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Select The Right Ring For The Wedding - Step-by-Step Guide!

Select The Right Ring For The Wedding - Step-by-Step Guide!

Selecting the right and best wedding ring for the big day is a daunting task, and we have to be very precise during the selection process. Nothing could go wrong; otherwise, that’s going to be a major problem in the long run. Here we are making this task a bit simpler for couples. The demonstration is a step-by-step guide, which explains the factors to choose the right and best ring for you and your partner.

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Your wedding ring is the symbol of love, which has to be perfect in all ways. You cannot afford anything that could go wrong. Absolutely the ring must look subtle, but that does not mean it goes unnoticed. The ring design should be an art in itself, which everyone should admire. When it comes to ring selection; it comes with different challenges like ring colour, stone, size, and other things. This small yet most significant piece of jewel must have its worth. Therefore, one has to understand what works for them and what’s not. Another important thing to keep in mind is the budget you are holding for the purchase.

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Know About Wedding Ring Size

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So here you are ready to propose to the love of your life with a ring, but do you know about the ideal ring size to pick? Well, that’s a frightening moment for you, but here we have answers for all your wedding ring size-related questions with ease. Rings are exchanged to showcase the symbol of love, and the round circular band showcases everlasting love and togetherness. In India and US, the rig size is denoted in numerical. Whereas, in British and Australian states; the ring sizes are analyzed in alphabetical format. 

Understand the Ideal Ring Size

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Ring size depends upon the inner circumferences of the ring. The jewellers have the equipment and tools, by which they check the ring size of an individual. One should not do it at home, because that does not bring out the exact size. Therefore, it would be better if you choose the jeweller to finalize the size with the required tools and standard scale.

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Things To Consider Before Choosing The Right Wedding Ring Size

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There are a few things you need to consider before you finalize the ring size. Here those things are demonstrated to figure out the correct ring size:

Observe and check out your fingers carefully. If you have wide knuckles, which means you will get trouble squeezing the finger from its joints.

The fingers often expand and retract depending on the body temperature and environment. So consider the measure before selecting one ring size.

In case you have picked up a Solitaire ring, this is going to drop down one size of the ring because of the high fitting and setting of the stone. This ring is a bit heavier, so ensure to pick one size bigger than this one.

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Measure The Wedding Ring Size

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If you want to select the right ring sizes; there are several methods to use for that. Choose the one method as per your convenience to find out the right ring size:

String Method

 Wrap a string around the finger’s lower part. Mark on the string where the finger's circular circumference ends to map the exact ring size. It will help to understand the circumference of the ring size.

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Old Ring

 You can also figure out the ring size through the old ring you already have in your jewel boxes. If any old ring fits perfectly on your finger, then consider that one for the new one you are about to buy.

Ring Sizer

Buy Ring Sizer from the online platform to measure the ideal finger ring size.

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Pick The Right Ring Design For a Wedding

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Your wedding ring is the symbol of love. It needs to always shine and sparkle and that love symbol will stay on your finger to always remind you of the beautiful love bond you both share with each other. It’s important to pick the right ring size, but it’s equally important to choose the right ring design.


Metal rings are trending, but ensure to check which metal suits your skin. If you have chosen the wrong metal, that’s going to react with your skin. Choose the one metal ring that suits your skin type.

  • Platinum is trending at a high pace today. It’s the best natural white metal, which is non-reactive though.
  • Gold is majorly selected, and is available in different colours like rose gold, royal yellow gold, white gold, and others. However, it’s a bit less expensive compared to platinum.
  • The fashionable metal is “Silver”, which is budget-friendly too.

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The stones you choose to pick for your ring designs define your character. There are different stones one can pick for your wedding day:

  • Emeralds are an attractive choice available in different ranges and colours light greens and deepest green.
  • Rubies are exquisite stones, which are perfect for every bride and stand out among all.
  • Pearls are the trendiest ring design for bride-to-be girls. It matches all jewellery types and goes best in all.
  • If you did not like anything yet, then go for the perfect diamond ring. It’s an evergreen choice, which goes with everything.

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Wrap Up

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Finding a Perfect Ring For Your Wedding is no big deal at all. Here check out the demonstrations and get your perfect ring for the wedding to make your beautiful love long-lasting.

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