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20 Unique And Beautiful Beverage Serving Ideas Of 2020

20 Unique And Beautiful Beverage Serving Ideas Of 2020

The best part about a wedding is the food menu, which cannot be missed out on any cost. It wouldn’t be wrong to claim that half of the people attend a wedding to relish the delicious food. Food is a really good way to make people happy, and it goes without saying that people invest a lot of time and money to plan this wedding menu out! Moreover, these days everything is documented in a detailed manner, hence, people go for the fancier options. They focus on the serving and plating of the food more than the actual taste of the food.

But we cannot even complain! The beautifully plated paneer with veggies or the gulab jamun paired with scoops of vanilla ice cream can make anybody happy! And if you ask us, what makes these dishes even more delicious, then we would say, the subtle decorations done on the dishes! The decorations or the beautiful plating of the food makes us to savour the food heartily. But is it only the case with food or is it even the case with the beverages? Are beverages not the wide choice that the guests indulge in? Yes, you are right! When we put it like this then we realize, not a lot of efforts are put in deciding the appropriate beverages at the wedding.

Not to forget not a lot of efforts are put on serving the beverages as well. If we take the beverage side of the wedding menu seriously then it can also help us in improving the décor part of the wedding. As the vibrant colours of the beverages can make up to a very poppy and quirky theme that can match the wedding vibe better than anything. So to help you with the serving methods, we made a blog on how you can put the beverages at the wedding in a very artistic manner.

20 Ways To Serve Beverages Artistically

Here are the 20 ways to add the delicious beverages in the wedding with artistic insight. So these won’t only be appetizing but also beautiful and cute to look and share further.

Booze Bath


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Takeaway Mason Jars


Rustic Beverages


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Juice Jars


Champagne Glasses


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Old  School Beer Station


Quirky Messages On The Glass


Classic Glass Bottles


Serving The Classic Combination


Serve It Yourself Bar


Alcohol Boat Food Station


For The People With A Barn Wedding


Liquor Barrel


Champagne Backdrop


Funny Quotes With Jars

funny-quotes -with-jars

One With The Meds


Take A Shot


All Together


As Wedding Favours


Served Creatively


Pro tip- Don’t forget to customize the drinks in a way that it depicts the intimacy and the exuberance of the wedding and your love! You can also depict the colours of the beverages with emotions and certain lovely memories. It would surprise the guests and set a benchmark difficult to beat.

So, improve your game with these quirky, elegant and funny ideas in this wedding season! And incorporate all the beauty in the wedding décor with these unique ideas. If you liked the ideas then you can share these sweet and fun delights with your friends and family members! And if you have some better ideas then don’t forget to comment them in the section below as we are always keen to hear from your side.

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We ensure to provide you cluster of wedding ideas that will surely be the star gazer.

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