that they never forget to carry. After all, they are going on honeymoon where they want to look lavish and havish with her beau.

But most of the time brides forget or perhaps couldn’t come to conclusion which beauty product to carry. Although every girl knows and understands their individual requirements yet we are going to tell you some best and healthy beauty products for your skin provided you always look sunshine wherever you go whether in the wedding or on honeymoon.

Essential Beauty Products for Your Honeymoon Kit that You must Always Carry


sunscreen on honeymoons

Going in the Sun is beneficial for the human body but going for long can be dangerous because the sun’s gamma rays can harm your skin. Especially those couples face lots of problems who come to visit India from foreign countries on their honeymoon. So wherever you are going around the world, you should always carry a good sunscreen cream that should be of right SPF as best suits to your skin.

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illuminator to carry on honeymoon

As its name suggests, it illuminates you. Mix it with foundation, a little bit of it and apply on the areas where you want to on your body. Especially it is applied on cheekbones, brow bones and cleavages, where when the light hits on these areas, they become more pronounced. So how you gonna kill all with your looks! There are pen and stick illuminators that you can use.

BB Cream

BB Cream to carry on honeymoon

 you don’t want to go through long methods of makeup that take time, and why on honeymoon when you are there to enjoy. Usually, it is seen that when on honeymoon brides don’t apply that much makeup. They remain free of it and enjoy the bask the weather is showering on them. Yet if you want to get that makeup look then BB cream is the best and nicest option that you can apply on your rose skin. BB stands for blemish balm cream and a versatile option when you are out there on honeymoon.

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Dry Shampoo

dry shampoo to take on honeymoons

More than husband they care for their hairs and when it gets a web of spiders they can never live with that, and when on honeymoon you can’t frequently wash up your hairs because hairs need proper and deep washing. So it is better to take care of them with any branded dry shampoo which doesn’t give you any heckle and you can buckle with your husband wherever you want to go. But always remember that never use it in great quantity.

Lip and Cheek Tint

lip & cheek tint

We don’t know whether you really need to tint your lip and cheek on honeymoon but if you still want to then Lakme weightless matte mouse lip and cheek you can buy that is available in various shades that can give you the tint you want. And then you walking with your beau you can match with his hue that never fades!

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Lip Balm

On honeymoon perhaps your natural lip balm is your husband’s kiss that you don’t want to miss! Though you still need a lip balm provided your lips can remain wet, glossy and healthy. There are many brands and varieties come in it. Choose any what your lips like.


 You might remember of those smoky and lustrous eyes that can make fall anyone for you. Perhaps you might have dreamt of that. Eyeliner can give you the look your eyes want making it like an evening has come to them. That attractive and fascinating look you always wanted to have like singer Adele. Her eyes done best in the world.

Makeup Wipes

make up wipes to carry on honeymoon

These should be the most essential items in your honeymoon makeup kit that you should not miss. With makeup wipes, you can wipe your whole makeup whatever you have put on your face. Just in seconds, you can clean it up.

Body Mist 

body mist to carry on honeymoon

While on honeymoon you go here and there, eat, greet, meet and see the amazing visuals that make your honeymoon worthy. Though a little bit pollution is everywhere, dirt and other particles that change your body odor. A little bit of body mist spray can give you a new life amidst whirlaround you are going through. Its fragrance doesn’t last long but useful.

Travel Straightener

travel straightener

Suddenly a quick storm comes and ruins your hairs or with the long day of traveling your hairs have become a puzzled mesh that when you see yourself in a mirror you can’t recognize that it is you. A good travel straightener will be the best companion for your long traveling.

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So these are all the essential honeymoon makeup kit products that you must have when you go on honeymoon with your husband. And have him also please! Though it depends on brides whether they want to carry or not because some prefer and some not. But we have told you what you are the best.

If any other extra thing you think is necessary then you can write in the comment below. We will include in our blog. And if any honeymoon tip you want to share with other going-to-be brides, we will include that also.   

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