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Best Makeup Artist in Surat

Now that it is time for you to tie the knots with the love of your life you must start with the planning of your picture perfect wedding. You’ll have to run through the market streets with all the pollution and the heat affecting your skin.

It will be really hard for you to follow a regular skin care regime but taking out some time for it is really important when you are aiming to look perfect on your wedding day. Some of the top makeup artist in surat suggest that a proper skin care regime should be followed for at least 6 months leading up to the marriage.

You must consult a dermatologist who’ll help you out in creating a customized regime according to your skin type. When you want to nail your look in all those wedding photographs that’ll keep you in focus, just taking care of skin is not enough and it becomes really important that you take care of your health as well.

Eating healthy will help you out in flushing out all the harmful toxins out of your system which will keep the skin healthy from the inside and will keep your skin free from any blackheads or dark spots.

Before approaching a bridal makeup artist in Surat there are many things that you must decide on.

Research The Look

Approaching a makeup artist with just an empty thought of looking great on the wedding day can actually end up ruining your wedding look. Makeup is all about looking your best self and it is only you who can decide what works for you and what doesn’t. This makes it really important for you to do proper research and do your homework and then decide on one look that’ll look perfect on you. If you’re confused then you can consult one of your family members and friends because they’ve been there for many years and can suggest you much better. It doesn’t mean that consulting one of the best wedding makeup artists in Surat is a bad idea but if you want a look that flaunts the uniqueness in you then they’ll not be able to help you out.

Set A Budget

It is really important to decide on a proper budget that you can spend on your wedding makeup. A budget that you decide on must be realistic and should be flexible enough so as to include some extra services that you might require in the end. The most important things that you’ll require would be - Facial, Makeup, Hairstyling, Manicure, Pedicure, etc. You can ensure that you get all the pampering you want and also ask the bridal makeup in Surat for all the different plans that they offer and then decide on the one that covers all the services that you think are really essential.

Product Brands That Suit You

You’ve been using cosmetics all your life and there might be a brand that you trust and feel comfortable with. So, why change that when preparing for the wedding? Your wedding is not an ideal time to try out the products from a new brand and you must completely ditch any idea of doing so. You can ask the best wedding makeup artists in Surat to use the products from the brands that you’re comfortable with, as it is your wedding and everything should be set as per your convenience. Using some new products that you haven’t tried before always have a chance to have a reaction so it is better to just steer clear from them.

Some things that you must check with the bridal artist before finalizing them for your wedding.

Previous Work Portfolio

Checking the portfolio of the bridal artist that you’re considering for your makeover on the day of your wedding is a must. By looking at the portfolio of top bridal makeup artist in Surat you would understand that what you’ll look like on the day of your marriage. What you must do is to compare the looks in the references that you’ve collected for your final look along with the looks in the portfolio offered by the bridal artist and then decide that if they’ll be able to deliver up to your expectations.

Packages Offered

Many of the artists offer different customized packages by clubbing various different services together. You can check these packages and then decide on the most appropriate one according to your needs and the budget that you have in your mind. If a package that is in your budget has various services that you don’t require then you can select a lower priced package and then ask the bridal makeup artist in Surat and then add some services that it does not include as an a-la-carte.


You must share the dates before asking for anything else as if a makeup artist that you approach is already booked on the dates on which you’ll be requiring the services there is no scope left for any discussion. If you’re getting married in the wedding season in India then it’ll be great if you finalize on a proper wedding makeup artist much more earlier. You shall also discuss with them the equipment and the makeup techniques they’ll be using. 


Making that perfect look a reality is not a job for just one person and many of the best wedding makeup artist in Surat have a team of makeup artists who’ll be working on improving your looks. It’ll be good if you can ask them beforehand, who will be working on what, and what are their expertise in.

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