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Light-Up Your Venue with These Gleaming Wedding Light Decoration Ideas

Light-Up Your Venue with These Gleaming Wedding Light Decoration Ideas

We all wait for a wedding, whether there is our friend’s or cousin’s wedding!!! We decide on a lot of things that we want to do at the wedding. We have whims for the classy decoration and what not? I feel very excited whenever I have to attend a wedding. The glitter and oomph at the wedding are mesmeric. We always think of beautifying ourselves at the wedding and leave the task of decorating the wedding venue at the wedding planners. Lighting decoration is the main thing that makes our venue “wedding-ready”. A wedding venue without decorative lighting can look gloomy which is not the taste of Indians! But guys you can also show some creativity to give your wedding setting a different and rich look. You can add more glory and light to the wedding venue by these wedding light decoration ideas. Guys, these are tried and tested formulas and I bet that you all are going to love these decoration ideas. So let’s just quickly get into the matter and see what all things you can do to make your wedding spot shine like a star.

19 Shining Wedding light decoration ideas

#1 Evergreen Diyas

Credit :

Lighting is not just electric wires tied all over the ceiling and walls, lighting at a wedding has its own prominence. You can have striking decoration at the wedding by the evergreen diyas. I know it might sound bizarre but trust me, diyas in your wedding decoration will change the whole scene and your wedding venue will look no less than a palace.

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#2 Lanterns

Credit : Pinterest

Old days were lit by lanterns and they have a never-ending charm. You can create a magical look at your wedding site by using lanterns to have a nostalgic wedding light decoration. All aunties and uncles will be very happy to see the lanterns as they will be reminded of their old days.

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#3 Paper Lamps

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We generally make use of paper lamps on the festival of Diwali or any other occasion, so why can’t we use these paper lamps to decorate the wedding venue? Of course, we can…You can tie the paper lamps in a line all over the ceiling of the venue. It will look outstandingly awesome.

#4 Mason Jars with Fairy Lights

Credit : Pinterest

Want to give a rich and modern touch to your wedding, try this decoration idea with mason jars and fairy lights. The hanging lit jars will augment grace to the venue and the place will look glittering.

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#5 Wishball lights

Credit : Pinterest

The garden at the wedding place can be perfectly decorated with wish ballshball lights. When the guests will enter, they will have a superb impression of the marriage and will always remember your creativity.

#6 Mesh Light décor

Credit : Pinterest

Use a mesh light to cover the entire walls of the venue!!! This will create a mesmerizing look and I am sure you are going to cherish this idea. I have also used this idea at my cousin’s wedding and everyone was amazed to see such a beautiful decoration.

#7 Garland Light embellishment

Credit : Pinterest

One more wedding light decoration idea is to embellish the wedding place with the garland lights. These lights look stunning. The idea is to have a light décor along with flower trappings. I personally love flower decoration and when flowers or leaves are combined with LED lights, they create a hypnotic view.

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#8 Candle lights with glass holders

Credit : Pinterest

Candles are very common to use as lighting objects but this idea can be modified by adding a glass holder to the candles. The light of the candles will look more illuminating when placed in a glass holder.

#9 LED lights with colourful crystals

Credit : Pinterest

Do you want some colours added to your decoration? You can use the LED lights having colourful crystals for adorning the wedding placthe e. As wedding is full of enthusiasm and colours, your light decoration will seamlessly match the aura of the wedding.

#10 Leaf Lights

Credit : Pinterest

These leaf lights are one of my favourites. You can definitely use this wedding light decoration idea to glam-up your house or wedding place. These pretty string lights will catch the attention of all your guests.

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#11 Bottles with Fairy lights

Credit :

Yes guys, this is an amazing idea to embellish your wedding area. Glass bottles with fairy lights will look attractive. You can decorate any corner of the place with the hanging bottles filled with fairy lights. You can use colourful glass bottles or single coloured bottles for this décor idea.

#12 Coloured candles

Credit :

Candles are the impeccable light decoration items. But their charm will upsurge if you use the candles that are colourful. More colours and joy will be supplemented to the wewithing by this amazing idea.

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#13 Grand “Jhoomar”

grand -jhoomar
Credit : Pinterest

To give your wedding a rich and royal look, you can light up the wedding area by a big “jhoomar” having lots of lights. Sheer elegance and sovereignty will be reflected by this incredible wedding light decoration idea.

#14 Metallic hanging candle holders

Credit : Pinterest

Now, hanging lights look very pretty and to enhance the beauty, you can make use of some metallic hanging candle holders. I am very much amazed to see such kinds of decorative items. They enhance the beauty of the embellishment.

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#15 Hanging Umbrella

Credit :

Guys…you can make fashionable use of umbrellas for decking your wedding spot. You can add up fairy lights or bulbs in the hanging umbrellas. This will enrich the charm of your wedding place. I saw this decoration idea when I attended one of my friend’s wedding. I was so surprised to see such wonderful work by using umbrellas.

#16 Crystal Candle Holders

Credit : Pinterest

Want a magnificent and sparkling look for your wedding area? Then you must look try out this idea of light decoration. These beautiful crystal candle holders will be the flawless match for your elegant wedding. I really love these pretty crystal candle holders. They look so perfect.

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#17 Glitter Glasses With Candles

Credit : Pinterest

Your wedding area can have that extra glint by these alluring glitter glasses. You can put candles in these glasses and decorate the dining tables for all your guests. Believe me, this idea is going to blow the minds of your guests. I totally adore this decoration idea and I am sure you are also going to love this.

#18 Star Lights

Credit : Pinterest

Bored of round-shaped lights at every event? Turn your creativity switch on and look at these outstanding star-shaped lights. Don’t you think, these hanging star lights will look like real stars coming down for your big day.

#19 LED Strips

Credit : Pinterest

When you want to have perfect linear decoration at your venue, this can be a real savior. You can buy these strip lights for decorating the place and trust me they will light up so brightly that the place will glow like a picture-perfect wedding place.

Get yourself ready for the wedding and yes…don’t overlook to titivate the wedding spot too by these glorious wedding light decoration ideas. If you want to have a splendid appearance for the wedding venue, these ideas can be of great help.

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