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Payal & Yash

W e ' r e   g e t t i n g   m a r r i e d

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22 Nov 2018

The groom

Hello, my name is Yash. I am from the Delhi but recently shifted to Bangalore for work. I am a senior web engineer there. To design website explores my creativity and knowledge. My belief in both modern and traditional. I found my perfect match in Bangalore.


The Bride

Hello, my name is Payal. I was born and raised in Bangalore. I was an engineer in same the company. We first meet in a conference hall. I am an introvert and never get social in office too. Still, I find my would be mate in Yash and we get married.


Family Members

Wedding events

The reception

  • The Tamarind Tree, Bangalore
  • Nov 25 2018, 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM

The Tamarind Tree, Bangalore is heritage outdoor venue for weddings. A best traditional wedding venue with the modern touch. Its vast area is dedicated to multiple events, for wedding or reception ceremony. The lawn of Tamarind Tress is suitable for maximum guests of 250 - 1050.

Wedding party

  • The Tamarind Tree, Bangalore
  • Nov 22 2018, 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM

I booked the same wedding venue for the wedding day, The Tamarind Tree. All of my wedding parties and events are well executed with the best services. As per my visit, it is an absolutely best venue for destination venue in Bangalore.