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Best Photoshoot Ideas for Your Wedding, and Difference between Traditional and Candid Photography

Best Photoshoot Ideas for Your Wedding, and Difference between Traditional and Candid Photography

A camera can make your moments immortal, and it is a hundred percent true. You can see your picture, the moments in them, whenever you want to, and cherish your memories whenever you want to. That’s why it is always advised to hire an experienced and professional photographer when you are going to have an event, and especially in weddings. 

The good moments that are happening with you would never gonna come back, and you definitely would be in hurry that they get captured. And why you wouldn’t want it? Of course, you want it and everyone in your family wants it. These are the beautiful memories that you are making, which your coming generations would also gonna enjoy and see, and would cherish.

Above lines are a kind of bit emotional and philosophical but so true. Now we come to wedding photography, about which many don’t know and many want to know, that often confuses people. Though there is no exact or certain definition for it.

Wedding photography is of two types: Pose photography, which is also called traditional, and Candid photography, which is about capturing moments, like you don’t need to give poses in this kind of photography, while a photographer is always ready to capture the best moments of you whether you laugh, cheer, become happy or become some other. In simple words, Candid photography is about capturing emotions.

Here is the pictorial difference we are going to show you between Candid and Pose photography provided when you book a wedding photographer or take his/her interview, you take it right.

And besides all this, the pictures we gonna show would also benefit you for knowing different and various poses for wedding photography. And you can select in which way you want yourself to be shot by your photographer.

In simple words, it is a kind of Pose and Candid wedding photography album.

Traditional Photography

Traditional Wedding Photography

Weding Couple traditional standing pose

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Pre Wedding photography ideas

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Traditional bridal pose

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Traditional Wedding photography ideas

Wedding Photography Ideas

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Traditional Wedding Couple pose ideas

Wedding couple photography ideas

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Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional Wedding couple pose

Candid Photography

Candid Wedding photography

Couple candid pose

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Candid bridal pose

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Candid Wedding photography ideas

Wedding Photography Ideas

Candid Wedding couple pose

Candid  Wedding Couple pose ideas

Wedding couple photography ideas

Candid Wedding Photography

So you have seen the photographs. This is the difference between candid and traditional wedding photography, and the wedding shots given are some of the perfect that you can take idea for your own wedding photography. Besides all this, if you have also some of the best shots of your wedding of both candid and traditional photography, you can share with us. If we find them best and feeling, we put them with our best.

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  • Nadhiya
    August 09,2019
    Nitisha, thank you for showing beautifully what a world of difference lies between Candid photography and traditional wedding photography. The many pictures really bring the point across. In words, the difference between the two types of photography is authentic and artificial. Candid photos are open, genuine and completely sincere.
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BY Nitisha | 21 Sep, 2019

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