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21 Amazingly Beautiful Bridal Baajubandhs For The D-Day!

21 Amazingly Beautiful Bridal Baajubandhs For The D-Day!

One of the most underrated bridal jewelry is the aesthetically pleasing and gorgeous Baaju Bandh Designs. A Baaju Bandh is commonly known as the armlet or the armband and is worn to beautify the arms. This arm ring is popularly made of gold, silver, diamonds, or precious gems. Initially, the Baaju Bandh was worn by the men to show off their well built biceps, but with passing time it became common for women as well. The Baaju Bandh Designs became popular in India because of the Bharatnatyam dancers. It was introduced by the Dravidian Bharatnatyam dancers who wore the Baaju Bandh as a part of their dancing costume.

Later, this became a trend and the soldiers and farmers wore it very commonly. And now this elegant Jewelry is a part of the bridal attire and provides a unique embellishing look. Finding a variety of Baaju Bandh designs can be a difficult task. But don’t worry; we have a solution for our pretty would-be brides! We made a list of 21 baajubandh designs that can be your pro-choice this wedding season!

Necklace? Pinned.

Earring? Pinned.

Maang Tikka? Pinned.

Paayal? Pinned.

Kamar Bandh? Pinned.

But what about the Baaju Bandh

Top 21 Baajubandh Designs

Simple Tholu Bhandhi Baaju Bandh Designs

Simple Tholu Bhandhi Baaju bandh
Pic via -

This arm ring from Karnataka is a curvy Baaju Bandh Designs which has a semi circular look to it.

have a look @Beautiful Latkan For Wedding Lehenga

Shoulder Baaju Bandh

Shoulder Baaju Bandh
Pic Via -

This arm ring is connected from the shoulder jewelry which gives a very regal appearance. This can go very well with a tube blouse.

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Heavy Tholu Bhandhi Baaju bandh

Heavy Tholu Bhandhi Baaju bandh
Pic via -

This is a heavy tholu bhandhi armlet with a gold plate ring surrounding and supporting the main vibrant design.

have a look @Maang Tikka Designs For Your Own D-Day

Pearl String Baaju Bandh

Pearl String Baaju Bandh
Pic via -

This is a simple arm ring with strings of beautiful pearls attached to it.

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Polki Baaju Bandh

Polki Baaju Bandh
Pic via -

This is a heavy polki arm ring, coming from the elegant state Rajasthan. This has contrasting colors and curvy designs.

Diamond Baaju bandh

Diamond Baaju bandh
Pic via -

This is a very exquisite arm ring in a triangular shape to add a structural beauty to the arm. 

Pink Flower Baaju Bandh

Pink Flower Baaju Bandh
Pic via -

This is a simple yet elegant arm ring worn in both the arms. The design contains pink flowers with a contrasting green color.

Temple Jewelry Baaju bandh

Temple Jewelry Baaju bandh
Pic via -

The temple jewelry arm ring is a popular choice in Tamil Nadu. It gives a very ethnic look to the bride. 

Check out @Surreal Temple Jewellery Designs

Peacock Design Baaju bandh

Peacock Design Baaju bandh
Pic via -

This is a combined peacock design in the shape of a paan leaf with an elegant flower in between. 

Triple Gem Baaju bandh

Triple Gem Baaju bandh
Pic via -

This baaju bandh has three elegant gems surrounded with diamonds and light strings.

Desi Baaju bandh

Desi Baaju bandh
Pic via -

This is one of the most common baaju bandh design. In this, the main design is made similar to the paan leaf.

Thin Designer Baaju bandh

Thin Designer Baaju bandh
Pic via -

This is a designer arm ring with beautiful designs made of diamonds.

Square Designer Baaju bandh

Square Designer Baaju bandh
Pic via -

This is a traditional arm ring made of monochromatic color. 

Band Designer Baaju bandh

Band Designer Baaju bandh
Pic via -

This is a detailed arm ring made of diamonds, precious gem and pearl heald with a band of gold.

Decorative Heavy Latkan Baaju bandh

Decorative Heavy Latkan Baaju bandh

This is a heavy arm ring with a lot of beautiful Latkans hanging to the core design.

Baaju bandh Over Your Blouse

Baaju bandh Over Your Blouse
Pic via -

There is no limitation to how jewelry should be worn and the same goes for the baaju bandh. You can wear the arm ring on your blouse or anywhere on the arm.

Heavy Pearl And Gold Band Baaju bandh

Heavy Pearl And Gold Band Baaju bandh
Pic via -

This is a heavy baaju bandh, with the belt made out of multiple strings of pearls surrounded by a gold string.

Ghunghroo Baaju Bandh

Ghunghroo Baaju Bandh
Pic via -

This is a simple baaju bandh Designs with a new twist! This arm ring has ghungroo attached to it, which will jingle as you move. 

Intricately Designed Baaju bandh

Intricately Designed Baaju bandh
Pic via -

This is a polki arm ring with intricate motifs giving off an antique jewelry vibe.

Heavy Temple Jewelry Baaju bandh designs

Heavy Temple Jewelry Baaju bandh
Pic via -

This is a heavy baaju bandh in temple jewelry style attached with multiple gold beads at the bottom.

Long Bangle Baaju bandh Designs

Long Bangle Baaju bandh
Pic via-

This is one of the most quirky designs in the look. If you want to avoid overall jewelry then you can simply wear this on your arm. This long arm ring will provide a very eccentric look with its full coverage.

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