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Auspicious Wedding Dates In 2019 For All Going To Be New Couples: Hindu Marriage Dates

Auspicious Wedding Dates In 2019 For All Going To Be New Couples: Hindu Marriage Dates

Congratulations to all those bachelors and bachelorettes, who are going to be a couple in 2019, means you are finally going to wed giving your relationship a new page of togetherness. You officially will become a husband and a wife in 2019. Sure, you are happy and your families too and now going through calendar’s pages where your parents must be searching for your wedding dates in 2019. The auspicious day and date on which you will get married. 

So just to ease you, we are providing wedding dates in 2019 for all months. It is your wedding calendar. Choose your auspicious date and get married. One thing to remind you all there that these wedding dates in 2019 are only general dates that are marked in the 2019 wedding calendar. If you believe in matching Kundalis and other stuff, then you need to consult your family Pundit for proper auspicious wedding date according to you. 

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Besides all, in a way everything is getting setup and everyone is getting ready for your marriage including you too. Perhaps you must be planning your honeymoon dates and destinations where you want to go. Your uncles, aunties, Bua, Masi, friends and cousins, and other relatives must be readying their shopping list, what they want to wear on particular ceremonies, on what song they want to dance, what the menu will be in wedding; after all, this is all the fun about having a wedding. There are so many shubh vivah muhurat or dates coming up in 2019. So what date you have chosen for your wedding?

Wedding Dates in 2019 for all months according to Hindu calendar

Wedding Dates In January 2019

Wedding Dates In January 2019

DateTimeAuspicious NakshatraTithi
17 January, 2019 (Thursday)22:34 to 31: 18+RohiniDvashashi
18 January, 2019 (Friday)07:18 to 22:10Rohini, MrigashiraDvashashi, Triodshi
23 January, 2019 (Wednesday)07:17 to 13:40MaghaTritiya
25 January, 2019 (Friday)14:48 to 31: 16+Uttara Phalguni, HastaPanchami, Shashthi
26 January, 2019 (Saturday)07:16 to 15:05HastaShashthi
29 January, 2019 (Tuesday)15:15 to 27: 02+AnuradhaDashami

Wedding Dates In February 2019

Wedding Dates In February 2019

DateTimeAuspicious NakshatraTithi
1 February, 2019 (Friday) 07:13 to 21:08 MulaDvashashi, Triodshi
8 February, 2019 (Friday)14:59 to 23:24Uttarra Bhadrapad Chaturthi
10 February, 2019 (Sunday)07:07 to 13:06Uttarra Bhadrapad , RevatiPanchami
15 February, 2019 (Friday)07:03 to 20:53MrigashīrshaDashami, Ekadashi
21 February, 2019 (Thursday)06:58 to 23:12Uttarara PhalguniDvitiya, Tritiya
23 February, 2019 (Saturday)22:47 to 30: 55+SvatiPanchami
24 February, 2019 (Sunday)06:55 to 22:03SvatiShashthi
26 February, 2019 (Tuesday)10:47 to 23:04AnuradhaAshtami
28 February, 2019 (Thursday)07:21 to 19:35MulaDashami

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Wedding Dates In March 2019

Wedding Dates In March 2019

DateTimeAuspicious NakshatraTithi
2 March, 2019 (Saturday)11:32 to 30: 48+Uttara AshadhDvashashi
7 March, 2019 (Thursday)20:54 to 30: 43+Uttarra BhadrapadPratipada, Dvitiya
8 March, 2019 (Friday)06:43 to 30: 41+Uttarra Bhadrapad, RevatiDvitiya, Tritiya
9 March, 2019 (Saturday)06:41 to 18:48RevatiThird
13 March, 2019 (Wednesday)06:37 to 28: 22+RohiniSaptami

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Wedding Dates In April 2019

Wedding Dates In April 2019

DateTimeAuspicious NakshatraTithi
16 April, 2019 (Tuesday)25: 51+ to 29: 58+Uttarara PhalguniTrayodashi
17 April, 2019 (Wednesday)05:58 to 18:32Uttarara PhalguniTrayodashi
18 April, 2019 (Thursday)14:58 to 19:26HastaChaturdashi
19 April, 2019 (Friday)19:30 to 29: 54+SvatiPratipada
20 April, 2019 (Saturday)05:54 to 17:58SvatiPratipada, Dvitiya
22 April, 2019 (Monday)11:24 to 16:46AnuradhaChaturthi
23 April, 2019 (Tuesday)25: 00+ to 29: 51+MulaPanchami
24 April, 2019 (Wednesday)05:51 to 18:35MulaPanchami, Sashthi
25 April, 2019 (Thursday)25: 39+ to 29: 49+Uttara AshadhaSaptami
26 April, 2019 (Friday)05:49 to 23:15Uttara AshadhaSaptami, Ashtami

Luckiest Wedding Dates in April, 2019

17th April, Wednesday – Start time ( 1:50 AM), End Time ( 6:31 PM), Nakshatra - Uttara Phalguni.

Those couples who will get married in Uttara Phalguni Naakshatra enjoy a happy existence and enjoy fluke in several aspects.

24 th April, Wednesday – Start time ( 12:59 AM), End Time ( 11:32 PM), Nakshatra -  Moola

As Moola  Nakshatra is ruled by the Goddess Kali, In order to have a seamless and happy wedding life, couples should pray to the goddess Kali before the wedding.

26th April, Friday -  Start time ( 01:39 AM), End Time ( 02:40 PM), Nakshatra -  Uttara Ashadha

This Nakshatra lord is Sun. Couples who will tie knot in this Nakshatra achieve all of their life objectives.

Worst Wedding Dates in April, 2019

Sunday, April 21 – Nakshatra (Anuradha)

Wedding Dates In May 2019

Marriage Dates In may 2019

DateTimeAuspicious NakshatraTithi
2 May, 2019 (Thursday)05:43 to 27: 20+Uttarra Bhadrapad, RevatiTrayodashi
6 May, 2019 (Monday)16:37 to 25: 15+RohiniDvitiya
7 May, 2019 (Tuesday)23:23 to 29: 39+MrigshiraTritia, Chaturthi
8 May, 2019 (Wednesday)05:39 to 13:40MrigshiraChaturthi
12 May, 2019 (Sunday)17:33 to 29: 35+MaghaNavami
14 May, 2019 (Tuesday)08:53 to 23:47Uttarara PhalguniDashami, Ekadashi
15 May, 2019 (Wednesday)10:35 to 29: 34+HastaDvashashi
17 May, 2019 (Friday)17:38 to 27: 08+SvatiChaturdashi
19 May, 2019 (Sunday)13:07 to 26: 07+AnuradhaPratipada
21 May, 2019 (Tuesday)08:45 to 13:25MulaTritia
23 May, 2019 (Thursday)05:30 to 29: 30+Uttara AshadhPanchami, Sashthi
28 May, 2019 (Tuesday)18:59 to 26: 29+Uttarra BhadrapadDashee
29 May, 2019 (Wednesday)15:21 to 29: 28+Uttarra Bhadrapad, RevatiEkadashi
30 May, 2019 (Thursday)05:28 to 16:37RevatiEkadashi

Luckiest Wedding Dates in May, 2019

15th May, Wednesday – Start time ( 10:35 AM), End Time ( 5:42 AM), Nakshatra -Hasta

Couples who will get married in Hasta Nakshatra display firmness and purpose in the life. They possess ability to win in every situation of the life.

Worst Wedding Dates in May, 2019

13th May, Monday – Nakshatra ( Magha)

Wedding Dates In June 2019

Marriage Dates In June 2019

DateTimeAuspicious NakshatraTithi
8 June, 2019 (Saturday)22:59 to 29: 26+MaghaSashthi, Saptami
9 June, 2019 (Sunday)05:26 to 15:49MaghaSaptami
10 June, 2019 (Monday)14:21 to 29: 26+Uttara PhalguniAshtami, Navami
12 June, 2019 (Wednesday)06:08 to 11:51HastaDashee
13 June, 2019 (Thursday)25: 23+ to 29: 27+SvatiDvashashi
14 June, 2019 (Friday)05:27 to 10:17SvatiDvashashi
15 June, 2019 (Saturday)10:00 to 29: 27+AnuradhaTrayodashi, chaturdashi
16 June, 2019 (Sunday)05:27 to 10:07AnuradhaChaturdashi
17 June, 2019 (Monday)17:00 to 29: 27+MulaPratipada
June 18, 2019 (Tuesday)05:27 to 11:51MulaPratipada
19 June, 2019 (Wednesday)13:30 to 18:58Uttara AshadhDvitiya, Tritiya
25 June, 2019 (Tuesday)05:28 to 29: 29+Uttarra BhadrapadAshtami, Navami
26 June, 2019 (Wednesday)05:29 to 23:50RevatiNavami

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Luckiest Wedding Dates in June, 2019

9th June, Sunday – Start time ( 02:55 AM), End Time ( 3:49 PM), Nakshatra - Magha

Couples who will get hitched at 9th June under the Magha Nakshatra will enjoy great opulence and materialistc gains in life. They will become the perfect example of sincerity and hard work.

14th June, Friday – Start time ( 01:22 AM), End Time ( 10:16 AM), Nakshatra – Swati

Couples who will tie wedding knot in Swati Nakshatra will relish a great health, loving, and virtuous life. They will attain fame and opulence beyond their expectations.

Worst Wedding Dates in June, 2019

20th June, Thrusday – Nakshatra – (Uttara Ashadha)

Wedding Dates In July 2019

Marriage Dates In July 2019

DateTimeAuspicious NakshatraTithi
6 July, 2019 (Saturday)13:09 to 21:52MaghaPanchami
7 July, 2019 (Sunday)20:14 to 29: 33+Uttarara PhalguniShastri

Luckiest Wedding Dates in July, 2019

Both the above mentioned dates are good enough to tie the wedding knot.

Worst Wedding Dates in July, 2019

Except 6th & 7th July, 2019, all the dates are terrible to get hitched.

Wedding Dates In November 2019

Marriage Dates In November 2019

DateTimeAuspicious NakshatraTithi
8 November, 2019 (Friday)12:24 to 30: 42+Uttarra BhadrapadDvashashi
9 November, 2019 (Saturday)06:42 to 30: 43+Uttarra Bhadrapad, RevatiDvashashi, Triodshi
10 November, 2019 (Sunday)06:43 to 10:43RevatiTrayodashi
14 November, 2019 (Thursday)09:14 to 30: 47+Rohini, MrigashiraDvitiya, Tritiya
22 November, 2019 (Friday)09:01 to 30: 53+Uttara Phalguni, HastaEkadashi
23 November, 2019 (Saturday)06:53 to 14:45HastaDvashashi
24 November, 2019 (Sunday)12:48 to 25: 05+SvatiTrayodashi
30 November, 2019 (Saturday)18:04 to 31: 00+Uttara AshadhPanchami

Luckiest Wedding Dates in November, 2019

22th November, Friday - Start time ( 09:01 AM), End Time ( 11:59 PM), Nakshatra – Uttara Phalguni

Couples who will get hitched under the Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra leads a life full of joy and great peace.

Worst Wedding Dates in November, 2019

Except 8th, 9th, 10th, 14th, 22nd, 24th , and 30th November, all the dates are not suitable enough for the auspicious wedding function.

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Wedding Dates In December 2019

Marriage Dates In December 2019

DateTimeAuspicious NakshatraTithi
5 December, 2019 (Thursday)20:08 to 31: 04+Uttarra BhadrapadNavami, Dashami
6 December, 2019 (Friday)07:04 to 16:32Uttarra BhadrapadDashami
11 December, 2019 (Wednesday)22:54 to 31: 08+RohiniPurnima
12 December, 2019 (Thursday)07:08 to 30: 19+MrigshiraPurnima

Luckiest Wedding Dates in December, 2019

6th  December, Friday - Start time ( 04:15 AM), End Time ( 04:31 PM), Nakshatra – Uttara Ashadha

The lord of Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra is Sun. To have a fascinating, virtuous, and wealthy wedding life, couples should conduct a Pooja for the Lord Surya before the wedding function.

Worst Wedding Dates in December, 2019

Except 5th, 6th, 11th, 12th December, all the other dates in the month of December are not ideal to tie the wedding knot. Doing this can wreak havoc in your wedding life. 

So select your wedding date in 2019 according to auspicious Muhurat when you want to marry and get into the wedlock with your beau. Have a great prosperous wedding where you all dance, eat and greet. And we pray for you all going-to-be new couples that you live a happy and healthy life. And you can also invite us if you want to, what goes in it, aahaa…! 

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