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#41 Colorful And Beautiful Latkan For Wedding Lehenga!

#41 Colorful And Beautiful Latkan For Wedding Lehenga!

The fluttering dupatta and the swirling lehenga goes better than the legendary combination of apple and pie.

This beautiful bridal outfit matches the elegance of the bride to utmost level.

But there is another addition that adds to the glamour of the lehenga and it is the clinging and ever vibrant ‘bridal latkan.’

Latkans are usually added to highlight a feature as they catch a lot of eyes very easily, because of the bouncy appearance.

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No lehenga chunni is complete without attractive and beautiful latkans.

Latkans are usually worn on the waist where it hangs at the side of the base to highlight the curvy waist or it is worn on the back of the backless or a deep cut blouse to highlight the back.

But it can be worn anywhere or everywhere, there are no rules. Fashion is boundless!

Not to forget, the amazingly vast variety of the Latkans never ceases to surprise us.

Some Popular Latkans are as Follows

Tassel Latkans

This latkan is very popular nowadays and consists of triangular tassels made of thin and soft threads.

Beaded Latkans

This is usually considered as the heavy latkan, as it has a very detailed bead work aligned together in a way that it makes up the whole design. The appearance of this latkan is very beautiful.

Pom Pom Latkans

This is the light latkan which is usually hung on a decorative thread. It looks very bright because of the vibrant colors.

Spherical Latkans

These are the most common Latkans which are spherical in shape and have a coating of cloth on them.

Ghungroo Latkans

This elegant latkan has the jingling ghungroo attached to the main design. But the only drawback is that the ghungroo can get stuck on the fabric very easily.

Bangle Latkans

In this the latkan design has a bangle attached to it. The bangle is either covered with a gota or a single colored thread.

Monochrome Latkans

This latkan has only one color making it very appealing to look at.

Contrasting Latkans-

This latkan is one of the most popular choices for the brides in this wedding season. This latkan has a combination of contrasting colors which makes it very attractive. Often the Latkans are contrasted with the bridal lehenga to create some mystery and drama.

Embroidered Latkans

In this the Latkans are embroidered very intricately and beautifully, with various types of decorative motifs.

Layered Latkans-

This latkan has a proper layering and a lot of small decorative items are added to it in a proper sequence which gives it a very neat look.

These are some elegant latkan designs that are worn with the bridal lehenga nowadays.

But for you, we have a variety of Latkans that can make you shine on your wedding!

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Personalized Latkan

Personalized Latkan

Bangle Latkan

bangle latkan

Gotta Patti Flower Latkan

gotta patti flower latkan

Pearl And Lotus Latkan

pearl and lotus latkan

Simple Pom Pom Latkan

simple pom pom latkan

Indian Polka Dots Latkan

indian polka dots latkan

Thread Tassel Latkan

Mirror Flower Latkan

mirror flower latkan

Same Colored Latkan

same colored latkan

Design Embedded Latkan

design embedded latkan

Heavy Pearl And Bead Latkan

heavy pearl and bead latkan

Peacock Colorful Latkan

Peacock Colorful Latkan

Quirky Tassel Latkan

quirky tassel latkhan

Pastel Net Latkan

pastel net latkan

Customized Latkan

Customized Latkan

Artsy And Unique Latkan

artsy and unique

Heavy Frock Like Latkan

Heavy Frock Like Latkan

Rajasthani Elephant Latkan

rajasthani elephant

Velvet Latkan

velvet latkhan

Square Embroidered Latkan

square embroidered latkan

Lace Net Latkan

lace net latkan

Couple Name Latkan

couple name latkan

Delicate and Rustic Latkan

delicate and rustic latkan

Silver Bangle Tassel Latkan

silver bangle tassel latkan

Semi Circle Gotta Patti Latkan

semi circle gotta patti latkan

Ghunghroo Latkan

ghunghroo latkan

Shimmery Golden Tassel Latkan

Shimmery Golden Tassel Latkan

Attractive Frill Latkan

attractive frill latkan

Parrot Matching Latkan

parrot matching latkhan

Contrasting Pastel Latkan

Contrasting Pastel Latkan

Simple Yet Elegant Side Latkan

simple yet elegant

Sister In Law Latkan

sister in law latkan

Heart Shaped Latkan

heart shaped latkan

Latkan For Sister

latkan for sister

Long Cylindrical Latkan

Long Cylindrical Latkan

Banarasi Latkan

banarasi latkan

Layered Latkan

layered latkan

Funny Quotes Embroidered Latkan

Funny Quotes Embroidered Latkan

Big Katputli Latkan

big katputli

Bird In A Bangle Latkan

bird in a bangle latkan

Layered Quotation Latkan

Layered Quotation Latkan

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