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Groom wear in Gurugram

Anything and everything that concerns the groom and the bride is the most important thing in the wedding, as for others it might just be a function but for the bride and the groom, it is the most important day of their lives.

In contrast to the bride who has various options in choosing the dresses and matching accessories, the groom has limited options to choose the outfit. Bollywood celebs are probably the best inspiration for every groom and help make the selection much easier.

Indian weddings tend to continue for several days and a new outfit is required for each day. A groom can flaunt a traditional look on the day of the wedding and a modern look on the day of the reception. On you’ll find some of the best and verified vendors of groom wedding dress in Gurugram offering the best available designs of traditional sherwanis and modern bandhgala suits.

Deciding on the final look for your wedding can be a bit overwhelming, after all, it is your first time. India is a multicultural country and one’s culture also has its influence on the outfit that you choose for the wedding. 

To Help You Out, Here are Some of the Most Anticipated Options that You can Consider:

Sherwani: Wearing a sherwani for your wedding is undoubtedly the most favorite trend these days. The grace of the traditional Indian sherwani look is unmatched. With various Bollywood stars donning the sherwanis in the movies as well as in real life, it is becoming more popular.

Bandhgala: Also known as mandarin collar suit is equally favorite among the grooms as the sherwani and gives a more modern look. A bandhgala suit is a perfect contemporary style with an ethnic touch.

Dhoti-Kurta: Want to try out something new! You can try the most traditional Dhoti-Kurta and with the correct blend of colors, it will surely look amazing. You can choose from a large range of designer Dhoti-Kurtas.

Pathani Suit: A little old-school but automatically enhances the overall personality. The dress in itself is manly and very comfortable which gives it an edge above all the other outfits.

Deciding on a particular kind of a dress is much easier but when you’ll actually step out and go to groom wedding wear in Gurugram, you’ll be presented with a huge list of customizable options. It is at this time that you have to decide if you should go with a single-breasted suit or a double-breasted suit, or, a jacquard fabric or a velvet one.

Here is a List of Things that we Think you must Consider while Buying your Perfect Wedding Attire:

Comfort: It should be the paramount factor among every other as you’ll have to carry that dress probably for hours on your wedding day. If you're sporting the trendiest look but are not comfortable then you’ll end up ruining the look.

Colour: You can never go wrong with the traditional red color, and the same goes for Maroon & Blue colors. A traditional red colored groom sherwani in gurugram can never go out of style. You can also choose the lighter Beige or Silver colors and pair it with an overcoat in contrasting color. It is always best if the chosen color matches the minor shades in the bride’s gown.

Fabric: Choosing an appropriate fabric is also an important part of the selection of the groom's outfit. You can choose from a great variety of fabrics like jacquard and velvet along with various prints.

Fitting: When you’re out there visiting almost every groom wedding dress in Gurugram be sure to ask them if they provide the alteration service as it will help you in getting the perfect fit.

When it comes to groom wear in gurgaon, accessories are very much underrated but we believe that they are equally important for the final look. One of the major concern for the groom is to look different from the guests and the accessories will prove to be a lifesaver.

Here are Some Accessories that will Surely Complement the Overall Look for Your Wedding

Turban: Commonly known as safa, it is the most important accessory for any groom as it gives a royal splendor to the overall look while also adding a hint of mystery as a decorative veil covers the grooms face.

Brooch: A royal looking brooch studded with a lot of colorful stones is usually worn on the lapel of the suit and/or on the turban and adds a charm to the overall look.

Kamarbandh: A comfortable sherwani can be teamed up with kamarbandh of a shade that will complement the color of sherwani.

Shoes: While selecting shoes for your wedding you’ll need to know that for each type of wedding outfit there are different types of shoes that will complement the overall look. is the fastest growing online wedding platform and we help you in finding only the trusted vendors who provide perfect services according to your needs.

FAQ About Groom Wears

Where to start with finding my ideal wedding outfit?

The first step to find the ideal outfit is to take an idea by surfing the internet and deciding on the look that you like the best. What you must ensure is that the outfit is comfortable enough as you'll have to wear it for an entire day, or maybe more. Trial out the dress twice or thrice before making it final as this will ensure that your selection is right

Should I include my friends or some family members with the selection process?

It'll be better to take a second opinion but you must make sure that you only take an accomplice who you know will give an unbiased opinion. You should take at max two people along to select your groom wear in Gurgaon as more than that will be a crowd.

On an average how much does an outfit can cost?

There is nothing specific about it. The range can vary from just a few thousands to even lakhs, it'll solely depend upon the budget that you have decided. You can go ahead and ask for a quote from any of our vendors with the budget that you're planning and they'll get back to you with the options that they provide in the specified range.

Should I buy a pre-stitched suit or get one stitched to my specifics for my wedding?

Getting a suit stitched to your specifics will be surely a better idea as it'll form a perfect fit and can be customized as per your preferences. However, only if you're running late, you can consider buying a pre-stitched suit from any groom wedding dress shops in Gurgaon and then get it altered from a good tailor.

Should I sport a traditional look or a western one?

It solely depends upon what you like and what looks good on you. You have to also consider the theme of the wedding and the dress that your soon-to-be wife will be wearing on the day of the wedding and then decide on the one that complements them.

What can I do to improve my look at my wedding?

A great tip that will help to nail your wedding dress as per the recent trends would be to incorporate some hints of shades that your partner will be wearing for the wedding, and also ask her for the same. This looks really good and will help complement each other wedding attire.

Which accessories can I include to complete a wedding look?

There is no doubt that accessories help refine the look of the wedding outfit but careful attention must be given to ensure that it all blends in well to form a flawless look. On the various groom wear shops in Gurgaon, you'll surely find tons of options in grooms' accessories that you can select from.

Why should I select a vendor from Shaadidukaan?

Shaadidukaan hosts only a few vendors unlike a huge list offered by some other portals. This helps us ensure that you get quality services. The main reason for not listing out an endless list of vendors is that we believe in quality rather than quantity and all the vendors are verified personally to match the company norms and work accordingly.

What does Shaadidukaan charge for providing all the assistive services?

Nothing. All the assistive services that we provide to you are completely free and do not invite any extra charge. So you can go ahead find a suitable vendor offering groom dresses in Gurgaon and submit the form according to your budget and specifications and the vendor will call you directly.

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