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7 Affordable International Honeymoon Destinations For Indians

7 Affordable International Honeymoon Destinations For Indians

Indian weddings are all about rituals and ceremonies. Known for their lavishness wedding in India is a time of month long celebrations. The long celebrations are lavish and tiresome but are full of fun. All the lavishness of the wedding costs a hefty amount leaving the couple with the financial crisis. From engagement to honeymoon every phase of a wedding needs to be planned according to a set budget.

Weddings are a busy affair and in between all the rituals couples get less time to interact with each other. Wedding might embark the unification of two people but it is only during the honeymoon where the unification of souls takes place. Honeymoon is the phase when the couples as man and wife get to know each other well and can also plan for their life ahead. Wedding is said to be the start of the journey of togetherness but is the honeymoon from where their journey as husband and wife starts.

Have you got married recently? Have you always been fascinated with the idea of an International honeymoon? After having a lavish wedding, couples suffer from financial crisis due to which they tend to postpone their honeymoon. If that describes your condition then you my friend have arrived at the right place. Why cancel or postpone your honeymoon when you can still have it at a budget. Yes read it right! You can have your honeymoon that too at an international destination and on a budget. Wondering how? We at Shaadidukaan understand your situation and so have brought for you a list of 7 cheap honeymoon destinations outside India. Read on to find out more!

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7 Budget Friendly International Honeymoon Destinations

Having an international honeymoon is not what everybody can afford. International trips are expensive but there are some places where the value of Indian rupees is more than the place’s own currency. Visit a budget international honeymoon destination where the worth of Indian rupees is more so that you can enjoy more at a lesser price. Are you puzzled about how get information about such destinations? Worry not as we have brought for you from the nooks and corner of the internet a list of 7 budget-friendly International honeymoon destinations.

1. Indonesia

indonesia honeymoon destination

Sandy Beaches, Lush green paddy fields, scintillating architecture and rejuvenating spa, sounds fancy right! Imagine how would feel to have your honeymoon amidst these! If this is your idea of a perfect honeymoon then Indonesia is your place. Bali might prove expensive when travelling in a budget but there are several other islands in Indonesia where holidays are affordable. Indonesia has number of budget honeymoon destinations where you can get to meet the Komodo dragon, witness active volcanoes, enjoy water sports and all at a budget friendly rate. Why Indonesia? The answer is simple the monetary worth of Indian rupees is more than their own money and also you would not face visa issues here. The Visa can be attained upon arrival in Indonesia for a very minimal amount. Also you would find many low priced accommodations here and the food here is delicious and comes at a reasonable amount.

Approx. Trip Cost: Rs 46,000/- Per Couple

2. Vietnam

For those travelling on a budget and seek a romantic getaway then Vietnam is their place. A lover’s paradise for couples is what describes the place aptly. Enjoy boat rides on Hoi An, explore Ho Chih Minh and have a camping adventure at Phong Nha Ke Bang National park. The rooms here are pretty reasonable. Just like Indonesia you do not have to worry for the visa as it can be received upon arrival for a meager amount.

Approx. Trip Cost: Rs 44,000/- Per Couple

3. Zimbabwe

zimbabwe budget honeymoon destination

Do you and your spouse have a thing for the wildlife? Do you both love nightlife? Then Africa is your place. Enjoy the thundering sound of Victoria falls, the calm atmosphere of Mana Pools,   the roar of the lions, shopping delight and the sheer joy of those night strolls during your honeymoon in Zimbabwe. If you want to see culture then consider visiting Harare, the capital city which is known for its vibrant culture and fun filled activities. Although the official currency of Zimbabwe is USD but the inflation has made its food and local sightseeing inexpensive for tourists. Reaching Zimbabwe might be expensive but you end up saving a few thousands of dollars on food, sightseeing and accommodation.

Approx. Trip Cost: Rs 50,000/- Per Couple

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4. Cambodia

budget honeymoon destinations

If you and your partner are more of the religious type then Cambodia is your place. Imagine waking up watching sunrise at Angkor Wat. The entire idea appears so dreamy right! Known for its temples and pleasant weather, the place a perfect choice for honeymooners. If you’re searching for best budget honeymoon destinations and do not forget to include Cambodia to your list. Air fares and hotel accommodations in Cambodia are pretty reasonable. Rent a bicycle and set out exploring the glorious ruins of Khmer at Angkor Wat, sandy beaches of Sihanoukville, Phnom Penh and the Monkey Forest. Unwind after the day’s touring in the vibrant city of Siem Reap.

Approx. Trip Cost: Rs 60,000/- Per Couple

5. Sri Lanka

sri lanka honeymoon tour packages

The abode of Ravana, Sri Lanka is the ultimate honeymoon destination in India. Located on the coast the place has many scenic spots to visit. Unwind at the Trincomalee Beach, enjoy a natural trail in the tea estates in Nurweya Eliya, trek up in the Sigiriya mountains, spot leopards in Yala forest or simply enjoy a romantic walk on Arugam Bay, the place has lots of things to see and do. The public transportation is pretty cheap here. You can apply for a 30 day visa online at a minimum price.

Approx. Trip Cost: Rs 60,000/- Per Couple

6. Seychelles

seychelles honeymoon destination

If you’re looking for a quiet and quaint budget international honeymoon destination then Seychelles is paradise for you. The place is yet to be explored hence is a peaceful place. Best thing about Seychelles is you do not need a visa for it just carry your valid Indian ID cards. The place offers lots of things to experience like dive in with the White Sharks, enjoy a safari at Morne Seychellois National Park, a romantic stroll on the beach or a long romantic drive to Mahe. The place offers plenty of romantic activities that would set your honeymoon mood right.

Approx. Trip Cost: Rs 80,000/- Per Couple

7. Philippines

honeymoon destinations in budget

The land of Virgin Islands and beaches, Philippines is a gorgeous place for honeymooners. Add a beachy vibe to your honeymoon as you enjoy a beach side stay at Philippines. The low priced hotel rates, scrumptious street food, adventure activities and water sports makes the place a must visit spot for honeymooners travelling on a budget. Philippines is perhaps amongst the best budget honeymoon destinations.

Approx. Trip Cost: Rs 36,000

These were some of cheap honeymoon destinations outside India. Have you visited any of these destinations? Tell us in the comments below about your experience with these places. Also tell us if you have any other international honeymoon destinations in mind that can be visited on a budget. We would love to hear it from you.

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