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Best Wedding Venues in Ghaziabad

What is your vision of a dream wedding? Happy faces of your near and dear ones, enjoying the best day of your life. If you thought something similar, then you missed some crucial elements and focused only on emotions. You cannot enjoy the wedding without a scenic venue, gorgeous decor, and scrumptious food; these are the three most important elements to make the wedding successful.

However, the search for food caterers can only be started when the wedding venue has already been booked. And it proves that the planning a dream wedding starts with searching for the best wedding venues in Ghaziabad. With the wedding market on a boom, there are countless options in venues to host different wedding functions like marriage, Sangeet, Mehndi ceremony, Chak Pooja, Cocktail party, etc. The different types of venue available are hotel banquet, open lawn, farmhouse, private marriage banquet halls in Ghazizbad.

But too many options bring nothing but confusion for couples, and it leads to unnecessary delay in preparation of the wedding. Therefore to sort out all the trouble, we have compiled a list of nine pointers which you should remember while searching the venue for your wedding and other functions.

9 Point Checklist For Searching And Booking The Best Wedding Venues in Ghaziabad

1. Type Of Wedding

Before you start searching for different wedding venues; you need to decide the type of wedding you want to have a local or destination. The choice of venue will alter based on the type of event like in case of latter the best choice is destination wedding resorts in Ghaziabad. Whereas in the former choice options like open lawns or farmhouses or wedding banquet halls are available. Hence you and the partner should have a meeting with both the families and choose the type of wedding to host.

2. Availability

You should start your wedding venue search by preparing a list of available options. After this call each venue and confirm whether the location is available on the date of your function. Strike the names of those venues which are not available and then you will have a list of available venues. This step will help in eliminating unnecessary efforts in scouting for locations.

3. Venue Size

The size of the venue will depend on the number of guests who have been invited to the function. It is very common for Indian wedding functions to have a guest list of 800-1000 people. For such large gatherings, couples prefer choosing from best wedding lawns in Ghaziabad. On the other hand, if the guest list is small, then the ideal and cost-saving option is a hotel banquet. Also, one more factor which needs to be considered while choosing a venue as per size is the standing and seating capacity.

4. Rent Of The Venue

The venue, food, decoration, apparels, and jewelry; these are the most expensive components of the entire wedding budget. Therefore it is important to choose a venue which is large and also looks pleasing to the eyes. Your first step should be to fix the maximum amount out of the wedding budget which can be spent on renting the venue. Now you should focus the search on venues which fall within the pre-decided budget.

5. Parking Space

The sales of vehicles are reaching new heights with every quarter, and this is creating huge parking problems. In the case of Indian wedding functions which are attended by hundreds of people, you should rent a venue which has a big parking space. It will help in eliminating traffic chaose outside the wedding venue. You should also opt for valet parking services as it will help the guests and prevent traffic jam at the entrance gate.

6. Vendor Restrictions, If Any

In India, wedding venues like gardens or open lawns have agreements with different vendors on the usage of the venue. If a couple wants to host their wedding function at their location, then they need to hire fixed vendors for different services like Tent House, Food Catering, Event Decoration, Lighting, etc. The venues also place additional charges if the couple wants to hire their own choice of vendors. Hence before booking the venue from the list of top marriage gardens in Ghaziabad, you should ask the management about the existence of restrictions.

7. When The Renting Period Will Start?

There will be tasks which will be performed at the wedding venue by different vendors. Like the food caterer will start preparation from the night before, at the venue, the decorator will start designing the location, the light vendor will set-up all the lights, etc. It is not possible to complete all the work on the function date. Hence you should ask the management from when the place will be made available for the vendors to start their work.

8. Spare Room

If you are renting farmhouse or from top marriage Hotels in Ghaziabad for hosting the function, then it is important to have a couple of spare rooms. The spare room can be used for numerous purposes like the bride can rest till the Baarat comes or to hold rituals or for elder family members to sleep, etc. Also, the room should be air-conditioned to provide maximum comfort to the user.

9. Location Of The Venue

Last but not the least; you should pick the Affordable wedding venue in Ghaziabad which is within reach for the wedding guests. If you choose a location which is far-off and cannot be reached, then all the preparations will go down the drain when the guests will not turn-up to attend the function. We recommend opting for a venue which is famous in the city as it will also help the wedding guest in attending the function due to the familiarity.

Plan Your Entire Wedding Online; From Top Wedding Venues In Ghaziabad To Resorts And Open Lawns

Planning a wedding in India is a tedious, costly, and time-consuming task. And this takes a toll on the health of the bride, groom and their family members. The desire for perfection and hosting memorable wedding functions make them circle the entire city to meet different vendors from one place to another. Is there an easy way out of the chaos? Yes! There is, and it's called India's premier and most loved online wedding market.

On the portal, you will find more than thirty thousand registered wedding vendors. The vendors provide all wedding related services like venues, Mehndi artist, Dhol Wala, food caterers, honeymoon packages, etc. You have to visit the website and choose your city. After that, you need to select the type of vendor, and a list of top vendors available in the city will be shown on the screen. It's the simplest way to plan the wedding. Visit now!


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FAQ About Venues

How much do the vendors charge for a wedding venue?

The price ranges according to the location of the venue. The price increases if the venue has a metro station or a highway road near it because of the easy transportation availability, for example- wedding venues in Ghaziabad are usually on the prime locations or distant areas so that the guests can reach the venue without getting stuck in traffic. The goodwill of the venue can also hike the prices a lot, like all the rated hotels charge extra than the normal wedding lawns and wedding resorts. The price also depends on the additional services provided by the venue

What is the best location for a wedding?

The best location for a wedding would be the lawns, rated hotels or the resorts near the highways, airport, railway stations, bus stations or the metro stations. This will help people to reach the venue easily and can decrease a lot of confusion. You can also book a venue which is near your home to ensure the smooth working of the wedding operations.

What is the price per plate?

The price per plate differs from venue to venue. If it is a wedding lawn then you will have to arrange a caterer and the price per plate will be quoted by the caterer. It also differs from city to city, like the wedding venues in Ghaziabad, Mumbai, Bangalore or any metropolitan cities will have expensive price per plate. If you plan to tie the knot in a resort or a rated hotel then there will be a fixed price according to the respective vendor. The price per plate also depends on the menu you are planning to have on your wedding day.

Do the wedding venues in Ghaziabad provide guesthouse facilities?

It depends on which type of venue you are planning to book and your budget. If you decide upon rated hotels and resorts then you will easily find guesthouses and changing rooms but not all the wedding lawns provide the facility of a guesthouse. Your budget plays an important role as well, if your budget is not that much then you should look for wedding venues near your home and book a cheap guesthouse rather than paying the venue vendor a hefty amount.

Which cities are good for a destination wedding?

The destination wedding resorts in Ghaziabad, Goa, Ghaziabad, Udaipur, Bangalore, Shimla, Nainital, South India, etc organize amazing weddings and provide a lot of facilities as well.

What are the types of wedding venues?

The most common types of venues are the wedding lawns, rated hotels, and the resorts. Your price range can differ from the choice of wedding venue you have decided upon. The wedding lawns will be cheaper than the wedding resorts or the rated hotels. But the resorts and the rated hotels will provide you most of the services at the same place, unlike the wedding lawns.

Do the venues charge extra money for extra services?

The services provided by the venue vendor can hike up the prices a lot. But it is fair because these services provided by the venue vendor can help you decrease the number of vendors in total and a lot of time.

How can Shaadidukaan help in booking a best wedding venue in Ghaziabad?

Shaadidukaan is India's fastest growing online wedding market where you can find hundreds of wedding vendors for your wedding requirements. Experienced and professional wedding venues in Ghaziabad vendors are listed with us, and in the city you want. You just need to select the city and vendor category, and a list of verified vendors appears before you with their contact details. Contact whichever you want to.

How to decide the size of the venue to be booked?

The size of the wedding venue depends on the number of people you are planning to invite in the wedding. If you are expecting 800 people then you won't book a venue that can accommodate 1000 people because you are actually paying for the extra 200 people without any reason. It is very important to keep a tab on your guest list because it can determine how much parking space you will require when talking about space.

Does the wedding venue provide the decoration facility?

Again, it depends on the venue. Usually, the top marriage gardens in Ghaziabad, Ghaziabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, etc provide all the services and charge a hefty amount for the service. But the resorts and the rated hotels do have the facility. You just have to discuss it with the vendor.

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