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Vivah Panchami 2021: An Auspicious Day to Get Married

Vivah Panchami 2021: An Auspicious Day to Get Married

When we want to do something anything auspicious, we always see subah muhurta. Muhurats in Indian families have more preference than any other thing whether you want to start something new, want to buy something new or anything auspicious you want to do, and in case of marriages, it has tremendous values. If you want to marry this year, then Vivah Panchami 2021 is the best day.

Vivah Panchami
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Marriage is a sacred bond that can't be done without a Subah Vivah Muhurat, and when the occasion is of Basant Panchami, then it is the most auspicious day considered for marriages. Do you know why it is so? There is a tale behind it. Everyone wishes to do marriages on this day, and if done on this day it is considered most pious and sacred. It is Vivah Panchami 2021.

Something about Basant Panchami

It is also called Vivah Panchami and there is a reason behind it why it is so-called, and we are going to tell you all about this that why this festival celebrated with so much joy, fervor and enthusiasm. Just hold your belts, and we think you are going to understand it easily.

Shubh Vivah Muhurats
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You all must have seen Ramayana whether the old one or new one in which Bhagwan Raam including Bharat went to a swayamvar to King Janka's palace where for his daughter Sita it was being held. There were so many other Kings there too that had participated in the event.

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And the condition to marry Sita was this that one had to break the bow of Lord Shiva which was so heavy, that all presented Kings there, no one could lift except King Rama who broke it also. By breaking it he proved his prowess and got married to Sita. With him, his brothers, Bharat including others also got married to royal court people's daughters.

Hindu Vivah Panchami 2021 date
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On this day when Rama and his other brothers got married, it was the day of Basant Panchami, which is also called Vivah Panchami. That's why this day is considered the most auspicious day for marriages for Hindus and for those who practice Hinduism.

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On the other hand, it is one of the most celebrated festivals in India that is enthusiastically celebrated in Nepal, Ayodhya including other cities of India. it also marks the beginning Basant Ritu and a birthday celebration of Goddess Saraswati, which gives us all, as we know knowledge and wisdom as said. 

Vivah Panchami 2021
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Basant Panchmi comes on the fifth day of the spring season in the Hindu month of Magh. With it, the day also marks of Falgun month. As we have told you above it is the most pious day for starting and doing anything. That's why lots of marriages take place on this day. So we think that why don't you want to have yours on this day? Hence this is the reason Basant Panchmi is called Vivah Panchami. There are vivah panchami 2021 dates, Shubh Vivah Muhurats.

If you are going to have your wedding on this day and you have set your mind that you do, then we want to advise that you book your marriage garden earlier otherwise you won't gonna find any if you go to book late. Prepare everything earlier provided you can wed with your partner on this auspicious day.

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