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Top Mehndi Artist in Surat

Mehndi ceremony is a very essential part of Indian Hindu and Sikh marriages. Mehndi holds a very important part of Indian culture and has religious importance as well. It is believed that a bride embellished with intricate mehndi designs on her hands and the feet while getting married and entering her in-laws' house for the first time will bring in a lot of wealth and prosperity to the family. Bridal Mehndi Artist in Surat is there to make your bridal look more alluring with their expertise in artistic mehndi designs.

The ceremony takes place a day or two before the day of the marriage and is an intimate affair filled with just some close relatives, friends and family attending it. Many people combine this ceremony with the Sangeet ceremony making it filled with a lot more fun and dancing. To make the event outstanding go for the professionals from a filtered list of Bridal mehndi Artist In Surat.

You can hire a Top Mehndi Artist In Surat, as, they will help you out in selecting the latest trends that are going around in the markets and making the mehndi designs on your hands and feet, as per your specifications.

Here we have mentioned some tips that’ll be really handy for you to select on a perfect Bridal Mehndi Artist In Surat for your wedding ceremony:


Proper research about the various mehndi styles and the one that you’ll like to wear on the day of your marriage is important. Before you go ahead looking for different vendors in the market in search of one of the best bridal top mehndi artist in Surat, proper research of the vendor who can provide the services as per your specifications is important. The different things that you must research on are the patterns and the motifs that you want to sport on the hands and the feet. You can also use the Shaadidukaan portal that’ll help you directly connect with the top mehndi artists in your city so that you can decide much more clearly on which vendor will be best suited for your requirements.


Setting on a budget is one of the most important things that you must decide on. The budget greatly varies according to the style of mehndi that you want to sport on the wedding day. A mehndi artist in Surat charges extra if you want him to make the patterns made on your hands and legs up to the elbow and the knees respectively. There will be many family members who’ll also like to sport those beautiful mehndi stains on their hands and each extra pair of hands will add to the budget. After considering all these things you must set a budget that is practical. You must also ensure you don’t decide on a tight budget and that there is enough room for any last-minute additions.


As soon as you approach one of the best bridal mehndi artists in Surat, you must check the schedule of their booking. Only after you are confirmed that they are not booked on the day you require their services, you must go ahead with explaining to them about your requirements. You must make sure that you start looking for the mehndi artist as soon as your wedding dates are decided as most of the good mehndi artists tend to get booked well ahead of the wedding season.

Experience And Portfolio

Before finalizing a mehndi artist in Surat, you must do a thorough background check on them and must collect all the information about how long they have been in the market. You can also ask them for their portfolio of the designs that they have made on the bride’s hands in their previous wedding bookings. Looking at the portfolio will give you a clear view of the capability of a vendor and will help you decide that if they will be able to deliver up to your expectations.

Mehndi Styles

When talking about mehndi, there are various types of styles that are popular in India but most of the top mehndi artist for wedding in Surat are proficient in only some of the mehndi styles. You must decide on a style that you want to sport on your wedding from the various options like - Arabic Mehndi, Moroccan Mehndi, Indian Mehndi, Jewellery based mehndi, Minimalistic mehndi etc. Each of these mehndi designs is unique in their own sense and you must select one that is according to your taste.


Once you decide on a vendor, who you think will provide the services that’ll be perfect according to your taste, it is important to compare the different packages that they offer. Most of the vendors will charge based on the style of mehndi that they’ll be making on your hands. The packages offered by top mehndi artist in Surat differ according to the design patterns, the more intricate a design is, the more will be the package cost.


A mehndi ceremony is usually celebrated a day or two before the wedding ceremony. This makes it obvious that most of the family members will be present there already at your house. There will be many women in the house who’ll want to wear mehndi on their hands as well, and it’ll be an impossible task for one person. So, you must ask the vendor how many mehndi artists will be there who’ll be making the mehndi arts on the day of your mehndi ceremony.

Cancellation Policy

Knowing the cancellation policy well in advance would be really great as it’ll save you from any last-minute crisis. If for some reason you have to cancel the services that you require from the mehndi artist for wedding in Surat, anytime before the mehndi ceremony then it’ll invite some compensatory charge by the vendor.

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