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Airbrush vs HD Makeup Compare With 100+ Images? Which One Is Better?

Airbrush vs HD Makeup Compare With 100+ Images? Which One Is Better?

Wedding is all about glitz and glamour these days, and what calls for attention at weddings are the glam and chic bridal looks. Yes, you guessed it right; one cannot just deny that a bride is the highlight of a wedding. The guests come to the wedding especially to witness the lady of the night dressed in her magnificent attire, with the best of Airbrush vs HD Makeup on. It goes without saying that years of planning come into play when one has to plan this very bridal appearance.

Every girl has pre planned this special day for a long time. From the attire to the specific makeup, everybody has decided on a pre-set that they want to wear on their wedding day. After endless binge pinning and day dreaming sessions, this very special bridal look is decided. And one of the most essential elements of this appearance is makeup. The bridal makeup is not just a small part of the bridal trousseau but a big part of the overall getup.

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It is such a big part that it holds a firm traditional and cultural background as well, popularly known as ‘solah shringar.’ But these days makeup is not just limited to the basic elements of the solah shringar but much more than that. It is about how you highlight the structure and best features of the bride. Hence, the bridal makeup holds a very special place in our hearts and not to forget; and this bridal makeup can leave us breathless in an instance!

Credit : Pooja Joseph

But let’s look at the bridal makeup from another aspect; is it really easy to decide which look one should go for, to showcase the best of their features? Well, to help you with that, we listed two styles that you should definitely try out this wedding season. Yes, we are talking about Airbrush and HD makeup styles that are the hottest trends that have captured the weddings by awe.

These two makeup styles are very popular amongst the makeup artists, and people are indulging in the elegance of these styles more than ever. But if you ask a layman, then they would be confused about what is the actual difference between these two styles? As it is true that both of these styles are a bit similar to look at for an amateur. But to avoid any further confusion, let us tell you that both of these makeup styles serve different purposes. So, let us discuss about these two makeup techniques and 
airbrush vs hd bridal makeup  in detail.

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But before advancing towards the explanation, you need to remember that these technique are not the best bridal looks, but one of the popular looks in the trends. The other makeup looks that are popular in the current trends are mineral makeup, nude makeup, and dewy makeup looks. But the edge that the airbrushing and HD makeup looks have over the other popular makeup looks is that it goes well with the overall appearance of the Indian bride and highlights the individual beauty to the utmost level. And if you ask us about which one is a better choice, then we would say that it depends on the skill of the artist, and the years of experience they have with HD makeup and airbrush makeup.

Airbrush Makeup For Bridal Look

Credit : veromaldonadoglam

What is Airbrush Makeup?

Credit : veromaldonadoprofesional

Airbrushing is a very advanced makeup style that has gained popularity in the recent times because of the pretty seem-less look it provides. In this style, the makeup is sprayed on the face with an airbrush directly on the face. The makeup is very thin in consistency and adds a very fine layer of makeup without any makeup patches on the face. It is usually silicon-based makeup, which in turn gives it a very even texture when applied.

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The makeup application is about getting a thin layer on the face that can highlight all the beautiful features of the face. As the name suggests, in airbrush makeup for bridal look, the foundation is sprayed on the face through the airbrush, which makes the foundation spread on the face drop by drop and has a flawless effect. The best part is that the skin texture becomes close to the idle one. Moreover, the further additions like blush, contouring, lip shade, eye shadow, etc.

But the major thing that comes into play in airbrushing is the professional service or help you take from the makeup artist as it is the only thing that can affect the quality of the look. Airbrushing is a type of look that can turn out well when the makeup artist has a proper experience with this look, or it can turn out to be a face clogged with tonnes of makeup products. Airbrush makeup does not even require time to time touch ups as it is applied once and stays put on the face for twelve to twenty four hours straight without any issues of flaking or patching.

Why Airbrush Makeup For Bridal Look?

But if you are wondering why one should go for an airbrushing method, then fear not! We have that sorted for you. The following points will tell you why airbrushing can be the perfect choice for you.

Credit : Samaira Sandhu

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The bridal look is very special for a woman, and selecting a final look can be a very difficult and weary task. But when we talk about the airbrush makeup, the best part about it is the longevity of the makeup, because of the silicon in the makeup, it stays for a long period of time. Moreover, if you are one of those people who like to avoid the cakey makeup looks because of sensitive skin issues, then airbrushing can be the best alternative for you. The ingredients can help you attain the matte look and also give your face a naturally healthy appearance, with a flawless finish.

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This type of makeup gives off a look that is in between of mineral and dewy makeup, which is a big plus point. Moreover, for all the brides who want a soft look in front of the camera, can definitely go for airbrush makeup bridal look without any fear. As the micro particles of silicon, the very base of the makeup gives off a blended look that resembles a youthful skin without a lot of effort. After the foundation is applied correctly, the other makeup products are air sprayed on the face for the final touch.


Airbrush Makeup Pros

Credit : Artfoto Studios

Long Lasting

The first one on our list of airbrushing pros is the most important reason why people go for this makeup look. The long lasting properties of this makeup comes from the composition of the makeup’s base. Yes, we are talking about the silicon in the airbrush makeup products that are sprayed on the face.

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Flawless Finish

The second one on the list is the flawless finish that the makeup products provide. The droplets sprayed together bind on the face in a way that it leaves a flawless finish on the face. The face ends up with a very smooth and shining touch, similar to the youthful and flushed up sin. 

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Light Weight

Then comes the very important light weight aspect of the composition. Usually, we have seen makeup looks that are decked up with tonnes of layers that make the makeup appear cakey, but it is not the case with airbrush makeup for bridal look.


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Easy Application With Good Coverage

The next one on our list is the easy application of the airbrushing makeup. As we know that airbrushing makeup is done by spraying makeup product on the face. Hence, the application is pretty easy and limits all the steps of blending. All one has to do is simply spray the makeup product on the face with the utmost precision and the drops blend and the coverage criterion is met perfectly, unlike the other makeup types.


Minimal And Water Proof

Last but not the least is the minimal and water proof aspect of this trending airbrush makeup, this makeup style is known for the long lasting properties, but what people forget is the look that looks behind. Airbrushing leaves a very refined and a minimalistic look which is very popular in this wedding season. And then comes the water proof quality, this makeup is more water proof compared to all the other makeup styles.

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Airbrush Makeup Cons


No Touch Up Rule

The first one our list of cons is the no touch up rule. As in this makeup type you are not supposed to over blend the makeup applied, it becomes very difficult to add some touch ups. The most important thing is that if you try to touch up a few parts in airbrush makeup then the whole face will turn into a cakey face.


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Flaky Effect

Well it goes without saying that this type of makeup is for all the would-be brides with naturally oily skin. But the ladies with dry skin face a lot of problems because this makeup style becomes super flaky with airbrushing. It is due to the consistency of the makeup products that are not so creamy.


Difficult Re-Blending

As stated in the above point, the makeup product is not so creamy in consistency. So it becomes very difficult to blend the makeup after a while. One has to work on it as it is applied or the makeup dries up and the re-blending becomes a difficult possibility.



The next one on our list is the financial aspect. Airbrush makeup for bridal is usually a bit more expensive than all the other traditional makeup styles. It is due to the silicon based makeup products that are sprayed on the face are usually very expensive and so is the airbrush that is one of the most important tools. And not to forget that airbrushing is usually done by the professionals who have years of experience, so even the service costs a lot of money.

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Credit : Swati Verma

Limited Tones And Shades

Last but not the least on the list is the limitation of the colour variety of this makeup style. The airbrushing makeup products are usually very limited in colours and the basic tones and shades. Hence only a few skin tones can be suitable for this airbrush makeup.


Step By Step Tutorial For Airbrush Makeup Bridal Look


Airbrushing is not a simple type of makeup to apply and requires professional experience to apply. Moreover, if we talk about the instruments that the professional makeup artists use, then airbrushing can be a tricky one! The most important element is the airpod that is filled with makeup, which is further attached to the airbrush. And the second basic that is important to remember the airflow; the airflow is divided into three parts. The first one is the light air in which the airbrush focuses on the detail work. Then the next one is the medium air that is for the application of the base in airbrush makeup, i.e. foundation and then the last one is the full air flow which is for larger coverage, like highlighter. But let us begin with the step by step tutorial.

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Wash Your Face Properly

The first and foremost thing is to deep cleanse one’s face. As you would not want to apply layers of makeup on clogged skin. You need to remove the dirt and oil particles from the core of your skin and moisturize your skin and begin with the makeup procedure. We would recommend you to go for a face massage before going for your makeup sitting for Airbrush vs HD Makeup look.

Credit : Reflexion

Prime It Up – Primer Application

The next thing on our list is the step where you prime your skin up. A primer is a layer between the makeup and the skin, which provides a smooth surface for the foundation application. The most beneficiary attribute of a primer is that it holds the makeup on your face for a longer period of time and doesn’t let the makeup products seep deep inside.


Airbrush Foundation

Then after prepping up the face for the base, you must start with the foundation application. This is the most essential part of the Airbrush vs HD Makeup procedure as it is where you make your skin even. And prep the face for finer details that will highlight the structure of the face. Airbrush makeup is popular for this very long lasting foundation that has an amazing coverage.



Followed by the foundation part, let’s move forth to the blushing part, a part that can really make a lot of difference to the face. Most of the people wear makeup to show the youthful aspect of the skin. And the best way to do it by colouring your cheeks in the colour of the natural blush! So after applying foundation to your skin for the airbrush makeup for bridal look you need to go for the blusher and apply it on the apples of your cheeks.



Last one on the procedure is the highlighter. You need to go for the highlighter and illuminate the structure of the face. All the high points of your face should be naturally highlighted for the healthy skin look.


These are a few steps that are the very basics of airbrushing. But we hope that we could make you understand the basics of airbrushing, and we hope that all your doubts regarding the trending makeup style are all gone now! But understand this makeup style we will further compare airbrush vs hd makeup.


HD Makeup

Wedding is incomplete without the wedding makeup, and it goes without even saying that everybody wants to look perfect on their special day. So for all the would-be brides who like their pictures ‘just perfect’, the HD makeup can be a very good choice! As this look can be the best choice for all the people, who like flawless skin but are struggling to achieve it. Composed of mica and many more ingredients, this makeup gives a perfect look without any marks and blemishes.

Moreover, this high definition makeup gives an appearance that diffuses light off the face and makes your skin appear as radiant ever. Moreover, the best part is that your face would appear natural, because HD makeup seeps down and gives a very dewy look, which is in par with a youthful skin. Another good aspect is that the makeup products have moisturizing agents in its composition, unlike airbrushing makeup that makes the skin dry, the HD makeup makes it softer and helps to moisturize the deep cracks in the skin. This is how the skin gives an even more radiant look when the HD Makeup is applied.

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The best part about the HD makeup is that it matches most of the requirements set by the traditional makeup. From a structured face to highlighted features, everything is covered in the HD makeup. In the times of digital advancement, one wants to record every minor and major developments and happening in their life as a memory. And it goes without saying that one wants to look perfect in all the memories they create. And HD makeup can be the best choice for that very reason!  

What is HD Makeup?


As we have thoroughly discussed about airbrushing makeup, let us move forth to the HD makeup! It goes without saying that all the people who have been makeup enthusiasts for a long period of time are aware of this very amazing style called HD Makeup. The HD stands for high definition and does exactly as it denotes. This style of makeup is popular for the light diffusing property it has. This property makes this makeup look the idle choice for all the people who want to get themselves clicked by high quality cameras.

Moreover, if you really want to stand out with the flawless skin and capture yourself with the best of features, then this makeup style is something you should not miss out on! The makeup products that constitute the high definition look with the utmost ease, as the products are applied in a way that they highlight the beauty of a women’s face. Most importantly, HD makeup avoids and replaces the cakey looks like the layers of product application is skipped in HD makeup to attain the flawless look.

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Why to choose HD Makeup For Bridal Look?

And we would really recommend this to all the brides because it is one of the most suitable styles for the elegant brides! Not only will it compliment the beauty of the auspicious look but also deck you up with the best of everything, and a mesmerized audience gaping at the sight of you!



But the question arises why HD makeup over airbrush makeup? Well, this generic question is actually incorrect. As it is not a comparison but a separate analysis about what the style is about. So the right question should be that why to choose HD makeup for bride? Well, the HD makeup offers more than just the youthful skin. It moisturizes your skin and doesn’t leave any sensitive reactions on the skin. The components the makeup products are nourishing and don’t leave the skin dry after hours of application.

Moreover, the best part is that you don’t have to worry about finding a professional makeup artist to get this makeup done, as it is very amongst the beginners as well. And the highlight is more about overcoming the traditional method of makeup where the face is stacked with heavy layers that give an artificial look to the face. The HD makeup gives a very natural look as it is more about getting the best features of the face highlighted. So, it focuses on evening the skin out and contouring the structure in a way that the brides attain their desired style with the utmost ease. But, let us discuss the pros and cons of the trending HD makeup to know it more.


HD Makeup Pros


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Radiant Finish

The first one on the list is about the beautiful and radiant finish this makeup style leaves behind. The smooth foundation and the base work of the products evens the skin in a seamless way. Further, the HD makeup adds the dewy and glowing touch to the perfect finish of the skin. This decks up the skin with all the qualities of a healthy and youthful skin and leaves the perfect canvas to work on.  



Followed by the radiant finish, we have the photogenic aspect of the high definition makeup. It is the most popular reason why women prefer opting for this makeup look. The silicon that is added in the composition of the makeup helps to diffuse light off the face and create a smooth look, which in turn gives the best appearance and perfect images.

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Highlighted Structure

The other pro point of HD makeup is the way the product applications highlight the structure of the face. Everybody has different wants and pre-decided looks that they want to pull off on your special day, but usually, all of them cover this point. A structured face highlights the best features, and no other makeup look does it better than the HD makeup.



The next one on the list is the cost effectiveness of this look. A lot of times, people judge the looks on the basis of, “is it really worth it for the amount being charged?” This is a very viable question as everybody likes to get the best when they have paid for it. As the HD makeup doesn’t require any special tool or any professional experience, it is really easy to pull off. And this, in turn, makes it pocket friendly and worth the pay!


Touch Up

Last but not the least on our list is the touch up part. A lot of brides want their makeup to be on top at all the times, and why wouldn’t they? After all, it’s their special day! And the HD makeup makes it easy as it is very easy to do touch ups in this, unlike the airbrushing makeup. You can simply clean up the oily mess the weather can create on your face. 


HD Makeup Cons


Not Waterproof

The first con that we have on this list is that HD makeup is not waterproof. This one is a big problem with makeup looks. And imagine being this an issue on your special day, like- if your D-Day is in a hot blazing summer day, then you would like to avoid HD makeup. 


Time To Time Touch Ups

You must be surprised about how this point made into both of the lists, to the pros and cons list. But it is just because of how the option of touching up the makeup can be a cause of convenience and pain at the same time. It is more like frequent touch ups can make you conscious and ruin your makeup most of the time.


Not So Fit For Oily Skin

The next one on the list of HD makeup cons is a very essential point that you cannot overlook while planning to get HD makeup done. Yes, we are talking about your skin type, which plays a very vital role in the selection of the bridal makeup. And when you are planning to go for this particular makeup style, then let us warn you that it is not fit for the women with oily skin, as the makeup products have a lot of oil extracts in them.


Time Consuming

After the oily skin condition, we have another con that can be a really bad setback if you are choosing HD makeup. It is none other than the time consuming aspect of this look. This can be the worst drawback of this makeup style, as when you choose this for the bridal look, then you would want it to be applied in the shortest time period as it is very difficult to take out for specific things on D-Day. Hence, HD makeup can be a really wrong choice.


Not Long Lasting

Last but not the least is the concern about the long lasting properties of the makeup. It goes without saying that everybody requires a type of makeup that is long lasting. But sadly, HD makeup is not one of them. So if you really want a look that is long lasting then you should avoid HD makeup.


Step By Step Tutorial For HD Makeup Bridal Look

Step By step-tutorial-for-hd-makeup

HD makeup is very similar to the traditional makeup application, and the major difference is that the number of layers applied in HD makeup is lesser than the traditional makeup, as mentioned above. And the most important things that come into play are the variety of makeup products used for this look. With this, let us start with the step by step tutorial of how to apply HD makeup with the utmost ease. 

Cleansing And Moisturization

The first step for HD makeup application is providing proper nutrients to your face. This can be done when you have properly cleansed your face. We suggest you to scrub and wash your face separately to remove the dirt from the face properly before moisturization. This is only how the moisturizing agents will seep deep down in the skin.



Followed by the step of prepping up the skin for the makeup application, we have the second step. As you have guessed, this second step is about giving an even tone to the face. Yes, we are discussing about choosing a proper foundation and applying it on the face in a seamless way. But don’t forget to apply primer before applying the foundation. 


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After that, we have the concealer for HD makeup that is used on the face to hide the blemishes, blotches, and all the spots that are suffering from discoloration. The concealer conceals these flaws very easily and gives a look unparalleled by any other makeup product.



Then after this, you must begin with the structuring of the face; it is about how you can highlight your face shape with the utmost precision. So, look for your face shape and contour your face accordingly. This can really bring out the best of your face very easily.


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Now you can begin with the best feature, eyes. The highlight of the HD makeup is usually the heavily decorated eyes. As eyes complete the look and give the perfect touch to the overall makeup done. You can colour coordinate this part with your wedding dress.


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After completing the eyes, you must start with rejuvenating your face with the youthful blush. Yes, you guessed it right! It’s time to blush up your cheeks and give a lovely shade of natural blush to it.



The last part of this step by step tutorial is the ethereal lips part. Lips are the most expressive part of one’s face after the eyes. And if you are going for HD makeup then you must choose a lipstick that matches your blusher.


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These are a few steps that can help you to get the best HD makeup look with the utmost ease. And if you really want to get the perfect touch then you can go for professional help and get it done by a skilled MUA.

Step By step-tutorial-for-hd-makeup-2

Airbrushing vs HD Makeup

But finally, we have a comparison for you that can help you to compare both the makeup styles more easily and decide which one is the idle choice for your special day. As it is very important to research properly about this lifetime look that you will admire and cherish for life. So after understanding what actually airbrushing and HD makeup are, let us discuss about which one can be more suitable for the brides and how both of these are different from each other.

Airbrushing vs HD Makeup 

Natural Look

Airbrush makeup will give you a smooth finish, and HD makeup will provide you with a radiant finish. If you want to attain a non-cakey look, with a natural finish, then go for the airbrushing makeup.


Camera Perfect

HD makeup is made for cameras and can give a beautifully polished faced, unlike airbrushing. So if you want to look photogenic, then this can be your ultimate go!


Waterproof Makeup

 If you are one of those brides who sweat a lot or if your wedding is in summer, then airbrushing can be the makeup look is the best-suited one for you. As airbrush makeup is water resilient and can stay for a very long period of time without melting off.


Glossy Or Matte Look

And as stated above, if you want a matte look, then go for airbrushing, and if you need a hydrated and glossy look, then go for HD makeup.


Highlighted Face

If you are looking for a makeup style that can highlight the structure and features of your face, then the best option would be to go for HD makeup.


Cost Effective Style

The most important thing is, amidst all the wedding expenses, if you are looking for a pocket-friendly look, then you can definitely go for HD makeup. As HD makeup does not require any special equipment as such.


Flawless Finish 

Airbrushing can hide all the cracks pretty well, and HD makeup can make the blemishes and spots disappear. So you can choose which one you want!

Flawless Finish

Touch Ups 

If you think you will need end moment touch-ups then you should definitely go for HD makeup, as airbrushing once set is set.

Touch Ups

Heavy Layers

And if you don’t like makeup and want to avoid it as much as you want, then go for the light airbrushing look. It won’t stuff your face with excessive makeup.

Heavy Layers

Side Effects 

Last but not the least, you can go for airbrush makeup if you don’t want the skin to be affected with layers of makeup products. 

Side Effects

Bridal Makeup

Bridal Makeup with golf jewelry

Stunning Bridal Makeup

Perfect Bridal Makeup

HD Bridal Makeup

Bridal Makeup look

Side Effect of Bridal Makeup

copper eye Bridal Makeup

Hd Makeup

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Aribrush and HD Bridal Makeup

Bengali Bridal Makeup

stunning looks

Pink Eye Bridal Makeup

HD and Air Brush Bridal Makeup

We hope you understood the difference between both the looks, and we also hope you would choose the perfect look for your D-Day with the help of our blog! And if you liked our blog, then do not forget to share it with your fellows to spread some awareness about these two beautiful makeup styles. You can also comment in the section below if you want to add some more exciting facts about HD makeup and airbrushing makeup looks!

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