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Vendors for Varmala Ceremony and Fireworks and Crackers in Noida

It will not be wrong to say that small aspects like Dhol Wala, Mehndi Wala, Varmala ceremony, fireworks during Baarat procession, etc make the wedding a memorable affair. To capture the wedding guests’ attention, couples spend a good of money on organizing beautiful Varmala ceremony. They ask event planners to make it grand using flowers, music, fireworks, confetti and glitter shots, dance troops, etc.

The market of fireworks and Varmala concept in Noida is filled with the countless number of ideas - some old, some new, and some evergreen. To help you in making your wedding ceremony rocking and arresting, we have compiled two lists in which the first list shares an idea of different Varmala concepts while the latter discusses different types of the firework display.

Different Ideas For Varmala Concept In Noida

  1. Globe Varmala Concept: One of the most loved and dramatic Jaimala concepts at weddings in India are using a huge, glass globe in which the bride and groom stand. The floor of this globe has a rotation feature which takes up the Varmala ceremony a notch up higher. You and the fiance will love watching your ceremony video, again and again.
  2. Siam Thai Varmala Concept: We all have seen, enjoyed and have become bored with the typical Indian Varmala themes which have traditional music and background dancer. It is the year 2019 and now is time for something exotic and international. A popular Varmala concept in Noida which is gaining momentum is having exotic Thai troops wearing traditional dress, headgears and performing on mystical music. This will surely grab a lot of eyeballs at your wedding and the guests will remember it for years to come.
  3. Violin Varmala Concept: Who would have thought that a time will come when Varmala ceremony at weddings will take place to the soul-touching tunes of violins? If you too are surprised on hearing this, then yes that time is here. Couples who do not mind spending a little more extra on Varmala concept are hiring teams of violinists to enchant all the wedding guests during the Jaimala ceremony. This idea is very new to the market and will surely give wedding guests something to talk about for years to come.
  4. Cold Fire Shower Varmala Concept: Another immensely popular Varmala concept in Noida weddings is the use of cold, fire showers. They bring a shiny sparkle and literally light-up the entire ceremony. The best way to add fireworks in Noida weddings through an open stage which can e decked up with flowers and cold shower gears. Once the Varmala ceremony gets started the cold fire shower will make the event sparkling and eye-catching.
  5. Flower Shower Varmala Concept: If you are a couple who loves everything natural then floral shower during the Jaimala ceremony is a must have for you. It involves an open revolving stage and a gun which throws flower petal. While the garland exchange ceremony will take place, your friends and family members will throw flower petals on both of you using the gun.

These are some of the most trending wedding Varmala concepts in Noida. However, there is no defined list of ideas and it totally depends upon your personal choice and preference. You can search for more concepts on the internet and select the one which you like the most.

Planning Fireworks Display for the Wedding Functions

  1. Indoor Fireworks: If your wedding functions are taking place in a hotel banquet or a closed area, it is neither possible and nor allowed by the management to shoot fireworks. For such indoor events, the best way to add some fun factor to the ceremony is by using cold fire showers, colorful confetti or glitter shots, etc. As pet top vendors of fireworks and crackers in Noida – with the increasing trend of small and intimate banquet weddings in India, the demand for such fireproof crackers is also increasing day-by-day.
  2. Outdoor Fireworks: The best way to make the most of outdoor wedding venues is by planning an awesome show of fireworks. You can plan a firework display during the Baaraat procession and the Varmala ceremony. Depending upon your budget and preference, different types of firework shows are available – from small to medium to large displays covering the entire wedding venue.

Find Vendors of Fireworks and Crackers in Noida Online

We hope after going through the above details, now you have a brief idea about different services related to Varmala ceremony and fireworks display. The next step is to find the professional vendor who will turn your vision into reality and you can either ask the friend/family members for reference or visit It is India’s most loved online wedding market where you will find more than 30000 vendors dealing in services related to the wedding. From wedding venue to food caterers to Mehndi artist to Dhol Wala to bride and groom wear shops; all services are available on the portal. Visit and book now.

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