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Appealing And Delectable Cake Suppliers In Goa

The concept of cake cutting on happy occasion is a western tradition and getting inspired by it, we too started making this ceremony a part of our weddings. Otherwise imagine cutting a cake made of traditional Indian sweets like Barfi, Laddu, Moong Thaal, etc. Due to the increasing trend of having a cake as sweet, there has been a sharp rise in wedding cake shops in Goa.

However, choosing a wedding cake is not an easy task. Unlike at the birthday or anniversary party, the cake is the center of attention for almost seven or eight hundred guests. So it is crucial to pick a cake which matches with the event's vibes. To spare you of all the troubles, we have compiled a step by step guide to find and book the ultimate wedding cake for your upcoming wedding festivities.

Step By Step Guide For Choosing A Reception Or Wedding Cake In Goa

Step 1: Find The Best Bakeries In Your City And Check Their Availability

Kids, young adults, and elder - everyone loves cake. Hence it is of utmost importance for the cake to be fresh, moist, and taste delicious. To get the best cake, you need to find the best wedding cake shop in Goa. And call the shop to know whether they can accommodate booking for the wedding cake on the desired date. Repeat this step with multiple bakeries and select the one which satisfies both the criteria.

Step 2: Get Customer Feedback

Once you have decided the bakery shop to purchase your wedding cake, the next step is to seek feedback from previous customers. Such reviews are the best way to find whether the shop provides quality cake or not?

Step 3: How Popular The Bakery Is?

If you want to check the food quality of any food seller, see how quickly its raw material is utilized. And the perfect way to get an idea of the rotation in ingredients is through their daily sale. If the sale of cake suppliers in Goa is high then ingredients will be utilized at a faster pace which means the cake will be fresh.

Step 4: Search Online For Different Cake Designs To Get Ideas

Bakers are coming up with unique, beautiful, and crazy ideas for the wedding cake. You should do some research online to get insights into the latest cake decoration and flavors. It will help you while discussing the design for your wedding cake.

Step 5: Taste The Flavors And Choose Wisely

The cake flavors can be categorized into two categories - the classic and the modern. Flavors like pineapple, black forest, butterscotch, strawberry fall in the classic. The modern category includes flavor like red velvet, dark chocolate, blueberry cheesecake, etc. You should taste the flavors available with the chosen vendor, and pick the flavor which has a mass appeal. Otherwise, the entire cake will go to waste. You can also ask the cake suppliers in Goa to include multiple flavors.

Step 6: The Type Of Frosting

A lot of couples get confused from the term 'frosting'. Basically, there are two types of frosting; one is cream based and the other is fondant. The former is made soft, creamy and used traditionally to cover the cake. The latter is the modern way to design complex and artistic cakes. Fondant based cakes are expensive as compared to the cream ones.

Step 7: The Number Of Guests Invited To The Function

The size of the wedding cake will depend upon the number of wedding guests. However, like western weddings it is not possible to match the cake size with the exact number of guests. So we recommend opting for a ten or a twelve-pound cake which can be later served at the buffet counter.

Step 8: Customize The Cake According To Your Wedding Theme

If the wedding or other function has a theme based decor then you should get a cake decorated as per the theme. If the theme is floral based, then you can ask the wedding cake shop in Goa to add some real or edible flowers. This will blend the cake with the event's decor and make it look stunning.

Step 9: Responsibility And Timing Of The Cake Delivery

You should tell the wedding cake vendor to deliver the cake at the venue. Do not take the responsibility of transporting the cake. There are huge chances for the cake to get spoiled during the transit and vendors are expert in the task. Also, ask the bakery management to drop the cake at the venue at least an hour before the guests start coming.

Step 10: The Money

You will be surprised (and shocked) on hearing the skyrocketing prices charged by bakery owners for designing wedding cakes. Therefore you should negotiate the price to get the best deal and also keep the budget in mind.

So these are our ten steps to guide you while choosing the cake for your wedding festivities. Memorize or keep them in handy while meeting different cake vendors.

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