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Bakers Selling Prepossessing and Flavorsome Wedding Cake in Chandigarh

Cake cutting ceremony has become an indispensable part of the Indian wedding festivities. Even more surprisingly, kids and young adults presume that this ceremony is one of the rituals followed since ages. If you think the same, then we’d like to throw some light on the reality. This ceremony is nothing but an influence of the western wedding culture, and other modern-day events like the cocktail night, bridal shower, and much more.

Now when it comes to visiting the wedding cake shop in Chandigarh to select the design and flavor, couples face confusion. With new and advanced cake designing techniques and flavors, it becomes a headache for the soon to be a couple for picking the best option. Well, no worries our dear brides and grooms because we’ve got you covered; below is a list of practical aspects which you should discuss with the bakery owner while choosing your wedding cake.

Six Fundamental Points to Discuss With Cake Suppliers in Chandigarh

Different Types Of Wedding Cakes: Have you ever heard of cupcake cake or pancake cake or macaroon cake? No. Well, the reason is a couple’s reluctance in experimenting with their wedding cake. The result, they end up booking the usual single or multi-tiered cake. We highly recommend you experiment with the cake style, after all, it is your wedding and not of your guests. If you do want to take too much of a risk, then you can choose a wedding cake made of miniatures. It has similar styled small cakes which are placed on a tiered stand.

The Cake Design: One major mistake which a lot of couples commit is that they book the wedding cake before finalizing the event décor. The task of finalizing the wedding cake should be kept for the end after the event’s theme is locked with the planners. The reason being that wedding décor is subject to change owing to new concept and ideas. So the decoration plans need to be concrete before the design and colors of wedding cake in Chandigarh are finalized based on the event’s theme.

The Cake Size: You need to maintain a balance between the cake size and the number of guests invited to the function. Unlike western weddings, it is not possible and feasible to order a cake size based on seven or eight hundred guests. It is not possible for the guests to present during the cake cutting ceremony to stand with the couple on the stage, as they are usually surrounded by family and close friends. The ideal cake size for an Indian ceremony is between seven to eight pounds. Once the ceremony is completed, you should ask the caterer to keep the cake in the buffet area and to be served as and when the guest asks to be served.

The Cake Flavor: The taste and flavor of the cake is its soul, hence the choice of flavor should be impeccable. The key is to maintain a balance between the couple’s choice and the guests’ desire. The ideal solution to satisfy both the parties is by ordering the cake in the form of tiers. This way, the couple can choose one tier in their favorite flavor, and the other tier in the crowd-pleasing flavor. As per the cake suppliers in Chandigarh, this smart step helps in reducing a lot of wastage as the guests prefer eating a cake made of a common favorite flavor.

The Cake Delivery: Please do not take responsibility for taking the wedding cake to the venue. These cakes are huge in size as compared to the regular birthday or anniversary cakes, so it is not possible to handle them like any other cake. Bakery owners have special vehicles with shock absorbing suspension, and a strong cooling system to transport the cake to the wedding venue with minimum or nil damage. There have been instances of the wedding cake getting destroyed due to mishandling, and this leads the couple to cut a regular bakery purchased cake on the wedding day.

The Cake Cutting Area: You should talk to the owner of the wedding cake shop in Chandigarh and ask him or her to coordinate with the event planner for setting up a dedicated place for the cake cutting ceremony. This way the pictures of the cake cutting ceremony will come out mind-blowing because of the dedicated area which is decorated like the cake.

Toothsome Flavors Offered by Cake Suppliers in Chandigarh

The vital part while choosing a wedding cake is its flavor. You cannot imagine consuming this sweet delight without the soft and tempting cream filling between the layers. With the booming demand of cakes in India for every second occasion, bakers are coming up with new flavor every season. Sometimes it is inspired by a fruit whereas sometimes by some candy flavor. To help you out, we have compiled a list of top selling cake flavors. Pick the one that tempts your taste buds the most!

Pineapple Cake: We cannot have this list without the evergreen and classic flavor of pineapple. The tangy and sweet fruit complemented by the vanilla essence makes it drool-worthy. One bite of this cake is enough to relive those old memories when all the family members used to get together for cake cutting at birthday parties. As per cake suppliers in Chandigarh, in the last two years, the demand for this cake flavor has gained momentum amongst couples as well as young kids.

Black Forest: The second most popular cake flavor is the black forest, which is a combination of chocolate and vanilla. It is a favorite of the elder generation, and you can consider including this flavor in one of the tiers of your wedding cake. They will love you and the cake for the lovely surprise.

Red Velvet Cake: The red velvet flavor took over the bakery industry with a storm when it was introduced in the Indian market. The red color and the distinct sweet-salty flavor of this cake made it people’s favorite who were tired of eating sickeningly sweet cakes. At present, based on the sales recorded by cake suppliers in Chandigarh, this flavor is the current choice of the people of all the ages.

Coffee Chocolate: Gone are the days when people used to love dark-chocolate cakes. Now is the time of caffeine lovers and their top preference is a chocolate cake with the twist of coffee. to Find and Book Vendors for All Your Wedding Needs

If you’re wondering where to find different wedding vendors like venue, caterers, Mehndi artist, and wedding cake shop in Chandigarh - then we’ve got your back. You only need to visit, which is India’s most loved online wedding market. On the website, you will find more than 30000 vendors providing wedding-related services. Visit the portal and start planning today!



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