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11 Ways Wedding Totally Changes How You Use Social Media

11 Ways Wedding Totally Changes How You Use Social Media

We are living in a complex digital labyrinth era. We use social networking sites to satiate our innate tendency to connect with fellow human beings. (Strange isn't it?) As more and more social networking sites emerged in the last couple of years. Our inner social animal has also grown up drastically and our curiosity to peek into others lives, dating multiple beings, stalking ability have also shot up expeditiously.

Amidst all the stalking, sharing, updating, hooking, messaging things, you fall into a sweet pit of marriage and that's where the whole thing changes. After marriage, you can't behave or post random shits on social that once you used to do. Through this rib-tickling post, we are going to state different ways marriage changes how you use social media.

1. You Can't Like Hot Chics Pics Anymore

social media changes

Forget about licking pictures, you can't even dare to stalk profiles of sizzling hot chics, which once were your huge crushes. Unless you want a divorce or you are on some suicidal mission, don't even think about liking single girls pictures.

2. You Wipe Out All The Traces of Stupidity from Account

social media changes

'Mah Life, Mah Rulzz' or 'If you are bad, I am your Dad' kind of posts, comments, and videos, these are some of the preposterous stuff that you immediately delete from social media changes after and before Marriage.. We know you hate your life, but eradicating traces of stupidity from social media accounts won't make you feel like a dolt in front of the partner.

3. You Make the Biggest Sacrifice of Life by Sharing Social Accounts Passwords

share social media passwords

Right after the wedding, your Facebook and Instagram accounts are not yours anymore. You unwillingly share social media accounts passwords with the better-half so that she can keep a hawk's eye on your activities.

4. Your Social Media Accounts have More Family Members Added Than Friends

social media profile with more family members than friends

This is the painful truth that you have to live with the rest of your life. Your relatives outnumber your social besties in the friend list after the marriage. No more 'Yo Bro' and 'Hey Babe' messages, only 'Namaste Uncle' and 'Pairi Pona Aunty Ji'.

5. Check-ins Changes from 'XYZ Bar' and 'Sun Burn Concert' to 'Akshardham Temple' and 'Sharma Da Dhaaba'

checkin of a temple

Your metamorphosis from party freak places check-ins to Paarivarik places check-ins is the result of your wedding. No more boozing and dancing pictures, only Hum Saath Saath Hain family type pictures rules your social media accounts.

6. Your Tags Changes from ' With 50 others' to ' With 1 other'

tag changes from 50 others to  others

No wonder that 1 other is obviously your spouse. Somebody said it right-Born alone, and with 1 other on social media is a tragic human condition.

7. Your Relationship Status Becomes Inversely Proportional to The Number of Notifications

relationship status on social media after marriage

All hail to your wedding for dropping your notification numbers from 100/day to 10/day. You are a hooked man what else you expect from people. Nobody gives a damn what a married man has to say. LOL!

8. Your Rocking College and Random Trips Photos are Replaced by Zeherili Wedding Photographs

zehrili wedding photos

My wedding pictures, My hubby birthday pictures, Karvachauth pictures, 1st-anniversary pictures, Iske in-laws pictures, Uske in-laws pictures, this is all you have left to post on social media.

9. You Find the Safest Time to Come online

find safest time to come online

To save yourself from the awkward Hi and Hellos, you hop on to social media either with the offline mode on or when the whole world in snoring.

10. Your Friends Don't Know Whether It's You or Your Spouse Online from Your Account

Your Friends Don't Know Whether It's You or Your Spouse Online from Your Account

Aur Kuttey Kaisa Hain? Oops Sorry...Is That Your Bhabhi Ji? You have to face embarrassing situations like this hell lot of time after the wedding. Kudos to your joint social media account.

11. Your Name Changes from 'Neha Sharma' to 'Neha Sharma Furnitwala, Delhi Waaley'

name changes

As Sheela once said, "What's My Name?" Your name becomes the awkward amalgamation of two surnames. We are signing off here. Hope you have a happy married life!

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Aayush Pareek
Aayush Pareek

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