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Delectable Mouth Freshener From Wedding Paan Vendors In Ghaziabad

Have you ever wondered why we Indians eat paan? You will be surprised to know that India is the country which gave birth to this minty and sweet delicacy. And it has been a part of our culture since the ancient times, and nowadays we often find different modern versions of Paan being sold. The reason behind the existence of Paan is the spicy and oily Indian food.

The menu of an Indian wedding is lavish and nothing short of a feast. With so many varieties of food options available, it becomes easy for the stomach to get upset. Hence to cut out all the spicy effect, couples place Paan Wala in Ghaziabad weddings. It helps in cooling the heating sensation, speeding the digestion process, and also eliminates bad breath.

Six Different Types Of Paan Sold By Paan Shop In Ghaziabad

If you're planning to have a Paan stall at your wedding functions, then first you need to know about the variety of refreshing options available in the market. After this, you can decide the menu you want to keep for this minty delicacy.

1. Chocolate Paan:If you want to add a touch of cocoa to the cool taste of Paan, then Chocolate Paan is a perfect choice. It is loved by kids and young adult due to the coating of milk chocolate on the entire Paan.

2. Strawberry Paan:For the people who love everything sweeter, Strawberry Paan will fulfill their wish for sure. Fresh and finely chopped pieces of strawberry with some essence are added to the regular paan mixture which is filled in the middle of betel leaf. This gives a fresh and fruity taste to this mouth refreshing food item.

3. Ice Paan:It is also known as brain freeze because of the chilling sensations it gives when the entire paan is consumed at once. This paan is filled with a lot of crushed ice, and this gave the name of Ice Paan. As per top paan wala in Ghaziabad, this paan is emerging as the best seller in the market.

4. Fire Paan:If you want to be called a daredevil then this paan is the perfect choice for you. It is a normal Gulkand paan on which powdered camphor is placed with clove. Right before the consumption, the camphor is burned. The lack of oxygen puts out the flame and leaves a distinct flavor of clove and camphor.

5. Gulkand Paan:This is the most basic paan and is widely consumed across the country. The main ingredient is the Gulkand which is made of rose petals, sugar, and water. This mix is left under the sun for a week, and this enhances the flavor; making it sticky and perfect to use.

6. Masala Paan:The difference between Gulkand and the Masala paan in Ghaziabad is that this one does not have the sweet taste of Gulkand.

Important Questions To Ask The Owner Of Paan Shop In Ghaziabad

Beetle leaves are the most important component of the entire dish. The masala and other ingredients are stuffed inside the leaves. Therefore it is necessary for the leaves to be fresh, and have that distinctive sharp and crispy crunch. So before hiring the vendor, you should ask him to use fresh leaves and not the ones left from the day before.

Gulkand is used in all different types of Paan except the Masala one. Hence it is crucial for it to be fresh and homemade. It is a practice of all the wedding paan vendors in Ghaziabad to prepare the Gulkand as it enhances the flavor of the Paan.

When it comes to food, whether sweet or savory, we like having options. Therefore you should hire a Paan vendor who can offer at least 4-5 varieties of this sweet delicacy.

Find And Hire Paan Wala In GhaziabadOnline

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