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What If Avengers Were Wedding Vendors? Who Would Do What?

What If Avengers Were Wedding Vendors? Who Would Do What?

The recently released MCU flick Avengers: Endgame is running riot on global box office. In a mere time span of 12 days, this movie has entered the coveted 2 billion$ benchmark, toppled the box-office record of Titanic, and is all set to surpass the Avatar( the highest grossing movie of all time). This movie is an epic culmination of all the Marvel superheroes like Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain Marvel, Black widow, Dr. Strange, Black Panther, and the list go on. Each superhero possesses special powers and unites to fight the ultimate antagonist, Thanos, to save the universe from the extinction.(Avengers Were Wedding Vendors)

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However, have you ever pondered how our Marvel superheroes would look like and what they do, if they were wedding vendors? After stirring our minds to the insanity, and considering the abilities of our beloved superheroes, we have created a post that insinuates which avenger would do what, if they were wedding vendors. Bring the popcorn on board, get hooked, and enjoy the post!

Marvel Superheroes as Wedding Vendors

1. Captain America - The Ever-charming Wedding Planner

captain america as wedding planner

The world war 2 hero Captain America is one of the mightiest Avengers and the one who leads the team from the front. (Avengers Were Wedding Vendors_ The leadership trait of the Captain America makes him exemplary for the role of the wedding planner. He knows how to handle and lead the team, and how to utilize the available resources in the best possible way to execute plans successfully like a wedding planner.

2.  Iron Man - DJ Sound

iron man as dj sound

If there is a person who can play the role of a swaggish and jazzy DJ, it's would be the billionaire, philanthropist, playboy, tony stark aka Iron Man. Like a professional DJ, the Iron man has the ample charm to sway away the people on groovy musical beats. Moreover, his sheer genius in technology allows him to come up with any problem solution which is quite similar to a professional DJ who knows what to do when the technical glitches occur.

3. Thor - The Bartender

thor the bartender

It's not hidden a thing that the stalwart of Marvel cinematic universe Thor loves to drink beer. Whether it is celebrating the moment with his friends during Thor: The Dark World or sipping some damn fine beer with Doctor Strange in Thor: Ragnarok, there have been ample moments when Thor gets to sip a beer. So the role of the bartender is bagged down by the Thor.

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4. Black Widow - The Choreographer  

black widow as choreographer

Trusted by Avengers, and aslo trusted by wedding vendors (Avengers Were Wedding Vendors) and feared by rest. The black widow can impeccably play the role of a professional wedding choreographer. Have you ever noticed how swiftly and smoothly she moves? Moreover, she possesses the charm and some dominating traits which are more than enough to teach anyone dance moves till they master them.

5. Hawk Eye - Wedding Photographer

hawk eye wedding photographer

How hawk eye manages to hit the target every single time with such an amazing precision flabbergast us like nothing else. His ability to wait patiently and hit the target when the moment is right makes the hawk eye way too perfect for the role of the wedding photographer. We all know what it takes to capture a perfect photograph. And who's better than the Hawk-Eye to capture the perfect moments of the wedding. A Master archer in movies and a fabled photographer in the real world!

6. Spiderman - The Anchor

6. Spiderman - The Anchor

Wedding anchors are quirky, chirrupy, garrulous, and pure entertainers. Spiderman is  blessed with all these traits which eventually makes him ideal for the role of hosting events. If you don't believe us, check out the movies Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Avengers:. Infinity War in which he blabbers whenever he gets the chance, and make everyone laugh. So, the role of wedding anchor is locked for Spiderman!

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7. Hulk - Packers & Movers

hulk as packers & movers

There is a lot of stuff which needs to be taken from one place to another in between or after the wedding. Hulk has muscle power in heaps to rapidly move the essentials from one location to another effortlessly. With Hulk as movers and packers at your disposal. You can throw all your worries away to move the precious essentials without any damage.

8. Black Panther - Event Manager

black panther as event manager

The king of the nation of Wakanda, the leader of Dora Milaje regiment, the man with astonishing human abilities. Black panther is one of the most iconic characters of the Marvel cinematic universe. Black Panther ability to deal with any dire situation puts him in the category of top-notch event honchos. We all have seen how capable he is as a leader in protecting the throne of Wakanda from invaders. Black Panther is the one can live up to the job of an event manager.

9. Ant Man - Wedding Caterer

ant man as caterers

Remember that amusing scene of Avengers:. Endgame where ant man tries to eat the taco in solace but the food is blown away by Nebula spaceship landing? That scene perfectly exemplifies how much Ant-man loves to eat. In our opinion, ant man can justify the role of a wedding caterer and will surely make your wedding guests lick fingers by serving them tongue-tickling delicacies!

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10.  Vision - Astrologer

vision astrologer

The character of vision is the brainchild of editor Stan Lee and the writer Ray Thomas. Some of the Vision jaw-dropping superhuman abilities and powers are technopathy, mass manipulation, solar energy projection, intangibility, and unassailable intelligence.

Vision uncanny ability to sense the danger, predict future events, makes him suitable for the role of astrologer.

11. Nick Fury - Pandit

nick fury as pandit

We all know Nick Fury as a cigar-chomping agent of the covert organization. S.H.I.E.L.D who unites avengers and bring them on board to save the universe from pernicious forces.

Nick Fury is blessed with extraordinary knowledge. And has an ability to hold everyone together which we believe make him worthy enough to do justice with the role of Pandit.(Avengers Were Wedding Vendors)

If you like our post, tell us by dropping the comment below in the comment section!

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